Friday, April 2, 2010

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! and my sincere apologies...

i am so so sorry that i havent written in here in what, 3 months? ive just been so busy, one thing after another, and whatever little break i have whether it be 3 days or 5, its mostly me recovering and trying to make videos for yall. anyway QUICK RECAP of whats been goin on since i stopped writing.

My American Heart THE FINAL TOUR was AMAZING. dream come true. seriously, the inspiration that band has given me over the years, especially at the beginning when i was first starting to take my music seriously-- i'll just never be able to repay them. but being their main support for their tour helped me kinda give back to them. it was SO fun. the whole band played with me, well Shiori for 2 dates, and my friend Steven Cole subbed in for Andrew Rhim when he couldn't make it. anyway, the experience was surreal, and i thank Jesse, Larry, Nick, Jake, and the crazy Dustin Hooke for that.

The Philippines Mission Trip came literally right after that. the day before i left, i invited Jesse Barrera to a fundraiser for the trip-- Project: LOVE. Jennifer Chung, Passion, Jenny Suk, and Jesse Barrera were featured that night, with appearances by Leejay and WongFu. big thanks to Mama D for putting it on.

The trip was ridiculously life-changing, and i wanna write a blog on that soon. videos are still up on i believe, so check that out if you missed that whole thing! thank God for Twitter and FB status updates. seriously. feeding villages, and the Ondoy victims was the very thing i needed at the time, ya'll know how much the Typhoon affected me even though none of my family was affected.

after this came the music video shoot for "When We Say (Juicebox)"... an awesome 3 days with one of my old friends from middle school who came all the way from Honolulu to be the main actress, and of course WongFu productions. Ted couldn't make it out, but Wes and Phil did an amazing job of capturing my vision and they are definitely pros at what they do. i regret not having much to plan it out so we could have legitimate behind-the-scenes footage and photos, but ya'll won't be disappointed with the final product. a teaser will be released soon.

the next big thing was Vegas-- we went for my 21st birthday. we got a huge penthouse suite for one night at Bellagio, had all my friends pitch in, and the next 2 nights my mom got us a penthouse suite at this resort called Cancun which is like 5 mins away from the strip. had a meet and greet on the last day, and everyone sang happy birthday to me. thanks to everyone who made that weekend special for me.

and of course, in-between ALL of this is me playing for my church in Moreno Valley when i'm in town helping my mom direct the choir, our bff ANDREW GARCIA being on AMERICAN IDOL, and of course, plenty of shows. and there's only been 2 weekends where i haven't had a show since April 2009, and that was Thanksgiving and Christmas. i am so thankful to these concert producers and student orgs who put the shows together and are able to fly me out to travel the world, i'm so blessed to be doing this at my age. this year so 2010 i've visited Boston, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the Philippines, Hawaii, Nevada, and Northern California (many times). more to come! check out my MYSPACE and YouTube videos for upcoming shows.

arite, so ya'll ready for the big announcement?!

alright. thanks to the 2 of you who said yes.


APRIL 21st is a BIG DAY for me, and hopefully for some of y'all!!! i'm releasing 3, yes THREE, songs on iTunes-- well ONE you already might have, so i guess i'm releasing 2, yes TWO songs on iTunes!

it's called the JUICEBOX EP

it contains full band versions of:


another big part of the announcement is that on April 21st, i will ALSO be releasing, along with WongFu productions, the "When We Say (Juicebox)" Music Video!

so happy & proud & blessed to be able to share all this with you. thank you.

ooo and i got a new camera, its the Canon Rebel T2i =] so expect some amazing quality videos haha. hopefully the content will be just as good as the picture quality.

love you guys so much,