Tuesday, November 11, 2008

food to my soul...

mama! i love you!

hey everybody it was my mom's birthday yesterday, 11/10. just wanted to tell you all how proud i am to be her son.

she was born in the philippines, and has 4 sisters and 1 brother. while they all moved to australia along with their mom and dad, my mom moved to LA to be independent. she's a nurse, like most other filipino moms, but she's not just a nurse. she's the most hard-working mom in my universe. she's been widowed twice, and is one of the most STRONGEST people in this world, i know it. when my dad passed away she kept it strong, with my youngest sister being only 6 months, she quickly had to become both the mom AND the dad of the family. things were hard, and i remember every second of the crying, and the hardship, but through it all we had each other. you can really call us the fantastic four. with mom being our leader. i am telling you she is one of kind.

MOM! i know you're reading this because this is how you found out about my lip ring. and i'm sorry again for that. but i am happy you support my decisions. and thank you SO MUCH forgiving me the opportunity to live here in Boston on my own. i know every time i come home i complain about it, but i know you're letting me have this experience because i need it. i hope jasmine and justine are being good to you, because you only deserve the best. and they know that. and mom i know you miss dad as much as we all do, but i know that you are happy with joel too, so if you are happy i'm happy too. im sorry i bitch about him all the time, but i know that you would never try to replace dad. mom thank you for keeping the music alive within us! if it weren't for you, dad's music would never have lived on through us. justine, jasmine, and i have kept MUSIC in our lives because of YOU mom. and you are more talented than you give urself credit for. you are the music in our lives. dad gave us the foundation and the knowledge to know how to use it, and you are enforcing it in us, you have kept the spirit alive. i love you mom. happy birthday

Jasmine Rafae- my sister

can't wait to be back home this weekend.

check out my new layout on myspace, and ramiele malubay's as well! i designed them both! =D


genesis gregorio said...

Amen. Hahah

cant wait to see you

janice. said...

:] Happy Birthday Momma!

So, I'm pretty excited about FAMS. :D and I hope I get to see you again and actually say hi to you. =]

I hope you have a nice week!

-- Janice

Anonymous said...

hey aj. omg ... you're mom's bday was yesterday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AUNTIE!!! lolz ... anyways did you know yesterday, as well, my fiancee and i made 1 year and 10 months? lolz ... what a coincedence! anyways, i love your music. <3issa

ariel said...

(= happy birthday to your mom!
this blog made me tear. your music just shows the strong love ya'll have for each other. i loove it. <3


ariel said...

oh &! the layouts were lovely (= except ramiele's layout for some reason wasn't showing on the right side? it was like split in two. but the comments & banner were still there. just everything in between was messed up.

unless that's just me? hehe.

Rachel Jean said...

AWWWW ;] i empathize for you because my mom was put in that situation as well...

Summer City said...

oh my goodness.
I cried when I watched your video!
great job.
Birthday wishes to your Mother!

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

Happy birthday to your mom! :] This blog almost made me cry. Keep up the good work! <3

Vaniia said...

wow,, just, beautiful,,

Tere Ann (: said...

So cute your mom reads your blogs :] & that you write to her, I wonder if she comments you too! hehe.

Thanksgiving's around the corner maybe you can make her a card and hand write something & mail it to her or maybe even write her a song to thank her?

Tell the people you love them, that you love them everyday because they'll hecka appreciate it. Guarantee :]

Have a fun filled day.

cheryl said...

Aww, happy birthday tita :]

Hope your day gets better! <3
Love, Cheryl

angel said...

i like how everyone cried for your video/post. . it just shows how much you know how to reach out to everyone and let them know what you're feeling... awesome. =]

& goodjob to your sister ! :D

nafisz. said...

reading this entry, make me miss my mom..
i bet God have made mom the most 'toughest' creature in the world..
my mom never gave up to pursue(d) me n my siblings to achieved our dreams too.

n happy birthday to ur mom!

Anonymous said...

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