Tuesday, September 16, 2008

oh happy day

im chillin at my friends dorm room... and guess what? i got a call back for the singer's showcase. i asked my friend TS to go check for me cuz the results were posted at 1030 and thats kinda late to walk... haha.. i haven't been so super happy in this whole time ive been here. i was cheesin' for like an hour. haha. =D the audition went well, i sang Michael Buble's "Everything". i played piano and sang =] and didnt look at the piano and looked at the camera i was kinda nervous hahaha but i think it went good for the most part. they see something in me, im so happy that they do, becuz when i didnt get the scholarship i was soo confused because i just wanted another chance to shine. i hope this is my time. my dad was with me at that audition. i prayed for it.
anyway, callbacks are on thursday, and its all good if i dont get any further... out of at least 140 people that were there, there were 20 people who got called back.. and everyone kept saying to not accompany myself and that the odds were against me and bahh whatevaaa but i made it =) im glad i made it this far. thank you guys for all ur prayers. and for believin in me. seriously.

oh and my phone broke. stupid tilt. look at this crap. it never goes away. i turned off my phone once. and this crap happened. gahh

anyway, blogTV show tonight! 7PM PST, 10PM EST. please check it out! i love you all.

new video!



reii said...

congrats on the callback. i knew youd do wonderful :] they see that theres lots of talented in you. good luck with that.

<3 renabette

Loris said...

NICE, a callback! :D that's really amazing news, aj. good luck on thursday! (: & sorry about your phone, man. dang, that sucks, foreal.

btw. your piano playing is really beautiful. how's the church playing coming along? keep it uppp.

love, loris

RaChel said...

the video is just amazing... i'd give anything to be able to play like THAT!

genesis gregorio said...


I'm not even lieing AJ, but I had the feeling that this WAS going to happen. Straight up dude.

Good luck x 1290382198390 even more! Maybe my lucks do count!? Haha just kidding. I KNOW that that's not the only thing you can do. "Just Wait" more surprising and big things will come to you when you accomplish them. No Pun intented.

cheryl said...

congrats AJ! all your hard work paid off :)I wish i could play piano like you! see you on blog TV!

kat linson said...

you WOULD make the view of the video aiming towards your arms HAHAHA

love ya homo.

jourdanjustine said...

Hey AJ that's sooo great that you got a callback!! Jade and I are realizing we should've tried out now...haha.

So I just started a blog on here, too...you should check it out - jourdanjustine.blogspot.com


janice. said...

that's what happened to my brother's Tilt!

Congratulations on the callback. The blogTV show was amazing!

Hope to see you broadcasting again soon. :]