Tuesday, November 4, 2008


the time has finally come for someone other than the WHITE MAN is in charge.

i love white people, i'm just saying... time for some CHANGE... honestly i wouldn't have minded mccain, just as long as that cowboy Bush is outta office... anyway thats enough about politics. all i know is that the world is gonna change. bad, good, somehow.

this weekend was awesome. saturday's show, expressions of faith 08, was amazing! i met some awesome and talented people. one singer i was glad to meet was Carissa Rae (myspace.com/carissaraeofficial) she's been in tv commercials, music videos, and is an amazing singer and dancer. she sang at expressions, and my favorite song that she played was "everywhere" by michelle branch. she sang it beautifully. carissa you are one talented lady <33

the show went kinda long to be honest, i played last and the crowd was already sleeping pretty much. so i had to wake them up. in the middle of my set i just pulled out 'sunrise to sunset' whiel marlon was on stage playing cajon with me. it turned out well, and hopefully that helped out the energy. i sold my shirts and cds at the end of the show, and it all went good after that. had some people over at my house and we just chilled like old times.

on sunday, after church, i visited the cemetery with my family to visit my dad and grandmas grave which are right next to each other, and my auntie * mama zeny who recently passed away this year... after the cemetery my family and all my family from la went to in n out. dusty drove the car to the burbank airport after that which is literally the smallest airport i've ever been to. its like a drive-thru.

on the plane i freakin accidentally slept on someone. i hope it wasnt for too long. when i woke up i grabbed her arm and said i'm so sorry. hahahah. omg. how embarassing.

got on the train home and went to sleep. after sleep i went to classes which are my bands that i'm in. talked to this girl in the class and we are going to do some r&b acoustic cover songs to jam out to, and then i went home, had dinner with amanda and pablo, and had a bad acid reflux trip that i thought i was going stop breathing on, and then woke up to SLEEP PARALYSIS and it sucked.

if anyone has read about SCISSORS or sleep paralysis, its a pretty scary thing. its when REM malfunctions and you wake up during the deepest part of ur sleep, while ur body is paralyzed. so ur minds awake but ur bodys not basically, and it causes you to hallucinate and you cant move. it happened to me twice and i literally thought someone was holding me down. pablo (my roommate) and chris our friend thought i was trippin so bad and they even laughed. i was like, that was not funny. hahahaha.

had singers night rehearsal tonight, and saw the drummer chick again, she was walking towards me at the end of rehearsal and i walked away cuz i didnt know what to say. hahah damn it im a wuss. but i ended up waving to her from far as i was leaving... haha woww i dont know what to do.

new video!


cheryl said...

Aww, sorry I couldn't go to Expressions! I'll try to make it to FAMS on the 15th, but I really have no idea if I can go or not. If I do, I gotta buy a shirt :]

HAHA Drive-thru airport XD Oh and you never told us what you were for halloween!

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

Haha, yeah once, I was on this bus thingy and I slept on some guy and when I woke up I was like what the heck did I do? Go Obama. :]

PeteShwa said...

AJ man up and talk to this girl dude. Whats the worst case scenario?

It's probably worse to wonder about it than it is to get rejected haha. You never know until you make a move.

Real worst case you got something to write a song about hahaha. So yeah just go for it and come back to me for moral support. Im pretty much that guy, I can talk anyone through any issues....its my life haha. I have an awk way with people.

Im on youtube now too dude starting to get some shit up - http://www.youtube.com/user/peteshwa

Clint said...

Yo chief! Just talk to her! If she approaches you again, don't run! Like the person above me said, what's the worst case? The worst case isn't actually that bad. Spending time thinking about the ifs are what can be bad, you know that. Just talk. It's as simple as that. We got your back, man!

I'm studying abroad in Japan right now. Trains are a big form of transportation here and one time this woman fell asleep on me. I felt sorry for her though because she looked wiped out so I didn't say anything and I'm really not sure she realized she did it. lol

Thanks for the vid!

janice. said...

I get sleep paralysis all the time, and it really is scary. D;

I'm glad I got to meet you at Expressions! you are so talented. AND i still have to send you the picture of you and Carissa Rae that I took for you two. :]

I'm excited for FAMS. :D
Loved the new video. :] you keep getting better and better. :D anyway.. have a nice night!

God bless,

Momo said...

^_^ Love your music!!!

sandrasuee said...

keep reachin, for no other reason than to make it (;
another random soul warmed x

Loris said...

Foreal, change is happening. Whether it be good or bad, it's gonna be an interesting 4 years & we're gonna get to say that we were a part of it. Speaking of change-- talk to the drummer girl!

I have a feeling FAMS is going to run off pretty long too, but we'll see. There is a fantastic line-up of musicians. (:

& I HATE sleep paralysis. I've only gotten it twice, too. One thing you should avoid is sleeping on your back. I hear that's a factor. It's been working for me but I'm still pretty cautious because it scares me alot, eeeek. :[

Camila said...

HaHa, thanks for teaching me something today! I must have sleep paralysis! It hasn't happened in a while, but when it does, it is freaky! I never thought it might actually be something, just thought I was crazy.HA, Good to know! Be Blessed <3

angel said...

ahah picturing you falling asleep on someone made me laugh. yet it was cute.

i'm glad you had a good performance though ! & i can't wait to meet you =]

heyjonathan ! said...

ive never had the sleep paralysis
but it sounds a HELLA scary.

ive only woken up to me falling down in a dream
but i was able to move


prop 8 was approved.

karen llave :) said...

FAMS. im so planning on going.
i need to get a shirt.


burbank airport is like five minutes away. and YES it is a drive thru :)


just talk to drummer girl. she seems cool.

TeeNur said...

Daaang, sleep paralysis sounds scary. Hasn't happened to me but then again I don't think i sleep much.

I agree with the other comments, just talk to the girl :) If y'all run out of things to talk about, you can ask her to have hot chocolate with you or something sometime when it gets colder... Ooh, just remembered, Frog Pond opens up this month so you guys can def go ice skating too!

marc said...

Seriously, it's called sleep paralysis?!?! It happened to me once and I was freakin' out afterwards. Not so much about the not moving part, but because of this filipino superstition. When I was younger and visiting family in the Philippines, my cousin would tell us ghost stories and whatnot. Anyway, the superstition was if you fell asleep like a dead person (arms crossed over chest, etc.), some ghost, angel, demon, whatever was supposed to come and take your soul away and you couldn't move at all or do anything to stop it. So when that happened to me, I immediately thought about that story :S
because I couldn't explain it any other way. That is until now, so thanks for debunking that myth hahaha too crazy

Tere Ann (: said...

Aww yay! that's good you had a good time in cali. But so sad to hear about your sleeping encounters :[ hope your alright and never get to witness the choking ghost it's even scarier.

Take cares :] May god bless you & your sleep, and maybe dreams of singing in front of 5,000+ people ;]

awwh man i feel so late reading your blog :p to much homework. i'm still keeping up though hehe.

eilynn said...

You are so cute haha! I love that little awkward phase after you finished your song =). Also, you're so shy with people! That's adorable but you gotta accept that and try to just go up and say hi. You never know what could happen.

genesis gregorio said...


Ohh sleeep paralysis, hate it. i get it too man, hella scary.

i just try to go with it, and fall back asleep again.