Tuesday, November 18, 2008

been a little lazy...

im sorry ya'll. i haven't blogged in a WEEK. and im sorry about the raffle video not being up yet, its taking a while to edit. i want it to be good and exciting and amazing. hahaha. anyway, tonight i participated in a show called "Singer's Night". it was my first experience here at a show, and it was at the BPC! (Berklee Performance Center) and as a first semester student, i was fortunate to have been in this production. i was only a background singer, but it was amazing anyway. i really felt like i was part of the show. from the long tuesday and wednesday nights, to the even longer dress rehearsal last night, it was well worth it. i gotta show you guys these singers man, they are PHENOMENAL. i was in an acappella group singing "where did my baby go" featuring this amazing singer dorian allen. there were 5 of us on stage and the crowd loved it. i also was in "superstar" featuring the homie quentin. i met a lot of people at this event and im glad to have done so.

the drummer girl i told you all about was one of the three drummers for the concert, and i was sooo nervous to even say hi. i just said "good job shiori" downstairs after the show. hahah. omg. embarassing.

but yeah it was an awesome experience, i hope you guys get to see me up on the stage singing one of my own songs one day. the BPC is like a dream come true if i ever get to sing in there. one day.

this weekend was awesome being in cali again, i must say, to be honest, the show was unorganized and didnt go as smoothly as planned, but it was a very talented lineup so the show went awesome anyway. seeing everybody, gabe, randolph, cathy, lydia, renabette, derek, all else fades, and the whole family from BLOGTV was pretty tight. met a lot of people by their "username" hahaha. of course, as tradition goes, we all ate in n out afterwards. the flight back home wasn't too bad. i fell asleep on a lady but she didnt tell me till after the flight was done. how nice of her right? i felt so bad, but i ended up talking to her about boston and about me being a musician. i always carry one cd in my backpack when i have a flight, and she was the person i gave it to this time =]

i just wanna thank fred kris marlon andrew frank dusty and rb for helping me make the exclusive cds (with 15 tracks) this weekend. we were literally up till 5AM making them and spraypainting them. hope you guys enjoyed them.

this is what happened the night after. i have no idea what i was thinking agreeing to do this.

and i sold a lot of "AJ Rafael" shirts (or Raphael lol) so thank you to those who actually came up to merch table and said whats up and bought them and wore them. truly means the world to me. without you all i would definitely be nothing.

loved seeing my family this weekend, its always very refreshing. im very fortunate to have been home so much since my leave from home. thanksgiving is almost here!!!



asianboywithrice said...

Oh man. Aj has the life. I would want to be in things like this, but I'm a shy person and I have stagefright. OH WELL. This comment isn't about me. It's about YOU. GO AJ!


rheenabettes said...

whoooo i love AJ Raphael! lol jk jk. I love you AJ :] i really hope i actually get to legitimately HANGOUT with you sometime. usually the only times i see you are at shows and we dont really get to chill. take care in Boston, k?

<3 Renabette

cheryl said...

Fams was awesome. It was totally worth the 2mph traffic. I left WAY too early to be in the blogtv Family Picture, but I was there In spirit, right? I'll most def. repay you for the whole shirt thing! I'm rocking it everywhere now. It's so comfy :)

Hopefully next show, I'll be there to see you perform! Hope you're alright!
Love, Cheryl

TeeNur said...

Daaang, that taser must've hurt! But it's all about the memories, right?

Grats on being in Singer's Night!

Anonymous said...

yo aj.. just wondering.. where do u get ur shirts done.. coz me and my friend are planning on designing our shirts.. and prabably might do one just for you too.. soo if u can please please please please tell me where it would really help us alot..thank you..

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

Haha, you're so silly!! Why's you let them tase you? haha xD I wish I could go to your shows but my parents won't let me! >:[ I really love that song!!! and that lady is so nice haha. Well, hopefully I'll be able to go to one of your shows one day!!

janice. said...

wow, taser! hahaha. looked painful. aha

I wish i made it into fams. I was on the freeway to get there.. but they decided to close the freeway when i was on it. so I was stuck on it for 4 hours. D; hopefully I'll be able to make your next show! well have a nice week!

-- janice

Tere Ann said...
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Tere Ann said...

i wish i could get your cd or the shirt.

thanks for bloggin' and updating. it's fun to read about the things going on with you.

the lady you gave the CD too probably listens to it while going to work or something. she's a lucky person to get to meet you in person.

take care aj


Alyssa Alsip said...

that looks like that would hurt but it also looked like you had fun in the process. i think i would possibly do something crazy like that if i was in the right mindset.. for an activity like that of course..

congrats on the show there in boston. i am sure it was pretty exciting. take care well talk to you later.

i am sam. said...

you were awesome at FAMS

Richelle said...

AJ, you seem to have a tendency to fall asleep on women in a plane eh?!? Can't wait to see the raffle video. Talk to you soon

Richelle aka Angelgiggles

Andrea said...

lol i know whose taser that is hahahahaha

Loris said...

Nice, you got into Singer's Night after all! (: Well.. sort of. That sounds craaazy, though! In a good way. Hahah daaarn I wish I made it to FAMS but the fires & yeaaah. :[ Sigh. Hope to see you the next time you come back to Cali though. (: Forrrsure.


klaudinenicole said...

it would be cute if the drummer girl ends up on your page, and she reads all of your posts that you talked about her and stuff.

and how you get all shy, hah. next time try saying moore! :]

jered7 said...
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jered7 said...

hey. it's jen, remember from facebook? haha. well, i wish there are also some of your shirts here in the Philippines or even your cd. i am so happy that you are studying at Berklee. dream come true for every musician right. well got to go. hope i could chat with you sometime. bye. :]

waffleswithwings said...

hey aj, i hope you remember who i am.. you probably won't but regarding the shirts.. you asked me to keep reminding you! =)

i'd still like my shirt =)
mail me it please!


(we met at the table and talked for a while and i helped you sell some. i was the short girl, white t. haha)

ok dude, have a great thanksgiving. keep it up.
come back to expressions next year!

kristopher said...

i love and miss you man! i hope your doing it big out there!