Monday, September 8, 2008

first day of school..

youtube is broken =[ hahah anyway.. started class today. i woke up at 8 and started walking at 9, got there on time for my 915 class =] my first class is ear training 4, from 915-10. i have a big break from that and then its intro to music tech. i'm trying to test out of that class tomorrow.. but yeah the ear training was just a bunch of stuff i never formally learned... i tested into the class, but that doesn't mean i know everything about ear training 1, 2, and 3.. ahh im screwed. haha we'll see what happens.. im just gonna study hard.

other than that, its at a stage where everyone is still super quiet in class so i didn't really meet anyone new today sadly... its ok i'll get in the hang of it. everyone texted me today saying good luck and meet lots of new people! haha.. i will tomorrow even tho i only have one class... berklee is super slow at everything formal. its cuz its a musician run school. admissions, loans, grades whatevaa, all musicians. hahaha. and you know us sometimes...

i then realized that having gigs back in california is gonna be super dangerous to my grade. =\ so i'm trying to change my flights to all direct so i can fly from sunday at 1030pm and arrive in boston at 6am and go to class.. haha ahhhh. love it tho.

i posted a new video of me singing here:

i was feelin kinda emo but in like a good, hopeful way. 2 days. i miss you guys a lot. oh and i saw the weirdest thing today... a man in a business suit doing tae chi in the park underneath some trees (again), followed by a man in a similar business suit riding a bicycle with a helmet on. what the eff..?


i will write more later, i promise<3
thanks derek for hitting me up today it was a nice surprise, i love you bro.


cheryl said...
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cheryl said...

Happy first day of school AJ! Hopefully I'll be at one of your gigs back here in Cali. We miss you. Good Luck!

genesis gregorio said...


Tae Chi? Verrrry Weird. If he was doing Karate it would be okay. Just kidding. LOL.

That is a WHATDAFUXUP? moment. I'd usually laugh to death at something like that. ;P.

Good luck! (Like the 12381209 time.)

marilu said...

so that concert sounds like it was absolutely amazing... very jealous am i. haha. and your first day of school sounded like it went well. you're gunna do sooo great! stupid youtube is dumb but in response to the video... well... AMAZING as always. i love it. you're so great. accept it :]]
cali is just letting boston borrow you for a little while. haha. we want you back! miss you very much. can't wait to see you :]]

love, lu

p.s. love the mint green. great color on you :]]
and the hat! i always told you to wear hats!! lol :]]

Charlie Dubois said...

Yeah !
you have a very amazing voice !
Thanks for musicality, it's incredible.

You have chance to start berklee's studies ! I'm french and i haven't enough money.

So i think if the music is my life, i will make anything to play music at boston berklee college.

Thanks again
god bless you

Charlene said...

=) n nice hat