Monday, January 25, 2010

My Missions Trip to the Philippines

Myself and the Mahal Foundation will be doing a missions excursion to the Philippines from February 1-8. This will be 7 days of serving the poor and the needy, learning about the filipino culture, and helping victims of the recent typhoon ondoy.

I raised over $1,500 for the Typhoon victims online via uStream, hope ya'll remember that broadcast #HealPhilippines, and instead of giving it to a huge organization, I have decided to directly use that money to give the victims of Ondoy items such as but not limited to water, blankets, and food.

help me raise money for my trip =]

the counter was not updating in realtime so i just put a donate button instead -- *all goes to the same place

thank you SO MUCH, from the bottom of my heart =]

means so much. i'm sorry i havent blogged in a while, i just have been so busy with shows, Music Speaks, and this Philippines trip. i love ya'll