Saturday, September 13, 2008


yesterday was fun for the most part i guess, i tested out of "intro to music tech" thank God, saved 2 credits, and now i get to choose classes to fill it up =) im thinking about 'spoken word/hip hop culture performance class' or 'music study on babyface' or 'jazz improv'. we'll see... i had a class called 'pop/rock/country lab' and pretty much we just perform songs within those genres. haha. its like being at a coffee shop watching people play. pretty cool that this is 'college'. haha.

today was pretty boring. woke up really late. attempted to go to the laundr-o-mat haha. saving that till tomorrow morning i guess. i NEED to go grocery shopping. eating out everyday is NOT a good idea. i went to this place called mr bartleys gourmet burgers today. it was AMAZING. wow. they were hella rude. but its whatevs. people over here on the east coast are more uptight (no offense), opposed to people in cali on the west coast SUPER chill. of course there are pros and cons to both, so im not even gonna go into this subject cuz i know many of you will be like WTFF shut up aj lets fight.

anyway! i checked out this tattoo parlor and piercing place called "Chameleon". i MIGHT get my lip pierced. my mom will KILL me i think. but i wanna feel independent. AHAHA. becuz rebelling is the best way to do it. haha jk. dont follow my bad example, please. i shouldn't even be talking about this cuz i know some of u little peoples read this blog. ahh =X anyway

i still miss home, but i think im homesick in a HOPEFUL way rather than a sad way. i was looking thru photos on my phone on purpose today to see if i was gonna be sad, but i was just smiling. miss you guys. a lot. but i think boston has some kind of purpose for me. i think i need to be here. 

church tomorrow at 6PM at st cecilias. im playing a prelude song before mass to offer up to my dad. its his 9th death anniversary on monday.. crazy... 

hope you guys are doing awesome. the weathers not so bad here, but its really ugly sometimes. humidity and rain. bleh. random thought: im super into hats now. haha weird. i used to hate hats. oh and did you guys check out my new video? i think im gonna start doing videos in the practice rooms. it'll be fun. =) more original stuff coming your way. oh another random thought. taking the train was crazy on friday. SOO many people going to parties. the train was PACKED hahah. we missed our stop cuz we couldnt get out becuz of the ridiculous amount of p
eople in the train. we had to literally push old ladies out of the way. ill let you guys know once i hit up a party. probably wont be for a while cuz im not really a party person. im not gonna force it on myself just because its "the college experience". eff the college experience. do what you want in college dont have to follow the crowd. anyway, enough blabbing. i love kathleen for calling me during the jason mraz concert. 'i'm yours'


PS im doing a live WEBCAST show that you can view ANYWHERE in the world... tuesday the 16th, on dont forget to check it out! 7PM PST, and 10PM EST. please please check it out<3

PSS pick one that you think is better


reii said...

glad you're able to smile looking at pictures now instead of feeling sadness. itll keep getting easier. aaaaaaaaand im gonna text you right now, so hopefully you get it :]

<3 renabette

q!n n baby said...

The one in black is the nicest!!! :D

Love much,
Alison Moh

RJ Lamason said...

mickey mousee all the wayy!! :]

hahah i hope you're livin' it up over there :]

take it easyy.

Alison moh said...

Marvel's black one is what i meant. Oh ya!! So you will be having the live webcast at 10pm(Boston timing)? I think i will be in school at that time but i really want to catch you!! Gonna skip school!!!

DJ said...

Either Iron Man or Mickey Mouse... But Spiderman is cool in itself too... can definately see you in the Mickey Mouse one though...

And don't get the lip piercing!! It's so much work to take care of it and risk of getting it infected/swollen everytime you eat or whatnot!

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the last two hats. I'm so glad you've been doing more updates on youtube recently, it's fun to see/hear you as you progress at Berklee!!! Makes it seem like you're still on the west coast too, yay!

Joan Lorraine said...

i like the mickey mouse stuff!!!
thats soooo like you!!


Clint said...

Yo, AJ! I've been a fan of yours for the past month or so. Some of my friends from the Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Arkansas (fayetteville, the main one) showed me some of your videos. You're a big hit there and you didn't even know it! =)

I'm a fellow music major, trumpet & conducting. I'm a senior and I'm studying abroad in Japan, atm. So I'm feeling you on the homesickness and missing friends thing.

I just wanted to say PLEASE don't get your lip pierced. Like dj said, it's a huge hassle, PLUS, what if you get a girlfriend? Those things can get in the way. Plus, like you said, it would really piss off your mom. And here's a question for you: how is going to college and doing *your* own thing NOT being independent? By not getting your lip pierced, you'll save money by not buying the service, not spending so much on pain killers, and time and stress from having people stare at you on the train or wherever.

On the hats, I say get the third one if you buy any at all.

Sorry for the rant. I love your music! Keep it fresh and never sell out, yo.

jelyn said...

i wish i could meet you, mr aj rafael! bcus i go to school down the street from you [haaah i sound stalkerish; sorry.] and my friend is a fan of yours as well. [:

reii said...

oh and as for hats...dude...batman. cahmon. hahaha x]

mickeymouse is tight too though.

Filzaaa said...

i like the mickey mouse one, so fetch. haha.

marilu said...

hats? haha. always told you...
jason mraz is great i was just listening to that song the other day and thought of you.
still praying for you everyday.
take care

doreen said...

hey there aj

been a fan for a while now and gotta say i really enjoy all your videos on youtube ! very very talented and real ! glad you are enjoying your time in berklee :) well, good luck with college and hoping to see more of your videos soon :)

Much love,
Doreen from Australia :)

cheryl said...

Iron Man hat or the Mickey Mouse hat. those are my 2 favorites :) college sounds superfun. Hope you're doing all right & I'm glad you're doing blog TV now. woo :)
<3 Cheryl

Anonymous said...

batman yoo !
ahaa yeah the mickey mouse is pretty sick too, throwback to the blacka nd white days hahaa

genesis gregorio said...


Glad everything is going ok!
Genesis and africa still misses you though, but we know the fact that you're coming back. not SOON. But still, =].

and its hard to pick classes. !

and peircing your lip? OMG U SUCH A BAD EXAMPLE. Just keeding.

goodluck (912031290328322190 time)

-genesis&SouthAfrica. and some of wisconsin.

goldy said...

those hats are so cute,
and i must say you look cute with a hat on. :)

i like all of them,
but i like the second picture the red and blue one,
only my opinion tho. lol.