Thursday, October 2, 2008

one more day...

till i come home to see my family and friends. 

today i went to class, got offered to be in another ensemble (to play piano not just sing, yay!!!) and ate lunch by myself at the prudential mall. haha. i then studied with my friends Kofi and Bobby for the harmony I final since we're in harmony II... and i think i'm gonna be ok. pray for me, please. i'd love to pass this test. hahah. after that i went to staples with pablo and his friend amanda and we got a table (finally) for our "living room" which is really an awkward shaped hallway. hahah. its a banquet folding table. its all right, good enough i guess. we took it home and i felt like it was the longest walk ever my forearms are probably going to be strong as hell tomorrow. hahahah =P

ramiele malubay messaged me back on myspace!!! =) hopefully we get to collaborate. if you havent heard of her, shes one of the top 10 finalists on american idol this past season... look her up on youtube =) super talented filipino-american. 

also, shouts to everyone who writes in my blog comment box thingy. i love you guys! also, blogtv is killing me, its keeping me up til like 2 AM every night. hahaha. anyway, i found this video, hope you guys enjoy, its of me and my friend heidi, who is now a rising superstar in the philippines =)

p.s. cali, im coming home, for a weekend, but i'm stoked, can't wait to be there. and eat some freakin IN n OUT!!!!!


janice. said...

I hope life in Boston is treating you well. Socal sure does miss you.

but we get you back for a weekend! that must be exciting. :] I'm happy for you!.. and congrats on the invite to the ensemble. that sounds like fun! :}

have a nice weekend!


cheryl said...

OMG you talked to Ramiele?! That's so exciting! Sounds like you're getting a workout in Boston from all the furniture lifting :)
Congrats on the ensemble invite. Praying that you have a safe flight back home.
In-N-Out FTW!
<3 Cheryl

Loris said...

Dude AJ you're getting so many offers! That's dooope! Exciting times, forsure. (:

BlogTV really is pwning my life. Oh my gosh. Keep up with the school work though, foreals. Gah.

By the way, there are chances of rain happening in Cali. Buuut I'm hoping it'll stay sunny for you(: Welcome home.


P.S. The word verification started with "aj" HAHA I just thought I'd let you know. (:

fallen.angel said...

i hope you enjoy your visit back home! but it's so exciting to watch as all these doors are opening wide for you =]

& yes.. because of watching you for the first time on blogtv, i now go around watching other live shows and i too stay up until the morning haha

x3 angel

Lucas & Clariza said...

Yayy you're coming home just when you just adjusted to Boston? Lol. Hopefully its not hard when you leave CA again and you're back in Boston. Just think about when you're back in CA for good, you're going to miss Boston I bet! I know Boston has its perks just gotta find em!

My best,

cathybby;; said...

haha in n out=]]
they shouldd really
open onee in boston=]

RJ Lamason said...

In-n-Out!! i haven't been there since like.. MAY!!! what the eff am i doing?!?! hahha i've been passing by to go to chipotle.. badd :(

Anonymous said...

your wearing an LA hat in Boston haha
but man your gonna be back in California..........that must be pretty tight
well I live in Lake Forest and just had some In N out it's some good stuff ,havent had it for a while..................well yeah In N outs gonna be good


MJ said...

Have an awesome-mess weekend back in Cali! Curing the homesickness of yours huh. haha. And yknow, we love you even more! <3 =D

And yes, BlogTV has been addictive -___-

MJ said...

and oh! Ramiele Malubay is totally super talented. Hope you get some collaboration with her too. You both are super super talented musicians! nyahaha.

KaYvOnE said...

Your and your friend's voice are awesome... well, i viewed my friend's blog then i click your link.. it is so nice to hear voices of angels tonight and thanx coz your musics cheers me.

Charlene said...

yes! i did enjoy the mulan vid hahaha.. but anyways.. u n ramiele making music together would be fire

have a safe trip aj :D

genesis gregorio said...

Have fun while you're at CALI FOO!
Lucky, Ramiel is teh hawtz.

dude, i wish i could go.
but you are so far away. WOMP.


goldy said...

have as much fun, while you are in here,
but youll be back in two weeks,
so thats great,
ill be praying for you.

youre friend is super talented. :)

oh you talked to Ramiele thats great, shes awesome,
i talked to her on myspace before,
but i dont have her myspace anymore. :|

Eat In & Out at least number 1 & 2,
dont eat too much,
cause youre gonna hate it afterwards,
happened to me i didnt want to eat in&out for about 3 months, because of eating too much of it. :(

but yeah,
good luck!

<3 :) Goldy.

janice. said...

Just saw you broadcast :] with nessa and all of them.

Welcome home AJ!

-- janice.

electric.heartbeats said...

hey, i'm just passing by. i'm gonna link you up. i really love your rendition of "lucky" by jason mraz :]

you're blog seems somehow interesting.
many readers, perhaps?
all i got from my blog was a TINY mention in the local papers :]
i love your voice.