Monday, September 29, 2008


feelin not so normal today. not happy, not sad. just in the middle somewhere. it's not weird either. but my normal is usually super happy and friendly, but today's a little different. but i'm content with it. i know i need this transition type of feeling. i was walking thru the park today and just was being optimistic about things i guess. i know it sounds really corny, but i was thinking to myself "damn, i'm in Boston, i can do whatever i want, and i need to make the most of this." i looked up and was just like, wow, this whole city is just waiting to be figured out. and i can do that. no distractions here, just me and music. chillin. i think i'm at peace.

had lunch at Chicken Lou's today or something like that next to Northeastern University. it was good and a good breath of fresh air to be at another college. especially after my Ear Training test, which was freakin me out all night last night, but i did well. i got an 80 on melody and 93 on rhythym. its alright i guess.

walked around with my roomie pablo, his friend chris, and andrew. also met a guy named Teague who went to berklee but transferred to northeastern. went to this store which is a store but has its catalogue online and you order stuff and then the guy working gets it out for you in the back. bought this new hat.

went home, took a nap, and then walked back to class. this class is pop/rock player/vocalist. we play songs and each person has to sing and play. we only have 4 people in the band. i play piano. the teacher is awesome, shes really nice. she told me today that she knew i wasn't feelin so hot (even tho she has only known me for a week), so she said to just let it out with the music. i asked everyone if they could play the 4 chord tribute cuz i know it makes me happy when i sing and jam like that. so we did it. and i felt much better.

went home again, bought bread at 7eleven. ate 2 sandwhiches, and co-hosted randolph's show, and now i'm learning a few songs for my private lessons. Visions by Stevie Wonder, and Love Dance produced by Quincy Jones.

oh and i have a new video. also, my show is tomorrow on so please check it out!! thanks guys!!! ya'll are hittin up the mulan video like crazy! new disney medley tomorrow at the show! hahaha.

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Loris said...

i wasnt feeeelin it today either.
your video was the highlight of my day.


love, loris

ps. i play 4 chord tribute with my friends too when we wanna freestyle & jam. yeeee.

Anonymous said...

omg!u kinda scared me on the first part when u started singing haha it went like 'bam!!' sheesh..

anyways..i like it..ur soo the best!!in everything..!!:p ill wait for your new videos comin up..

stay cool!

janice. said...

I felt out of it today, too. felt like I was just going through the motions.

Your new video was funny. :] your facial expressions and your mulan voice. ahahha. loved it.

-- janice.

Lucas & Clariza said...
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Lucas & Clariza said...

Hey AJ! 1st time leaving a comment for you here. Just wanted to say I'm diggn that hat! I also have lots of love for Cali!!! I also cannot get the Mulan song out of my head. See you on BlogTV later possibly. Take care!!


genesis gregorio said...

Oh duuuude, that is a sick hat!

Also, I laughed out loud in class because out of nowhere your medleys of disney songs popped in my head. IM NOT JOKING DUDE.

Haha, I got in trouble, but nothing bad.

You forgot the shoutouts! ;P

Charlene said...

love the video.. it was so great ;D

MJ said...

Great show just now! <3

Looking forward to see more vids and live show from you again AJ!

Funneh video you got there haha.


cheryl said...

blogTV is super duper addicting! yay for the secret show...that had a waiting room....haha. Hope you do another show soon :)
<3 Cheryl

Anonymous said...

lmfao i got scared when you first played cause it was so loud. lol.

rotfl @ the mulan voice

im learning guitar soon, btw.
hopefully. lol.
youre my idol :)

Aesop Rock said...

Hay Awesome AJ!

I really appreciated your cover of that Mulan Song. It was really great. Very orginal and personal video too, couldn't have been much better!

This thing has sort of lit my thirst for Disney Songs though, and I have learned to play a couple already. But I can't find any chords for this Mulan Song, as it is too new to be in any of the ol' Easy-to-play-Disney-songs books at my school.

My musical ear isn't that good either, so I would appreciate if you shared the chords you were using. Don't feel guilty if you don't find the time to post them, as you cleary is a very busy man with lots of fans to satisfy. I won't cry. A lot.

Have a nice an evening!

Wet kisses from a fellow musician from the depths of Sweden.