Monday, September 15, 2008

when the music fades...

whasup everyone! =) sorry i didnt post last night... i was doin some homework, and also made a video with lydia over SKYPE video chat, "Lesson Learned" by Alicia Keys. also, i went grocery shopping and freakin i had to walk home like a good 10-15 minutes with so so so many groceries in my hands. omg that hurt like a biotch. my hands were so red when i got home, and i finally got a work out. so i guess thats a good thing.

Lesson Learned (Alicia Keys ft. John Mayer) - Lydia Paek

hope u liked the above video! anyway, church last night was what i really needed. i got to play piano for the whole mass as i always did back in moval, and i asked the lector to put my dad's name in the prayers of the faithful. today is his 9th death anniversary. i can't even believe how fast time has gone.

ya'll should know that my dad was the best musician i have ever known. i would hate going to sleep early when i was little cuz i knew he always practiced piano at around 9, and that time i would always have to go to sleep at 8. i think thats probably why i let my little sister justine stay up as long as she wants, so she can fall asleep to the music, cuz at my house we jam until the sunrise, seriously.

anyway, i have an audition tonight. i think i told you guys about it before. its for "Singer's Showcase"... its when berklee has a concert to show off the talent at the school. i'm not really expecting to get through cuz its only so often a freshman is chosen. i think i said that already too. but yeah im just doin it for the experience (i know ur thinkin in ur head --thats what they all say for fear of rejection) hahah. anyway, i posted a new video. i recorded it this morning super early like at 10 well thats not that early but yeah after my ear training 4 class which kicks my ass. its so hard. anyway, here it is. i also dedicated this video to my good friends aileen & val. i pretty much have spent all my teenage years growin up with them kinda.. i love em'. 

Heart of Worship - Dedication Video



genesis gregorio said...

Good job man!
Lydia is awesome. I really like her style, theres something about her...

I'm pretty sure people in Heaven watched YouTube. I'm also pretty sure your dad rated it a 5 and hella loved it. ITS IN HIS FAVORITED VIDEOS!

Nah, I'm just kidding, anyways, im pretty sure he's hella proud of you man. =] Good luckx129308


cheryl said...

awesome videos! lydia is super good at singing :) break a leg on your audition tonight! talk to you @ the blog TV thing tomorrow. have fun :)
<3 Cheryl

reii said...

lydia is so bomb. geez.

glad you enjoyed getting to play piano at the church :] and good luck with that audition tonight. no matter what, you'll be wonderful, i know it.

i love the heart of worship video ^-^

<3 renabette

JOAN michel said...

awesome video duet with lydia.

and the heart of worship was amazing :)

delight said...

you'll totally make it in to the singer showcase... or at least you back up (because ur a freshman) ..... and if none of that happens because of senority, they'll certainly remember your for next year.

RaChel said...

good luck with the audition!

and i'm sorry for your dad, must be hard even after all theses years:(

take care..

Loris said...

doooooope covers, seriously. lydia's amazing. & your heart of worship video is just as great (:

i'm gonna guess you had your audition by this time. so i hope you did well! :D you'll mosdef leave your mark at berklee, no doubt. keep it up.

skype is tiiight!
love, loris

Anonymous said...

Nicely Done! :)

HollyHoodRat33 said...

I am SO HAPPY you posted this because it was one of my absolute favorites when you'd sing this at church. Yay now I can still listen to it! It always makes me teary eyed at the part where you build up towards the end, geez! Anyway, so glad you posted this. Made my day, hope you are well.God bless you!

Belle said...

hi AJ,

i don't know if you know that you are one of the few friends i have in myspace so i keep abreast of what's happening in your life.

regarding auditions, my daughter, didn't make it either on her freshman year except on the one that she didn't quite care for. later in the second year though, the same people who rejected her realized she had what it took, so they pursued her and it was the best that ever happened to her in college. the a Capella group she is in is made up of people that are caring, kind, and helpful. she found her family away from home.

Belle (