Wednesday, September 10, 2008


a class where i get to sing and have fun... i finally got my ratings from my audition and got placed in some performance classes... my class today was 'vocal performance/background singing' it was so fun! first thing we did. no attendance. just stand up and the teacher taught us some background vocals, and we swayed and snapped and sang. it was AMAZING. thats pretty much the highlight of the day. plus there was like 5 people i knew in that class. yay!

finally excited to go to school. its been english, ear training. harmony, all boring stuff, well i love it, but its rather boring. i know i shouldnt be bragging about this but my ratings were 3, 3, 4, 3, on a 4 point scale! =]] it went like improvisation, musicality/instrumental kills, rhythym, and sight reading. im happy with those scores =) 

i should be reading, but right now im watching chris cendana on blog TV, and writing this blog.. i just got back from JP licks which is an ice cream parlor that i wanna work at.. even though i have acid reflux and am allergic to milk. so i wouldn't get to have anything there. hahah. 

im gonna start chillin instead of being ridiculously sad. i chilled at the cafe 939 which is in one of the berklee buildings, with my friends jordan and andrew. talked about a lot of stuff. i needed to just be with people and talk and hang out. thats what i need. haha. to cheska: thank you for that amazing quote. it inspires me.

new video by the way!

i miss you all. i have to read. sorry this post is short. 



goldy said...

Have as much fun while your there,
its a new chapter of your life,
you should make the most out of it,
cause one day you will look back,
and be able say,
"I was glad to be a part or to have been one the lucky ones to be able to attend that university and have had this really great opportunity",
and I know everybody misses you here in California,
but hey,
we're not worlds apart,
we're still standing on the same ground,
don't let a new beginning gave you a fright,
think about your future,
make it bright
cause when the time is right, everything would be alright.

lol. :)

♥ CHESKA said...

no worries, that's what bloggers are for ^_^

enjoy the rest of your week and make it count.

Anonymous said...

im glad you're having fun at school and you're chillin and whatnot. keeping busy.

and omgsh. i would fail every musical test given to me. lol. go aj! :D

<3 renabette

marilu said...

the school sounds so tight. can't wait to audition there...
i told you you're amazing, check out those scores! haha. not suprising. hang in there, you'll be just fine. you're one of the strongest people i know. love you aj!


Filzaaa said...

hi aj, i'm happy to hear that you're having fun there.. you know, you're one lucky dude. hello, its berklee, so many people wanted to go there but never had the chance. soo keep doing your thing, learn, and have fun!

youre great!

genesis gregorio said...


That's what I usually want to do.
Chill and shit, so I wont be sad.

Good luck (12390803898 time)

-genisahroarawiorhegneeenaeinenesis. (not the SEGA)

Anonymous said...

hey brothermandude i've been listening to your music for eyars now, and i've been following you're progress and i just gotta say man, you're great. hahaha but uhm i live in boston so if you ever wanna chill or anything, hit me up on exudesincerity (Aim)

us filipino musicians gotta stick together right?

haha dude hope to hear from you

cheryl said...

Berklee sounds like fun. you got awesome scores for placement! We were all praying for you, still are! Good Luck!
<3 Cheryl