Tuesday, September 2, 2008

placement audition day...

finally i'm feeling excited about berklee. i'm stoked about my audition into the vocal department. i played "My Soldier" and "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor... they loved it and made me improv on some jazz chords. it was pretty cool i just sang some random words and scatted (tried to scat) so that was fun. then i sight read and it was not as bad as i thought it was gonna be. i met a lot of people cuz i bring my ukulele around and everyones like oo can i play or can you play and stuff like that. 

then i took the theory placement test and picked up my new macbook pro (which is mandatory thru the college).. the theory placement was long. there are 4 parts, and if you can do part 1 you move on and so on and so forth. i got to the last page and everyone in my classroom was gone, not even the teacher was there. i was there for 3 hours. the longest i've ever taken on any test in the world. i didnt take the SAT's or anything so yeah.

i'm still homesick. and even told my peer advisor about it cuz i can't really talk about it to anybody cuz everyones SUPER EXCITED LIKE GO BERKLEE OMG.. i'm almost there. and i'll be ok soon.

jammed with troy and jade a little today. you guys need to watch out for this jade girl. i'm gonna introduce her to you guys on a youtube video, she's amazing. she got a scholarship for piano/voice (piano and voice combined together as a principle instrument). can't wait to make vids with people over here! the talent is endless... every dorm you hear people jammin and making music or listening to music or other things. it's gonna be amazing.

miss you all. mom leaves tomorrow =( i'm shopping with her before she goes tho, yay. don't have a lotta time right now to write too much so i'll end it here. goodnight.


i'll tell you how the placement went as soon as i find out! shoutouts to renabette! thanks for your love every blog post.


Loris said...

daaang, my SATs didn't even take 3 hours. i took an AP test that was freaking 4.5 hours though. didn't even pass. messed up!

pretty sure youre gonna own up this placement test though. keep your head up! shoooot i wish i could see/hear people jamming at every corner. that'd be tight.

excited for the new vids. stay safe!
love, loris

RJ Lamason said...

i want a macbook pro :[ that would be sweeet :] hahah so for the past 2 days.. i was listening to your cd.. like it came down to the only thing i would listen to.. haha

and oh gosh i was driving today.. for like my first time kinda.. and i had to put your music on to sooothe me.. haha it took 6 mins to drive from my cousins house to mine.. which is 2 blocks down.. haha :p

well i hope everything is well with you. i'm sure you'll have the time of your lifee!! take caree :]


Joan Lorraine said...

hey..that was pretty fun huh..i've always wanted to be part of an audition..like foreals..haha..but yeah i did'nt even tried to do it back when i was choosing a course to enter college..coz i wanted to take up 'theater arts' here @ UP diliman..but i ended up in taking up nursing..(damn)..but i like it now..

soo yeah...i wish you all the 'bestest' in your placement test..and fyi..i always listen to your playlist in myspace..love it!!


tc aj

joan lorraine

Robert said...

i'm sure you'll do good :D

cheryl said...

AJ! you'll be fine :) Berklee sounds like fun. can't wait to see the new vids! everyone here in cali misses you too.
much love,
Cheryl (aka the notebook girl)

marilu said...

love hearing about everything through this cool little blog thingy. the internet is really a great thing. lol. you sound like your lovin it :]] miss you dude
can't wait to hear the cool stuff you're gunna come up with.
just be you and everyone will love you, like always <3


Robert said...

update!! i keep coming back to look for updates, but can't dont see any LOL

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shoutout :] and np. just wanna keep updated with how you're doing over there and adjusting and such. and im glad its getting better. i believe in youuuuu :]

<3 renabette

genesis gregorio said...

Haha, I always read your blogs. It's like..


=]. Hope nothing negative comes in the way!

Drew Ines said...

how does the macbook work? lol ive always gotten frustrated with them but i think ill learn it anyways. glad your havin fun man. really. you give me hope. wish that didnt sound so corny lol. but i cant wait to see the new videos. talk to ya later =)