Saturday, September 27, 2008

"i think i'll go to Boston..."

whasup guys. so as you know, lyddz and i have been collaborating on music and what not, so very soon you'll see more vids from us! we're so glad you enjoy them. anyway she left yesterday at around 1PM and walking her out to the taxi was hard, that "little piece of home" was going "back home" haha.

and a real quick PS, i know only some of you guys read this but: me and lyddz are JUST FRIENDS, please no gossipping! hahah.. no foreals. k thats all i have to say about that.

anyway, i'm coming back next week to visit my sister especially for her birthday but also family and friends thank God. i needed this break from Boston. and lydia being here was kinda my break from Boston, i'm real glad she came. who's next?! save me from my loner being. hahah

also: GOOD NEWS! i finally got a wedding gig out here, i'm playing piano for a wedding today cuz the pianist is sick (thats the bad news but its ok pray for him) and i'm getting paid! just like how it was back home.. finally some help with the bills. the wedding is in 2 hours and i'm excited. can't wait to start playing more weddings, they are seriously touching, and the fact that i was there for that couple's most important day is INSPIRING to me.

here's a video that pretty much explains my life right now. hahah. special dedication to lyddz who came ALL THE WAY out here, though we've had our problems, i know we'll get through it. miss you girrl! (sorry bout the emo-ness in the video)
click here to watch!


genesis gregorio said...

Genesis and Elwood is next.
When you visit SD next summer, you will get a backbreaking hug.

rheenabettes said...

will i see you when you're back in cali?

rheenabettes said...

oh and im glad you have a lovely wedding to play for. theyll all love you :]

<3 renabette

cheryl said...

yay you got a gig in boston! good for you :) Happy Birthday to your sister, I'll see if I can catch one of your gigs out here in Cali.
Mucho Love.
=D Cheryl

Loris said...

Excited for the new music.
& that's so great that you get to play for a wedding! How did they find you?
One of my closest friends moved to Boston for college too. That song makes me cry. <3 But I love it & hope you're both doing extra well over there. (:
Love, Loris

janice. said...

hey AJ,

glad to hear you're doing gigs out there. :]
Hope you get more of those.
also, glad that SoCal gets you back for a few days.
Can't wait for those new videos! and I'm definitely going to watch your shows out here! I'm looking forward to it. have a good weekend.

-- Janice.

RaChel said...

awesome vid:)