Friday, November 7, 2008


yo so im chillin here at the apartment. and my roommate dwight and his girl kelsie are in the other room and kelsie cooked pasta for us all! so sweet =] it was so bomb. i am watching "the batman" season 3 cuz it was on sale at best buy. its the animated series that played on THE WB saturday mornings. amazing. haha im not gonna lie im a big batman fan. "midknight". oh and i never told you guys who i was for halloween. i'll show ya'll soon.

anyway, yesterday the weirdest and most insulting thing happened. i asked my friend in class (and note i have probably less than 15 friends here at berklee) to borrow his laptop. i went to check my email and then he asks for it back before i get the chance to log out. and he asks me "can you send files from this computer to ur email?" and i said yes its possible. and he goes WOW and starts looking thru all my emails. i was like WTF are you DOING? and my friend bobby next to him was like dude are you serious. and the guy was like "dude its a cut throat business, i have originals on this computer" i was very shocked and like laughed at first but then i was like WHAT THE, WHY WOULD I DO THAT? i was sooo mad you dont understand. why would i steal music from a friend first of all? and out of ALL the people in the whole school would i really choose some hick from texas (no offense i dont even know if he lives in texas) who plays BLUES, i mean i love blues but its not my career choice.

wow ok im done being an a-hole but damn that was effed up. how insulting. does he really think im that low of a person to be stealing files from his computer? how idiotic, seriously.

anyway, after that i just left class and cussed at him (bad example don't do it) pretty much saying you're an idiot. i went to the practice room to just let out my frustration. and luckily had a christmas book that i borrowed from the library earlier and just played and it was just awesome playing those tunes. felt relaxing. and then i thought of this song that i heard last christmas called "thankful" by josh groban. i found it on my ipod and just was learning how to play it by ear cuz it wasnt in the christmas book. that video is coming soon. an AMAZING song.

hope you guys are doing good, and hope this new video makes ur day! shoutouts to my new friend CARISSA RAE, shes an amazing artist, super talented-- trust me! she just performed at this show i did last weekend called "Expressions of Faith" and i fell in love with her voice. she's in commercials, music videos, and is seriously doing amazing in the industry! she's also a real good friend of mine now, we seriously became friends in 3 seconds or less. oh and she's super cute too. ;D please check her out at and

k heres the video. new song =D
dedicated to my friend juicebox!



Lorina said...
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Lorina said...

Ok, so, I didn't know how this thing works haha

Er, what my comment said before was:
"Mmm. There's people like that in visual arts too. They think the world of their art and freak out about people stealing it by using a bunch of watermarks to keep people from claiming it as their own when the majority of them aren't even good artists.

Except, yea, it's insulting to your character for him thinking you'd steal his music :\"

Yea, I wanted to delete it and add that I like your new song and put it under Favorites D: Damn I suck hah It's the internet and I embarrassed myself, what the hell.

Vaniia said...

really goOd!

lalamynguyen said...
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jourdanjustine said...

OH, AJ. What a dooshbag that guy was!!! You're so amazing...inside and out. Don't worry what people say/do, just keep being who you are.

WE NEED TO FUCKING HANG OUT AGAIN!!!! OMG. Like, lets just plan to! We need to have more heart-to-hearts...and I just wrote a new song so I really want help with it! I know you could make the chord progressions beautiful =]

Anyways...ily. xoxo

p.s. Go to my blog quick and check out MY new music!!! Finally!!!

cheryl said...

Oh dang, that guys so rude. Can't wait for more music :]] I love love love showstopper. It's such a cute song.

Hope to see you again soon :]

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

I really REALLY love your song!!! And that guy is terrible!! I would've been super super angry and cussed him out too!! x]

angel said...

danng i would've sock punched the guy if that ever happened to me.
but i love the song nonetheless ! =]

Tere Ann (: said...

Hiii :]

blogging is good for you because you express yourself, and so does writting music because you get to express yourself in another form of art. ha, that sounded so.. i don't know what's that word haha.

so mean that guy. who ever he was. nah it's ok, because you'll meet a hecka lota people like that. try say ukelele again, i needa teach you how to say it the way we say it down here ;] sounds funny though the way we say it here. i bet cha' some people don't even know what that is. which is sad. so random me.

carissa has a nice voice :]

anyways have a good night, :] Sweet dreams.


Nick said...
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leah said...

i love your new song!!
the lyrics are just.. <3
keep it up AJ!!
p.s. what brand and model is your ukulele? it sounds really nice and i want to upgrade from my cheap Mahalo haha
take care~

- big fan from down under

janice. said...

Wow, that guy.. wow. the nerve -.- I don't know how to respond to that. he just wow.. what a jerk move. -.-

anyway, I love the new song, its really good! and I realized that I never really introduced myself to you at Expressions lol but I took pictures of you! and carissa rae! I'm not a creeper I swear haha, you guys didn't have a camera or something so I said I would take it for you guys ahaha. :] anyway. I'm glad I got to see you perform :]

Anyway have a nice weekend! can't wait for FAMS!

-- Janice

McChickey said...

i love that song!!! NICEEE!!!

donnasaurus. said...

that was delightful, keep it up

genesis gregorio said...

that guy isha stupido.

Chindy lien said...

Hi AJ...
I love all your songs :)
I wish I could go to Chino and meet you there...

tytika said...

this probly would have been a good moment to go on blogtv ^^. hehe
when's the next time yr going on anyways?