Saturday, September 20, 2008

living without family..

sucks! hahaha. i mean its cool i guess.. but freakin today i had to do laundry so my roommates and i went to go do laundry at the laundr-o-mat.. freakin SCAM i tell you! 2.50 per load... so we were like WOW... ripoff. but then we saw the dryer and it had a little price thing that said .25 so we were like alright! only 25 cents for the dryer! 

i got some mexican food around the corner and came back and my roommate pablo told me that it was not .25 per dryer load, it was .25 per 5 minutes!!! WTF!!! hahaha... 

not sure if laundry is supposed to cost 9 dollars every time... but damn...

also grocery shopping is a hassle without a car. can't really buy too much...

sorry i complain a lot, but thats what blogging's for right? remember, if you have any questions or anything like that, leave a comment and i'll try to answer it for you in the next post!

oh and if ur wondering about the callbacks for Singer's Night... i did well i must say! i did "me" the best that i could... so if thats not what they want, then thats on them... i got called back for the accappella group as well... we'll see what happens! ill let you know updates ASAP. oh and i might be on blogtv today.. maybe?



genesis gregorio said...

I has a question.
Does AJ Rafael love Genesis? With No Homo-ness.

no car? whaaaat. how do you buy ice cream at the grocery, and then go home without it melting?! if you didnt buy ice cream.. you're WACK. JUST KIDDING.

oh and i was jk about that question.

DJ said...

That's the fun part about living without family... you start to notice things and respect what you had so much more but trust me, things will get easier if you make it to be. You just have to find your own way to adapt to these things.... (I've been through the same stuff as you).

Dealing with the laundry expenses was just a way for me to learn to handle my money a bit more wisely (that don't mean you start wearing smelly clothes ok? lol).

With the shopping... Have you considered shopping somewhere a little further? Perhaps somewhere that you can travel to and from via bus/train (that way you can buy loads of shopping and will technically only have to carry them to and from the bus stops and to your doorstep)...

...and when you don't feel like doing all that travelling, shop nearby if you plan to buy a little less... or make little trips whenever you walk pass the stores. OR you can think about getting yourself a trolley bag - I kid lol.

What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger right?

Just remember, when times you feel low, take a deep breath and say to yourself, you can do this! And think how fortunate you are to experience this and take this opportunity to grow stronger. Not everyone in this world gets a chance. Stay happy.

P.S. I think this comment is longer than your blog entry. My bad. Sorry.

Szue May said...


I'm Szue May from Malaysia, but currently in the UK. I understand how you feel about living without your family. I've been staying here in the UK without my family for a year and when i first really sucks..but after a while you'll get the hang of it..

All the best in Berklee and Cheers!

goldy said...

dang the laundry is so expensive,
but depends on the machine you used actually,
i know i may sound like a brat or loser-ish,
but i really dont know how to do my own laundry,
and if i try to do my laundry,
there will be parental guidance. lol
ever considering about getting a car? :)
or motorcycle,
or a bike? :]

and i missed blogtv today. :|

RaChel said...

well, that's a lot of callbacks:) congrats!!

i remember my first apartment without my parents, that was something! altho' i did have a my laundry appliances!! hehe:)

take care!!

cheryl said...

AJ, I can't believe I missed your show! I'm sad now. I was at the festival in west covina. Cathy didn't go :( or at least, I didn't see her there. haha

oh and 25 cents per 5 minutes?! that's whack. XD
<3 Cheryl

janice. said...

Hey AJ,

I'm sad that I missed your show. ;[
and yeah! laundromats are so expensive now a days. Some are even all high tech and what not using cards instead of coins.
I remember one time I went to a laundromat with like a bucket of change thinking I was the bomb. and then i go in .. and put in all my clothes into the washer. and bust out some quarters only to find that there wasn't any slots for the coins! so I'm standing there for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to work it. and .. some old man comes by and was like you still have coins?! and im like .. " .... yes? ;[" and he goes .. they don't use coins anymore you have to go get a laundromat card! -.- and they only took bills. =| had to go to the store next door and exchange like a whole grip of quarters for a couple of bills. -.-

Anyway that was a pointless story, hope you enjoyed it hahh. :D

go on blog tv again soon. :D


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I missed your show! :[
buuut i watched those rerun thingys.
you were amazing,once again(=
Keep your head up everything will work out(= Go on blogtv soon,&let me know!

Loris said...

your show was tiiight! (: goodjob, man. can't wait for the next one.

so many callbacks! haha so proud of you, forsure. the laundry though, WHAAAACK ! hope to talk to you soon.

love, loris