Wednesday, October 1, 2008

little piece of home...

so last night's chat was awesome! sorry i was kind of out of it. glad you enjoyed the new song, and the disney songs, and of course thank you to Gabe and Randolph for helpin me out. anyway, i had a test this morning in ear training.. failed =[ i guess i REALLY needed to study last night, but i was on blogtv all night!!! hahah freakin addicting man.

so i didnt think it was gonna rain today so i didnt bring an umbrella, and after 2 hours in the practice room after class i went outside and it was sprinkling... halfway thru my walk it started actually really raining. and then like 2 minutes before i got to my house i was thinkin 'yes, almost there', then BOOM thunder and it started raining like CRAZY. i just had a hood on and my hat under my hood backwards. gah. 

now i'm home, waiting for class. i come home in 2 days! i cannot wait to see the california sun again. and all my friends. 

loris-4 chord tribute is the ultimate jam session, foreals! =]
genesis-u crazy dawg. love u man.
jsmlove, janice, clariza, charlene-i'm glad u guys liked the mulan vid. hope it made ur day =] is so addicting right? thanks for watching

i leave you with my new song. very raw. love yall..



Anne said...

The song "Boston" by Augustana reminds me of your situation with being from California and being in Boston and all. Digging the new song because there's more realness to it than previous songs =P.

Have you tried singing more Hillsongs?

genesis gregorio said...

AJ Fell off his chair in front of millions of viewers. Joke lang cinigang!

I love it when you started acting emo-ish eating away your feelings with pringles. HAhaha

cathybby;; said...

californiaa sun??
its been rainingg alott!

fallenxangel said...

lol . i agree with genesis with the pringles comment. i didn't think you were actually gonna eat. but you sure were cute doing it !

Loris said...

California weather is MOSDEF gonna greet you when you come back. It's been craaazy hot over here.

& my shoutout came before Genesis. That makes me happy. BlogTV is the most addicting thing on the planet right now.

If you ever have time to read my blog, I wrote on my raincloud day two days ago. I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD RAIN & I GOT PWNED TOO :[

Oh AJ, I'm glad you read these blog comments. I always feel like I can relate to you.


P.S. Amazing song. Love the piano arrangement. (:

goldy said...

oh man when you get here the weather is crazy its like 101 right now outside.
but yeah you were so funny at last night's show,
pickle pringles. :|
i missed like 3/4 of the show,
but the not so secret continuation show was cool.
and btw when you get here,
tell your sister i wished a happy birthday and may god bless you, your sister, and your family always. :)

<3 :) Goldy.

Angelo said...

I saw your show, IT WAS AMAZING. =)
I love your new song. Must be awesomeee studying at Berklee.

As Anne mentioned, you should do some Hillsong songs. They're pretty sick.

Come to Canada one day and perform in Toronto. People would love to come and check you out.

If you ever have a CD come out of your songs, msg and I'll buy it. I don't even care how much it is. x)

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaah! And in the chatroom last night, I kept telling you to go study! Jeeeeez [: Well, I did enjoy watching last night, esp. when you fell, but I kneeew you needed to study. Hahaha! I win!

cheryl said...

I think the California sun is going crazy, because one day it was raining pretty hard and it was freezing. then, three hours later it was super hot and sunny!

Blog TV was super fun! except half of the show my computer was lagging & I had 2 wait in the waiting room. but the not-so-secret show was fun. I'm gonna go buy me some pickle pringles.

Oh and dude, you better go study your butt off next test! even if hundreds of people want you to do a secret show :)Blog TV is too addicting & messes with my grades too, but it's still fun :) YAY for coming back to Cali! Hope to see you when you're here.