Thursday, September 11, 2008

boring old thursday...

earlier today was much more interesting. woke up at 8 (as usual), started walking to school at 850. i got to class at 910 right on time and met this guy andrew from london on the way cuz he was in the same class. i wish i had a british accent. anyway. english was cool, has anybody read "a dog's tale" by mark twain? its an amazing short story.

after that, i had my first ensemble class. im so grateful to have been placed in an ensemble. basically its a band with other musicians who got around the same ratings as you. the musicians in my ensemble are great. there are 2 guitarists, 2 other vocalists, a bassist, and a drummer. the teacher is pretty cool. the band is more based off classic rock stuff though, im not that familiar with it, but it will be fun i know it. we perform in a recital at the end of the semester and we just learn new songs everyday. amazingly fun. having a class that you can perform in is just amazing. 

after that i went to the meeting for the singer showcase... its like one of the biggest concerts here at berklee. there were about like 150 people at the meeting and more people are signing up. its gonan be crazy. auditions are on monday... callbacks are the top 20(ish) people, and the end result is only 8 people. 8 people are to showcase the best of berklee at the end of the semester (or year something like that i forgot) actually i think its in april. but it will be great. i'll let you know what happens... im not expecting much right now, cuz barely are freshmen picked to sing at such an event. but who knows. i went straight to the practice room after my arranging class from 210-4.

omg you know how there is always one douchebag in a class? well i have the same guy in 2 of my classes, and he thinks he is the SH*T! omg. he's one of those guys who freakin argues with the teacher at everything he thinks the teacher doesnt know.. and at the end of both of the classes ive been with him in he tells the teacher... 'the curriculum that is being covered here is something i know already can i test out of this class' in an annoying kind of way like he thinks hes so tight. he talks down on the teachers. please tell me you can relate to this. hahaha. and during class while everyones paying attention and listening to the teacher and listening to music and what not to analyze it he's over here blowing air onto his pencil, like super loud! WTF!!! 

ok ok sorry im not usually like that but seriously... nothing gives you the right to be a douchebag in class like that and being rude to the teacher. 

anyway.. my phone screen broke. i was playing soul caliber IV and i lost and i pounded my fist down next to me while saying a curse word and there goes my phone screen. thats what i get. i admit, thats one of my many flaws.. and im just being honest. i curse too much.

gahh. anyway, tomorrow i get to wake up at 9 instead of 8! yay!!! anthony green is playing right now here in boston.. but im here laying on my air matress... gahh =\ miss you guys. hope yall are doing greattt..

dont forget to say a prayer for those who died during the 9/11 attacks... f*ck the terrorists.



cheryl said...

Aww, AJ, we can all relate to the whole class meanie. haha. & now I know I'm not the only one who has to learn to curse less.
Cali loves you.

Hendrix said...

Anthony Green? Haha freakin' awesome. Are you gonna see him? Favorite work by him? Saosin, Circa Survive, or The Sound Of Animals Fighting? Anyway, just saying wassup.

genesis gregorio said...

I'm glad your havin' fun mah dude!


Haha, just ignore that nigga.

Oh, and I have seen the youTube video of playing Cranium with Arby.
SOUL CALIBUR. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. Shit pisses me off when I lose to the same computer over and over and over and over. I start cussing and blablabla. Was that an Iphone!?


Loris said...

"omg you know how there is always one douchebag in a class?" HAHAHA shoooot. i feel you. but whaaatever, it'll all come back on them eventually. you just keep on working hard & enjoying life & sooner or later those douchebags will be asking for your autograph.

your classes sound so bombbb! it's so nice to hear you're having a great time after all the rain. goodluck with auditions! (:

love, loris

Christine Joy said...

oh man i feel the same way about this one stupid guy in my english class! ugh!! he always has something to say...grrrr...ahhaa!

well anyways its good to know that you're doing really well in boston.

good luck at your auditions =]

with much love,

Anonymous said...

YUCK. i hate how theres always one douche in the class. and you have to deal with him for two. you are a strong man my friend. lol

your class sounds like lots of fun though. classic rock seems tight. probably cuz i grew up on classic rock though.

HOY. work on that cussing problem of yours =x but ANYWAYS. i love you :]

<3 renabette

Richard said...

bro, i know wtf you're talkin' about! i can definitely relate to that. i hate cocky people. ah well, i know you can show this nigga up. put this dude in his place lol. Good luck out there and hopefully, we can still do a cover sometime if we're not too busy. Take care bro.


Yeaya! said...

miine broke too aj!
but luckily i can remember where everything is so i can still navigate through it and shit.
I'm glad things are going well!

julietanonymous said...

there's always the one in the freaking classroom!
and i think a lotta people need to curse less, including myself!

uhh. come to Philly (perform!) haha.

JOAN michel said...

i remember a person who just annoyed the crap out of me because he felt like he could teach the class better. know it alls ! lol.

thats good that your doing good in boston. and its cool that you blog daily. so now i have something to read when im in my comp class :)

marilu said...

break a leg.
that's funny about your phone but i think you were due for new one anyways.
have fun.