Thursday, October 30, 2008

ohh... gotta get outta here...

-relient k

this saturday is expressions of faith! i played this event last year and sang "be my escape" by relient k. and other songs too, but that song just gives me energy to go do something with mye life! haha.

expressions of faith is held at the first united methodist church in hacienda heights, ca. it will start at 6PM i believe. come out and support!

anyway, today was my lazy day. after class, i went to cambridge by myself. the T (the underground train) was ridiculously packed. the door closed on my backpack when i went on. i was like what the heezy. and theres like one pole by the door that everyone tries to grab. it was like whoever's hand is on top wins the prize. i felt like i knew everyone thats how close they were to me. quite disturbing actually. but i was warm. hahahah.

walking from the kendall stop to the garment district (this awesome clothing store) was very cold, but worth it. the garment district had a cape, and a mask, exactly what i needed for my costume. i'll show you guys pics later! im not gonna tell you who i am going to be. you'll see. haha. and when its not halloween, its a huge vintage clothing store where they sell clothing for $1 a pound. amazing.

i walked about another mile to harvard square just to hang out and chill. i love walking in cambridge, there are so many beautiful trees. i dont care how gay that sounds. but seriously there are some crazy trees. i walked thru harvard like the actual school and sat in a bench and pretended like i was a student. i looked pretty sophisticated with my coat, scarf, glasses, and backpack, like i was ready to learn some freakin LAW. =P

hung out in the dorms with carly, joelle, and lauren, and then walked back to the apartment and packed and cleaned so i can just pick up and GO tomorrow! well i leave in 7 hours. im skipping classes for tomorrow cuz i didnt wanna be on a plane during the peak horus of trick or treating. i wanna be with my little sister justine to trick or treat this halloween.

what are yall gonna be?!

Loris - can't wait to meet you, and everybody else on the 15th!
cheryl - new music coming soon, i promise
angel - remind me where you live again? snow doesnt sound so nice when its so freakin cold out here...
tere ann - "dont let anything stop you, even the weather" awesome quote, thank you for that <3


heres a new video!

hope this one takes you back. to when it was GOOD with that ONE PERSON that will ALWAYS have a place in your heart...


cheryl said...

Hmm, this Halloween I will be Domo kun (also known as the target monster) :]
Hmm, AJ in a cape and mask? Some type of superhero I suppose, batman maybe? Or a vampire? Hold on, I think I got it. AJ's gonna be Tuxedo Mask from sailor moon :D

Hope to see you again sometime soon :]

Alyssuhh. said...

Oh man,
I loved the video.
It totally fits my mood right now.
and what you said at the bottom was just great. :]

Keep up the good work AJ, and I hope you have fun trick-or-treating with your sister, because i know i did.

janice. said...

for some reason, I'm picturing phantom of the opera.
And I really hope I get to meet you at Expressions of Faith. :D and that garment district store sounds dope. :]

This halloween will, unfortunately, be spent studying and taking an exam. Wack, I know. but hey, that's life. Have fun trick or treating with Justine! I wish I could trick or treat with my niece and nephew!

Anyway, have a safe flight! See you on Saturday, maybe? I hope so!

God Bless - and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

AWESOME lifehouse video....
cold in the states? in canada weve got snow like crazy already :) haha
your a great inspiration!

angel said...

i live in worcester. maybe you've heard of it. it's an hour outside of boston & it's the last train stop when you're on the rail going outbound. & be prepared for snow AJ, it's going to get rough.

but you mustttt show me the place with the dope clothes. i never hear any of the nice cheap places.

& what to be for halloween? .. a failed attempt of a girl neyo. =p

MJ said...

Ahh.. Lifehouse is ♥ ♥. Definitely took me back to those "time".

Waiting for another great piece from you AJ! :)

Have fun back in Cali.

MJ said...

FYI, i played that your Lifehouse cover like a trillion times already. haha. its driving my sister mad already AHAHAHA.

And my cousins thinks youre cool. I basically advertise your blog through mine haha.

okay, this comment was a random thing :)

so laters AJ~

JESSKAA' said...

Haha.. I really miss Boston now that you're describing it. I use to skip school just to walk on Newbury St and around Harvard Square to visit my friend. Its beautiful standing on that Charles Bridge (?) at night. Thats when you really get to see the lights.

I hope I do run into you in Boston though. It'd be great


ariel said...

(= your voice is just gaaah amazing! & i agree that that last little thing you said after your video just fits. you're just amaaazing.


MizMichelle said...

i love reading your blogs...makes me feel like a "friend" lol.. and the people i expose you to think i "know" you haha. =) but that would be awesome to admit love to catch one of ur shows and maybe treat you to some well deserved in n out?! yummO! hope to see you soon! and when ur feelin down, just remember that unfortunately things get worse before they get better. keep ur head up cuz ur strong, strong as a soldier! Have a safe flight.. God Bless and Happy Halloween, hope you get more treats than tricks! O_o

goldy said...

Be safe at Trick or Treating, and I wanna pictures of you in a cape and mask,
and about that vintage clothing,
aww I'm jealous I wanna go there.
vintage clothing for $1 a pound, what a deal. xD

hopefully I will get to go to Hacienda Heights tomorrow. :)

good luck always,

<3 :) Goldy.

.elissa. said...

yay! i can comment now!
hope you had fun trick or treating!
can't wait to see you tonight!!
keep it up, aj.
you're doing a great job with EVERYTHING!

<3 elissa

Tere Ann (: said...
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Tere Ann (: said...

sorry i spelt something wrong so it didn't make sense on the other one :p

i read your blog then i was like,
hey i see my name. :]
hope your Halloween was the smiles.

i was a dork with suspenders and a stuffy nose :p

haha. i wish i could go and see you preform but i live all the way on this little rock surrounded by water.

good luck though!

PeteShwa said...

Man, Halloween is so hit or miss with me.

04 - Broke my ankle ON Halloween. Was in the Emergency Room in a Cowboy hat. Smooth.
05, 06, 07 = Sick or on antibiotics or some other ridiculous nonsense.

Didnt leave the house this halloween. Basically figured I should save myself the trouble haha. A buddy went as me for halloween, so I was kinda out there.

So yeah, this is my first comment on the infamous blog of AJ. Let me say, I can relate on alot of subjects dude. Im transferring to another school and getting used to somewhere else will be new. Girl issues, holy what in the fuck the past few weeks have been mind numbing. Im 20, so we got the same things going on.

My sister went to school in Boston so I'm up there alot just to go hang out. If your playing somewhere let me know, I'll definitely try to come out and see you before you hit it big.


TeeNur said...

Boston is really pretty in the fall. I love it when the leaves change colors. Ahhhh, it's going to get colder, but at least when it snows the trees, sidewalks, and houses kind of glitter and it's nice. If things get too hectic, you can always just look out the window and relax (or maybe I'm the only one who does that).

Also, great cover! Your voice is amazing. :)

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

You're awesome!!! For Halloween I was a kitty! reow! :] And I just love your voice. I love going to parks for their trees!!! It's so relaxing! :] I loved your video. Seriously!

-Sherry :3

patt the pirate said...

i didnt have a halloween this year
i had to go camping with my family
but its all good
i enjoyed it. :)

hey go check out my blog @

genesis gregorio said...

aww trick or treating with your sister? :]

Video = win.

oh, and I was seriously gabe bondoc for halloween. but then i looked like kris mark. PHAIL.

cheese said...
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cheese said...
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cheese said...
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cheese said...

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