Sunday, September 28, 2008


yesterday was that wedding, and it went real well. i went to the mall after and chilled by myself, talked to a good friend on the phone for like 50 minutes and had a good vent, and called one of my good friends andrew rhim. he met up with me at the prudential center (the mall) and we ate, and i talked about all my problems, and im glad he was there to listen, cuz hes missin home too and girl problems or whateva, he relates esp cuz hes a songwriter like me hahah. were so emo sometimes. wowww!! but yeah then chilled at his house and jammed for like 5 hours.

the walk back home wasn't so bad, i called randolph, and talked to kristina and she kept me company for my walk home. it was like 12:30AM and i was walking alone on the phone, with an umbrella in one hand. i swear i could be on the new jonas brothers album cover HAHAHA

thats exactly how it looked. hahahah. except not so wanna be panic at the disco. went home, wrote a song that pablo inspired the title for, and finished another song i was writing on thursday... im excited for you guys to hear them. ill be introducing the newest one entitled "Little Piece of Home" on on TUESDAY! so check out my link for the schedule. 

can't wait to show you guys! the other one is a collabo with a very talented musician. more details to come! i also co-hosted RuSoul last night on blogtv, it was fun, thanks russ! today's a good day, the rain's not too bad, but it's not helping my current situation of the feelings i am having right now. hahah. tonight i play mass at the six o clock mass.

today at church, i really felt welcomed by the community. i sang "Here I Am To Worship" for meditation and people came up to me afterwards telling me they were crying and they were moved. see that's what music's about. and especially when its for the Glory of God, people can relate. to be honest, i think about leaving this city everyday, but being at church really makes me feel at home. playing music is my passion, ya'll know that right? but playing music straight up for the Lord is more rewarding than anything. forgive me for the sudden spiritual blog topic but im just being real here, feel me?

my mom texted me back this morning from a text i sent her yesterday telling her sorry for getting the lip piercing behind her back. she said it was ok and she supports my decisions. people, don't disobey your parents. hahah. im a bad example of that, but it truly did hurt when she was disappointed in me. im glad everythings ok now. love you momma. i know you read this. hahah.

anyway, hope you guys liked my new video. another video coming soon. shoutouts to everyone who comments my blogs regularly, i really do appreciate everything. 

oh also! i went to COLLEGEFEST today. by myself. hahah. a bunch of booths like energy drinks banks websites, got a bunch of free ish, but it was 10 bucks to get in. the longest line was for the PLAYBOY lounge, didn't go, too many weirdos in line and not worth it probably. not that i WANTED to go in there. ok i'll shut up now.



DJ said...
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genesis gregorio said...
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genesis gregorio said...


Playboy Line. HAHAHAH.

LOL @ THE JONAS BROTHERS. Ohh man your blogs made me smile. I just ate a big mac at mcdonalds and stuff. Cant wait to heae the new musics man! For the Lord! =]


Amy said...
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Loris said...

friiiick dude when i read that paragraph about playing for the Lord & stuff, i almost cried, no joke. hahaha that really is such a good feeling & i love worship.

playboy lounge = AWKS.

glad everything's cool with your momma. give her a really huge hug when you see her.

love, loris.

jourdanjustine said...

Here I Am to Worship is my ultimate fave song!!!! We need to duet on that one soooon, please, and a few others!!!

Other faves of mine are:
- The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate
- Freedom
- Big House
- Light of the World
- All in All

...and many others!!! lets jam tomorrow! =]

xoxo much love,

derekderekderek said...

speaking of collabs....

lolnvm, you too talented for me :[

janice. said...

I'm glad that things are looking up for you, or at least that's what it sounds like. glad you work things out with your momma.

You really are an inspiration, and I'm really happy that you have God in your life because He will always be your foundation.

Your cohost with Russ was fun! even though your dancing was too hot and lagged out him out. haha. But your broadcast last night was BOMB. 16+ minutes of you singing Disney songs nonstop. AMAZING. no one can ever top that.

Can't wait for your new songs!

-- janice

Caitlin said...

ok so i KNOW you probably could care less what I'm about to say but thats ok ANYway i really want to be musical i mean i'm in band AND jazz band at school and i LOVE to sing i mean LOVE to sing but i'm bad at writing music i have ideas in my head i just can't make them into music so i odn't know WHAT to do i just had to say this because no one else even understands what I am trying to say not that you would ok now i'm just rambling and then YOU are a HUGE inspiration and amazing so i had to say this!!!