Monday, October 6, 2008

back to boston...

the weekend was awesome. my sister's debut was a great success. i only messed up once on the cotillion (waltz) which is REALLY good for not practicing it for a whole month! =) hahaha. but yeah my family was there and many friends, lots of friends i haven't seen in forever and it was just amazing. me and brian jones, peter martin, and joe martin, played dinner music. we are called the last minute quartet. and literally we were pulling out tunes we've never done and just did it. loved it. so good. can't wait to be in cali again. leaving wasn't as hard as leaving the first time, but it did bring me down a little bit. i'm happy to be in boston tho dont get me wrong.

chillin yesterday at my house with everyone was just really what i needed. we all played football/sniper. haha sniper is this game we made up where we have a nerf football and there is one sniper on one side and the other people are civilians. the civilians walk around and one the sniper throws the ball (aiming at the cilivians) the civilians must stop wherever they are and if they get hit they get to be a sniper. the catch to becoming a sniper is just that you never know where ur gonna get hit. hahah. it could be face, stomach, arm, crotch, hahaha. i got hit in the back by a bullet that dusty threw, it sucked. hahaha.

thank you to everyone who came thru to come see me before i left. i love you all =) it was fun while it lasted. i'll be back in 2 weeks dont even trip ;]

anyway, the flight wasnt too bad, i just woke up like once i think. waking up sucks on a redeye flight. but im glad i was tired. i went home, slept for a little, went to class, went back home, slept, went back to school and saw john mayer hanging out in the front of Berklee. i was like WTF WAKE UP CALL hahah it was so crazy. i took a pic with my phone but it was a crappy one. found out he was doing a clinic on wednesday that my friend got me a ticket for. can't wait! i then saw him around 6oclock cuz this guy was talking to my teacher saying 'i'm playing for john mayer right now but i cant find the practice room' and he was like A15 so i went straight there HAHAH and i just peeked in and saw him and a bunch of old people. hahah. but yeah then i walked home, called gabe and talked about my john mayer experience becuz thats his biggest influence, and now i'm here on my computer.

i had a talk with my teacher nancy morris before i walked home tho, and she told me some really inspiring things. she wants to get me to play and sing cuz she can tell thats what i love to do. she said my musicality is amazing, and that she hasn't seen someone like me in many years, i try not to think i'm the sh*t or anything, and you know that i always try to keep it humble, but she told me that i NEEDED to know my place as in: know who i'm better than, know who i'm as good as, and know who's better than I am. i told her that its hard for me to be here for all 4 years cuz of the cost, so i was just trying to take all the performance classes and other classes that i KNOW for sure i would learn something in as soon as possible, before my time here might run out. she wants to help me out. i'm really glad i talked to her. she's the only who's seen that in me while i've been here. i'm really working on trying to stand out. i need to, for me, and for you guys who listen to my music =)

i'll make a new video tonight probably, i'm kinda bored. haha. miss you all. haven't eaten all day =\ i found out i lost 10 pounds since i left. but i dont think its healthy cuz its not like i worked out or anything. gahh. freakin forgetting to eat sucks.

heres a video from jasmines debut:



kat linson said...

lucky. u should have given john my number =T

genesis gregorio said...



angel said...

i'm happy for you and all your success so far. i know you'll make it. haha you're so lucky for seeing him though !

glad you made it back safely (:

cheryl said...

Lucky! you should've said Hi to him! You must have been starstruck :) haha

When you get the chance to do more shows down here in Cali I'll try to be there. I can't make St. Gen's OR Expressions. :( I really wish I could. When you did that blog TV friday night I noticed that you're happier, & we love seeing you happy :)

<3 Cheryl

Anonymous said...

John Mayer! :DD coolness. Haha

Loris said...

JOHN MAYER!! that is so dope. we are all jealous; at least i am.

my friend alejo is also playing at expressions! i don't know if you know him. his picture is riiight next to yours on the flyer, i think, HAHA. he's a really cool guy; hopefully i'll make it.

i was so happy for you when you came back! :D excited to have you back in cali, too. stay safe, work hard.

love, loris.

janice. said...

aw yey! I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend. I can't wait for your shows. :]

football/sniper sounds interesting lol sounds a little like dodgeball.

I'm jealous that you got to see John Mayer! That must have been really exciting. :] Fanboy? :] haha i kid.

I love teachers who encourage those who they see have great talent. She definitely has a good eye/ear for seeing that in you. :]

You don't need to try hard to stand out. You already do. :]

-- Janice.

jourdanjustine said...

DAMN AJ. You're fucking LUCKY! Here I'm at Berklee the whole week/weekend and I'm SEARCHING for John Mayer, and you see him twice!!! No fair!!! I never even got to take a picture with him =[

Poop on you!!! hehe =]

goldy said...

you guys actually invented a game,
i should try to play that. :)