Tuesday, September 23, 2008

musiq soulchild

ok so i have a special guest blogger for u. she went with me to the musiq soulchild concert tonight, which was totally INSPIRING, and she arrived last night around 11PM. ladies and gentlemen, here is lydia paek! =) yayyy

hellerrr :]

hey bloggers!! so tonight was freakin awsome! MUSIQ SOULCHILD is unbelievable.Too unbelievable that i cannot describe how unbelievable it was.You guys just have to expirience yourselves. The opening acts did pretty bad, out of tune and the audience booed :[ which was not nice at all,they looked nervous. So far Boston has been a stress reliever and a time for me to take a fresh breath of air. I have met really nice people and shopped around newbury st. and me and AJ both bought Supras! so much money! MINES is better though HAHA. More videos to come from AJ and LYDDZ. im so lucky to have talented musicians and singers to play instruments and sing with me. AJ is a great friend and you guys that have not met him yet will love it when u meet this dood. SHOUTOUT to  RANDOLPH i love you nigguhh. YOU are an inspiration to me and keep doing what youre doing. me and aj were talking aboutt how you would bee jumping up and down at the concert and we really wish you were here. love and miss you..more videos from me and randolph too soon to come!! RB and DUSTY-i wuv you guys so much and thanks for being great friends to me.till we see eachother again wich will probably be like next week, miss you guys!checkout my dance crew-www.myspace.com/questdance.


love yall mucho, lydias so sweeeet<3>

here's a video we did. more to come.

ohhh and i had another audition today... i sang here all alone pt 3 and got so into it and i literally choked up and like pretty much cried like for a millisecond.... booooo! pray for me tho =)



cheryl said...

yay can't wait for the videos! Hope you land the audition :)
<3 Cheryl

janice. said...

Aw! you have such good friends! I ♥ Lydia Paek! haha I sound like a creeper. Anyway :] How's the Berklee life been? Hope its been treating you well.

Keep your head up!
Always keeping you in my prayers.♥

-- janice.♥

janice. said...

P.S. I still think you should get a P.O. box haha. so I can send you some love and stuff from socal. ♥ not to be a creeper or anything. :]

genesis gregorio said...

Haha tell Lydia I said hi! Oh, and dude that happened to me! I was listening to Embrace Hope by Melissa Polinar, and yeah out of knowhere for a millisecond.

I'll pray for Mr.Rafael!

Good luck again


Loris said...

Suuup AJ & Lydia! Aw man, sucks for the openers, but they're either gonna love you or hate you and it's always good for musicians to experience both sides. That's how you learn about yourself & what you want to make out of it. Ehhh does that make sense? I dunno.

Definitely be praying for you.
Great video. (:

Charlene said...

haha! u guys are silly.. i love it! u guys are too cute :D

n u guys are so lucky.. i love musiq

rheenabettes said...

glad you guys have gotten to spend time together :D lydia is BOMB. and aj good luck with that other audition :]

<3 renabette

derekderekderek said...

damn, they started booing?

they must've thought they were laker fans or something..