Monday, September 22, 2008

no more air bed stress...

sleeping on this airbed for the last 3 weeks was hell. hahah. i mean it was okay for the first week. but after that its just a chore to sleep rather than it being a good thing i guess. hahaha. i'm getting my order in from iKEA!!! woo! that i placed 2 weeks ago! they lag so bad. wow. i am excited. i finally get to furnish the room and actually be comfortable being here. if im not in school im on this cheap kitchen stool with my computer on the kitchen counter or laying on the awkward mattress. 

i ordered a bed, matress, bed base, matress cover, desk, and a side table with some drawers in it. i am too excited. my roommate dwight just got his stuff in right now, so pablo and i are just waiting. oh real quick, thank you to those who watched the last minute blogtv show. special thanks to the ops and all the other artists who were there.

and thank you to all my friends who still text me to see how i'm doing, or even on rare occasion-- call. haha. miss ya'll! i'm getting a visitor today! surprise! =]] this means videos to come. many videos i believe.

besides assembling all the stuff, i'm gonna be going to the airport at around 11pm and then come back to build some more. i do have class from 4-6 tho. sucks. =\ haven't got the results from the callback, but you KNOW i will let yall know!

here's an email i got about Singer's Night just right now.
Hello, and thank you for your exceptional audition and callback for  2008FA Singers' Night. I'm sorry to have to inform you that you were not  selected for the show this semester. But your performance was excellent,  and we hope you will audition again next semester.  Thanks so much for your efforts, Sean
damn it. =\


dj - "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger right?" totally true.
genesis - of course aj rafael loves genesis
szue may - thank u for tuning in all the way from the UK =] and yes its tough, but we'll get thru it right?
janice - thank u for the pointless story, it wasnt pointless, i enjoyed it


cheryl said...

yay for mattresses, because airbeds are not especially comfy. can't wait to see more videos! oh and when did you start playing guitar & piano? quite a random question, but i just want to know :)
<3 Cheryl

janice. said...

Hey AJ! Congratulations for your new furniture! ahah, its always exciting to get new stuff. All my furniture is from IKEA too. I ♥ Ikea. I think I could live there. If I really wanted to. ANYWAY

They don't know what they're missing. and they are missing a whole lot without you. Keep your head up and just know that there's always a rainbow after the rain.

-- janice.

ps. I'm glad you liked my story. :] haha.
and also, i think you should get a p.o. box :]

RaChel said...

wow! you're courageous to sleep on a airbed:) i wouldn't last two days!

Anonymous said...

ajjjjj, hah long time no see since like... that show you played at the village, by jamba juice.
keep posting the blogs, they are pretty interesting.
hope your doing well.

paulface killah said...

wow only if i got comments like yours in my blog, i would blog more often ahah. eh, i havent seen you in a while bro. shitsweak.

cheryl said...

haha Janice, I could live at ikea too!

aww, singer's night is really missing out on an amazing talent. :( keep trying. <3

oh and you SHOULD get a po box, so we can send you love and stuff. :)
<3 Cheryl, again

genesis gregorio said...


Yay for comfortableness! Yes, that quote is 100% true man. Just don't trip, they know you're talented, even if they rejected you, theres like... 9999999 people that still think you're AWESOME. (OH CRAP I'm ONE OF THE 99999999!)

Less than 3,


Anonymous said...

Haha, I hope you get your furniture soon.

Don't sweat it, keep on trying, we all know you're talented, AJ.

mimi said...
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victoria said...

hey there aj! i'm just a fan of yours from youtube (: but i drove by berklee on saturday and thought of you.. well i actually tried scoping the student filled sidewalk for you but no luck ): i love your videos and i hope you have fun putting together your furniture from ikea ! haha

Anonymous said...

I once learned that whatever happeneds and whatever obsticles life throws at you, the lord will give you the strength to get through it. Everytime I go through hard things I remember that quote and it has helped me through alot, so just remember when one door closes two others open. I am one among many people who support you and enjoy your music. Keep your head up dear.

With love,