Wednesday, October 29, 2008

half a week before the winter..

(a vanessa carlton song)

its so damn cold. the wind is like 20 mph blowing in my face and my ears are gonna fall off. haha. but im at the apt now and it feels nice. anyway, so last night we had rehearsal for singer's night, which is this show that i'm in, im in an acappella group and we're singing "where did my baby go" by john legend. its gonna be awesome, cant wait to show it to yall, if it ends up on youtube or something.

we practiced the closing song called 'holiday season' written by my vocal teacher joey blake, hes amazing at singing. we do private lessons every tuesday and right now thats one of the classes that i feel i'm actually getting something out of here at this place they call berklee. the other class is ear training but lets not go there, im not doing too well. haha. but yeah remember the japanese drummer girl? shes the drummer for that particular tune and she seriously is amazing at drums. super legit. super cute. her style is so "fly".. can i say that word? fly. can you imagine me saying this to you right now? hahaha. i say hi every now and then like 'uhm, hey, shorty' (thats her name, well its actually shishorty or something) and she just smiles back. gahhh. hahaha.

anyway today was a busy day at school i guess cuz there are more ratings auditions. and i took one, and it didnt go so well. i sang 'i'm yours' and 'you dont know me'. well it was alright, i did very well on the performance part, but improvising was ok and sight reading didnt go so well this time. usually it goes well. this time was just ehhh. =( i think i am just tired of school right now just to be straight up honest. english class is so damn boring im beginning to get used to it being boring and i dont think thats a good thing. all we talk about is hemmingway.

my ear training midterm this morning was not the best thing i've done ever musically. actually its probably the worst i've done musically, ever. i'm not doin so hot. =\

but yeah i have a background vocals midterm today so i'll catch you guys later. thank you guys for everything, the donations, supporting me, listening to my music, watching my videos, EVERYTHING. i owe ya'll more MUSIC. is that a fair deal?


ps, heres a video of last sundays show at holy family grade school. i think its one of the best 'starlit nights' performances i've ever done. love you guys thanks for the inspiration.


Loris said...

I'm feeling the same way about school. I'm slacking too. :[ But eh, keep your head up though! Tons of college kids are probably feelin it.

All of these music classes that you're taking sound like so much fun. & DUDE. Japanese girl. Go chill with her one day. Seriously.

We shall meet on the 15th. (:

Love, Loris

cheryl said...

Aww, your stories about this asian girl make me smile :]

Can't wait to hear more music from you! Hope school gets better for you somehow.
Love, Cheryl

angel said...

it's usually not so dang cold this early on the east coast. =[ i remember last year the first time it snowed was thanksgiving. going outside sucks.

but hearing about the jap girl makes me giggle =x

& yes; more music in return is fine by me =]

Tere Ann (: said...

I guess school will always be like that. It happens even in high school.

make sure you don't get frost bite;]

good luck in your tests, exams and what not's. oh yeah and your encounters with the drummer girl ;]

Keeep following your dreams because they have gotten you this far in life. Don't let anything stop you, even the weather :]

genesis gregorio said...

SD weather > Boston Weather.

irmas ddd said...

VERY GOOD I love it.