Thursday, September 25, 2008

first visitor..

just wanted to thank LYDIA PAEK haha for being here in Boston and being a familiar face. i really needed it. 

we have just been doin videos, and last night we just hung out at harvard square and went shopping. we've just been catching up and what not, but most of all we have been makin music. thats whasup! 

sorry this is such a short post, but just thought i should keep you guys updated with what's going on. she leaves tomorrow =( sucky! i cant wait to be back in California tho... next weekend (the 3rd) for my sisters birthday! but im goin back on sunday... ahhh sucky. school has been alright, i've missed a couple of classes but nothing drastic, miss you all and i will post soon. new videos, tonight!

check out our new video!

with love,


janice. said...

Hey AJ,

How are you? Lovin' the new video. You both are so very talented. I can't wait for your shows out here in So Cal. going for sure! Have a nice night. and weekend!

-- janice. o

Christine Joy said...

OMG! you got your lip pierced! it looks good! (: does it hurt?

amazing video! lydia and you make great colabs! love it!

take care!


steph said...

oh my gosh aj! hahahah i love your guys vids together. seriously, me & lydia are musical soulmates! hahah i was just practicing this song to cover it earlier tonight. but of course i would sound horrible after good thing i didn't do it >.< its fun reading about all ure updates :) keep learning & growing in boston! all ure fans miss you ova here!

God bless,
Steph Baloy

rheenabettes said...

lets chill?

peace sign for aj. hahahaha

i love you!

<3 renabette

genesis gregorio said...

W'sup w'sup! Nice lip piercing dawg

Love the video! Enjoy her while you can. =].

I wont be able to see you, but oh well at least you get to see family!

Dude. BlogTV took up EVERYONES life. No lies!

tyntynr said...

Awesome that you blog! Stumbled upon it when I checked your new vid on Youtube. ^_^ hehe.

Goodluck with your take on College, It's nice to know that you are pursuing something that you love.

Be good and be safe! Just a fan from miles away.


MJ said...

whoa whoa whoa. you got pierced your lips! I must say, beautiful surprise indeed :) haha. and oh, just wanna thank you for scheduling for your next LIVE show! Cant wait! Say, when are you getting a cbox? ( recommended. hahaha. anywaysss~

xoxo from Asia.

Loris said...

I'm glad everyone's just as caught off guard with your lip piercing as I was. I was all tryna figure out if you always had one AHAHA siiike.

I LOOOOVE this song & have been waiting for you to cover it. Thank you thank you. Take care over on the east coast.


cheryl said...

Can't believe you actually got your lip pierced! I guess I'm not the only one shocked. haha, BTV Tuesday Right? I might have to leave a little early due to school & whatnot.

I wanna go to your shows in SO CAL! But they're far :( do more shows while you're down here! Cali Misses you! Lydia's awesome. cool video :)
<3 Cheryl

jourdanjustine said...

Haha thanks for the comment!

Yeah it took awhile reviewing everything, but I felt that I should so I can remember everything and my parents can read it, haha.

But yeah these videos are great that you've put up lately!!! I really want your help with making some of my own...we'll have to hang tomorrow =]

- jordy

Alison moh said...

Hey AJ!

Are you doing any webcast soon? I hope i will be able to catch you!

Take care!

Love much,
Alison Moh