Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2nd day..

so i had english today. and thats it. i still have to find out what happened to my audition, i think berklee lost it =\ so i have to audition again most likely... thats why i have only 11 credits right now when i should have 16... college writing is what my english class is called.. we mostly just do free-writing which is pretty cool. i had wendy's today. its 1.20 for 5 piece nuggs and 1.20 for chicken sandwhich. in cali its only 99cents. what is the deal?!

walking back and forth to school which takes 15-20 mins (depending on how slow i wanna walk) gets me thinking so hard... about everything. so i think i get sad a little bit walking home and walking back to school and what not. today i was just feelin it. i felt lonely. i was singing to myself and humming some random songs to maybe try to cheer myself up, but i just feel alone. i have a lot of friends out here, but not many i can really turn to and talk about problems with. even tho i don't really have any problems. ehh, idk, its all in my head. i really miss california. and i know ur probably tired of hearing this, but im getting more and more homesick. i wish my mom was just like a block away so i could just come over and talk to her and take a nap or something. ahhh!

lol this is embarassing. anyway, i posted a new song on myspace! so please go check it out. click here!!! the song is called 'when the sun sets on hawaii'. i wrote it on the way back to honolulu from north shore back when i played a wedding in hawaii. wrote half of it on the beach, in hawaii. pretty sweet. =] thank you guys btw for the plays, it's amazing, it shows your support and i'm thankful you enjoy my music. it seriously makes my day. i'm on the computer like half the day. hahah.

also, i posted a new youtube video. 

i'm trying to do homework right now. it's so difficult. being placed in a higher ear training class is cool, but i literally skipped 1 and 2 so i have no idea what is going on!!! hahaha... anyway, if any of you are gonna visit boston anytime soon, let me know =] i'll show you around. i've been walking around to random places, and its pretty cool. theres this crazy store bodega, i dont know if i've talked about it already, but its pretty cool. the prudential mall is pretty nice, and theres this mall in cambridge which is where harvard is, the mall reminds me of california. so taking the train is worth it. its like 2 dollars every time you get on the train. it's a nice system they got going here. i miss you guys.

to my close friends: don't hesitate to give me a call. i know you guys think i'm super busy, but really i'm less busy than i was back in cali. what i would do to be in cali right now. can't wait for the new england winter (sarcasm). 

i bought soul caliber IV today for ps3, anyone played that game before? haven't played it yet but i will get on it. love you all. more to come soon.



Karen said...

hope things get better for you. i'm sure a phonecall to your mom would help you tons. good luck in boston. :)

mia flores. said...

I'm positive Cali misses you even more! Amazing song again AJ, thanks!

genesis gregorio said...

Hahaha! Nice!

Make some friends mahdude! Well, it'll be hard. I dont know. Maybe some HELLA TALENTED, and HELLA CUTE asian will come up to you and say "NOWAI DO U KNOW WHO YU ARE?? YOU ARE AJ RAFAEL OMG OMG OMG." There ya go! A fan/friend! Whoooooo.

Good luck with everything! Ear training? Instant F for me.

dont forget about genesis! =].


cheryl said...

Aj, Thanks for Blogging :) It's nice to know what you're up to. haha && I'd call you, if only I had your number.... haha Well, It's nice to know you're doing okay. we miss you too. (hmm, ajsick? haha)

Tishiana said...

YO aj. reading this blog makes me appreciate cali and everyone here a little bit more. its cute that you miss your mom and your feeling homesick lol thats totally normal. youll soon get over it and start loving where you are in life. youre broadening your horizons and thats important :)

Anonymous said...

aww dont feel lonely aj =[ it'll definitely take some time to get used to for sure. but im certain it wont always be so tough. hang in there. just remember why you're there. we really miss you though. i know i do. i didnt think id miss you this much considering i didnt get to hang out with you all the time. mostly just when we did shows...but yeah.

just do whatcha gotta do there and give it your all. love you aj. take care :]

<3 renabette

Joel said...

it'll get better, dude. beantown is a rollercoaster ride; don't forget to have fun. im from the 323 and went to school in the 617 for 4 years. call your moms in the morning, and get back to your schoolwork. (oh, and your videos are pretty funny, very cool; i'm a fan)

Loris said...

hey i know the lonely feeling you're talking about, and the long walks & such, and the uncertainty of trustworthy friends cos everything's so new, and singing/humming to myself, haha. exactly how i feel at college. but foreal man things are gonna look up for us! its college, how could it not?! (: drop on comment on my blog & lets chat sometime!

& btw. those wendys prices=WHAAACK! (:

love, loris

♥ CHESKA said...

"Distance isn't for the fearful. It's for the bold. It's for those willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one(s) they love.
It's for those who know a good thing when they see it...even if they don't see it nearly enough."

I'm sure things will get better once you get into the groove of things. Appreciate every experience you're going through (loneliness, homesickness, what have you)...maybe sometime soon, those themes will be your inspirations for your songs?!?!

Anonymous said...

i <3 the bodega. its epic. haha

the winter here IS pretty severe, but you'll get used to it.. i guess. xP though the snow is beautiful.

marilu said...

love the video. cali misses you but just like you told me "try not to think about you" just try not to think about it and just focus. focus on what you're doing...
i know i'm not the best person to be saying this because i shoul dbe taking my own advice, but just give it time. time does magic.
miss you. love.