Friday, September 5, 2008

orientation is ending...

thank God. today's my dad's birthday... happy birthday dad! you're the reason i'm here.. i know ur watching over me and putting song ideas in my head. chillin with Jesus and what not. that's pretty cool to think about... =) i remember 10 days before he died, which was today 9 years ago, we sang songs around his hospital bed... can't wait to see him.

well, i FINALLY got internet at my apartment... but i'm at my friends dorm at Berklee right now. sorry i was MIA last nite. i took the T for the first time (the train) it's not that complicated, but you could easily end up somewhere where you don't wanna be. haha. went with my roommates to get a PS3 for our apartment. even tho its gonna be in his room. sall good. but yeah it was definitely an adventure. i bought a bunch of stuff at the apple store and johnny cupcakes and a hat and i had a laptop in my backpack so i was like pretty much dying walking more than a mile to get home hahah. 

walking around at nite is pretty scary next to my apartment. i kinda wish i lived BEFORE the dark-ass park.

miss you guys so much. like foreals. my mom left yesterday morning, i was really sad. but i think i'll be okay. didn't have time to have a super sad goodbye, i guess thats a good thing, cuz the taxi was rushing her, but i did cry after. no homo. 

i freakin MISS cali. its so hot and humid here its disgusting. but then the winter will come and i will be doomed... went to the berklee welcome bbq today. it was fun, there was a drum circle, and an awesome band. i signed up for an acappella group, asian student union, musical theatre club, and acting club. oh and songwriting club. of course not all of them have obliged me to join, but we'll see how it goes.

LOVE YOU ALL! your continuous support really makes me feel better. keep leaving love and everything on the myspace, youtube and on here. thanks ya'll =D


to Dad: love me. happy birthday.


Christine Joy said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!
We all know he's smiling at you right now =]

The weather in boston cant be as bad as cali. Its hot here too! It got a little colder ever since you left tho ;] haha ok lame!

Well cali misses you too!!!!

keep safe!


marilu said...

you are such an inspiration. really though you are. Everyone is so proud of you especially your dad. good to know you're being the social butterfly you are. stay safe and be careful walking past the park of death...
just know everyone here is so so proud and happy for you. we miss you and love you.

take care <3


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your dad :D I've never met the man, but I know he was amazing :]

And geez. getting all involved I see. That's like a million clubs. lol. Don't let your brain explode. haha jk.

til your next blog :]

<3 renabette

genesis gregorio said...

Yes yes. Happy birthday =].


JOAN michel said...

happy bday to your dad :)

i was wondering when i listenned to " here all alone " on purevolume. i was wondering if you were crying or tearing in the intro. sorry its a random question i've been listenning to the song over and over because yeah i went through a breakup recently.

b i m b i e <3 said...

aj! yay for blogspot :D
anyway, i'm so so sad you're in BOSTON. :[

i was asking josh if you can sing a duet for me on my birthday but shoot, you're half way across the country. :[

anyway, hope all is good there and take care of yourself. ingats, & God Bless!

& Happy birthday to your dad :] <3

Loris said...

hey it's my moms birthday today too. (: so happy birthday to her aaand your dad. your dad sounds like such a cool guy. probably was. (: like father like son? heh.

good job with getting involved! thats the way to do it. stay safe on your walks, don't get jumped, foreal. cali misses you too.

love, loris

cheryl said...

AJ! Glad to hear college is getting funner for you! Happy birthday to your dad. I bet he's SO proud of you, we all are.

That's a LOT of clubs to be joining, don't get overworked now! Autumn in boston is actually kinda nice :) spring is too.
Have fun with your PS3 :]
California misses you.
Cheryl (aka the notebook girl)

Joan Lorraine said...

hi AJ!!and a happy happy birthday your dad also!!i bet he's sooo good coz you are.. :p

good to know your having fun in college..have fun and dont stress yourself too much with all the school works..just chill and relax..haha..and make sure you'll get to partyyyyy as well..hahaha..

good luck and godbless..

ohh and btw..keep safe..

joan lorraine :]

chajedidiah said...

I literally cried... I miss my dad, too, and I do hope we get the chance to have a memorable dance.

Thanks for sharing your gift of music to us. :)

Truly Blessed,