Wednesday, October 8, 2008

john mayer... information/inspiration

there was a songwriting clinic today. the berklee performance center was packed. the line was like 3 blocks long hahah. anyway, special thanks to my good friend lijie who got me a ticket to this thing, it was INSPIRING. let me tell you. he is so down to earth. cussed a couple of times which made me look at him as a regular person. haha. he's just an honest guy and i totally look up to him. he started off by talking about how he was at berklee and all this stuff and he sang a couple of songs on the guitar. he changed up 'waiting on the world to change' and it was amazing. he spoke about dynamic, and solo-ing, and then i started writing everything down. the name of his clinic was information inspiration. meaning that information comes first, ie knowing chords, and modes, and scales, and voicings, and then inspiration comes out from the information that you processed.

one thing that he said that stuck out to me is to trust that people will know that you're good. for example, i ALWAYS worry about playing the WHOLE 6 minutes of "here all alone pt 3" or all the verses of "my soldier" at a show cuz i feel like people get bored. or i always try to play my newest fresh hit just so i can prove to people that im good. but one thing he said was to trust the public, and know that they are smarter than i am. trust them in knowing that they will know a good song when they hear it, so just freakin play. and if they dont like it then what the hell, you were just being you, and thats all that you can be. he said to give people more credit for listening to your stuff.

he also talked about how rewarding it is when someone comes up to him after a show and says "thank you" or opens up to you just becuz ur music connected opposed to someone who comes up to you and asks what chords or modes you used in the song (calling that type of fan "predatorial"), and i realize that sometimes i take that for granted, and i just wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog, goes to shows, listens to my music, watches my video, chats with me on blogtv... THANK YOU. from the bottom of my heart. i am already successful in a sense that i have touched so many more people than i ever thought imaginable.

he played a new song for us that he was still working on for his last tune, and it was simply the epitome of music that comes from the heart. thank you John Mayer for inspiring me, because i needed that inspiration and that extra kick. there's so much more to say about the clinic, and i feel like everything he was saying was to me, and thats a great speaker right there. i can only dream of being at the top where he is. oh by the way he is buff and has some nice tattoos. no wonder he got jessica simpson and jennifer aniston. hahah. no homo.

i'll be here in Boston walking around. inspiration is coming at me, i can feel it.



Anonymous said...

youre forever an inspiration to me aj. just now that. :]

Anonymous said...

know* hahah

Loris said...

AJ, no joke this post was inspirational in itself. You're definitely growing as a person and as a musician & it shows a lot more than you think. I'm so glad you're making the most out of your Berklee/Boston experience! Your dad would be mega proud, forsure.

& I'd have to say thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with everyone else. It's always good to know that the musicians you admire are human (although your abilities make it seem untrue!).

Other than that, I'm jealous. Omg, John Mayer. Omg.

Love, Loris

Anonymous said...

great blog xD
all i can say...haha

Christine Joy said...

you're an amazing person AJ! you are an inspirational person and i can't wait for your new songs(:

Lucas & Clariza said...

That's so cool! I'm starting to like John Mayer even more now since listening to you & Gabe. So awesome. How many people were in that clinic btw?

Anonymous said...

AJ, seriously I personally think that both yours and John Mayers's music are truly inspirational. You've grown and matured so much since you left for Boston, and we all can see it . I'm proud of you. And I can assure you, I'm always gonna be listening<3
Keep us updated.

angel said...

You are one extraordinary person AJ. & it if it wasn't for you, i'd probably be one sad chick about things that shouldn't even be of my concern. But reading this made me smile, and I'm really glad you're constructing a new path of your own =] i support you for everything you do.

Thank you aj
<3, Angel

Anonymous said...

AJ, i loooved this blogpost. It was nice to hear that you were touched by this amaazing artist and had the time to share the experience with us. You, truly, inspire me so you must feel pretty awesome to have touched so many people.

Like I always say, don't stop doing what you do. I know someday you'll make it to the top because you've got what it takes: the talent, the personality, the drive, and the perseverance. Good luck in everything you do! :)

-Yasmin Y.

johnvizzle said...

no doubt john mayer is a huge inspiration! even to myself..his music and lyrics have gotten me thru many tough times in my life..and because of that he's seriously regarded as a HERO, an inspiration, and almost like a counselor to me.

kinda lame, but i guess his music is just THAT GOOD.

MJ said...

that was one heaven of a good post. And for the record of your life, you're music speaks to us :) LOL. Glad you're looking at the bright side! <3 And yes, THANK YOU too for writing music & the inspiration and much more...... There's a whole lot more out there for you, AJ! Trust God and trust yourself. And very true, trust the audience :)

janice. said...

AJ --
it takes a lot of work and practice to have all your "information" down and play but it takes forever to learn to play it with emotion and feelings behind, but you're a natural and you've got it. You touch everyone with the feelings you put behind each note you sing and play. For me, it isn't just about singing just to sing. It's more than that; it's giving a meaning to every note that you play.

You don't have to prove anything, we know you've got it.

I'm really happy to hear that he inspired you. You are an inspiration to me. I've finally gotten back into playing piano because of your drive and determination. And I am enjoying every minute of it. Thanks AJ.

-- Janice.

genesis gregorio said...

Yeah dude, there was like many pictures in the press of John Mayer working out at the gym ALOT.

btw AJ is tough and has a nice lip ring no wonder he has gabe bondoc and randolph permejo ahaha. no homo.

Hahaaa, damn thats some real inspiration right there.

Gabe wants to so touch you, since you touched John Mayer.

yours truly, said...

hey!! my names ria from vancouver, canada. love your music dude. and being a frequent blogger, i decided to check yours out. Funny reading your latest blog, i was JUST listening to my john mayer playlist ont he way home from school. as me and my friend joke around, "i wanna hold john mayer's left hand" hahah!! john mayer is love <3. Anyway, you're linked from my page. dont be creeped out haha. but yeah, come check out my blog if you like. dooope.
Take care.
p.s. Thank you. haha =)

jourdanjustine said...

Yay!!!!! (p.s. I posted all the videos of the clinic up on youtube, just search john mayer berklee) =]

cheryl said...

Your music is so inspirational to a lot of your fans :) I never get tired of listening to your music, so don't EVER worry about me getting bored of listening to your voice.

Oh, & AJ you're a lucky duck for getting to see John Mayer.
can't wait to listen to some more music from you. Hope Boston's treating you well :)
<3 Always, Cheryl

Joshua said...

wow. i dont even know how to explain this one. the short stick thing about this one is... a bunch of us. readers/listeners/inspirationists (sp?), look at you this same way you looked at John Mayer. He's amazing to the ear, just as your music has inspired tens and maybe even hundreds of us. There is always that one person who sticks out in your mind that makes you think, hey that guy is why I REALLY picked up the guitar and said, heck, I can do this. And look at us all now. Playing like its crack. Addiction to the indescribable. You have to be there. Its heard, its understood, and with enough trial and error, its there.

Your music. Its there.

So, thank YOU, AJ.

-Josh Chretien

flowerchild2190 said...

thanks for this blog. i like the part about working to know the technical stuff (chords...) and then the inspiration will come. berklee must be a pretty amazing school to have workshops with john mayer!