Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just a day, just an-- ordinary day...

so today in my background vocals class, my teacher donna mcelroy was telling us the realities of the music industries and how its a dark, corrupt place to be. but just from the perspective of the dark side of the moon as she put it. and was telling us about berklee and how it needs to guide students on where to go, cuz it was really true about this place-- it is purely self-motivation. now school should be like that, but its to the point where no student knows about the clinics that really matter and blah blah blahh i could go on for days. but anyway her speech was really helpful, there were even people crying in the class. i would go on in detail but i am tired. hahah.

"music is a vehicle... let it drive you to freedom, clarity, and beauty"

anyway, during that class, my friend brittney asked me if i wanted to be in the musical. and turned out it was South Park: The Musical. hahah. i went to practice from 9-10 and it was some crazy freakin songs. from mr hanky, to kyle's mom's a b*tch... and all these cursing songs and what not. haha. crazy. but yeah im in the chorus. should be fun. the shows next friday. =O crazy right?!

i try not to include a lot of my personal life here on these blogs, but what the heck, cares. so i've been looking around, and here in Boston... the girls here... well lets just say cali is the place to be! hahaha. no but really.. its hard enough meeting someone here at a music school esp cuz most of the girls are divas. but theres this girl who i always see around the halls, and shes an international student (from japan) and she plays the drums. cool factor #1. so i've seen her a couple of times and she's always wearing super dope kicks, supras. and wears a backpack, and has headphones on all the time. (wow i sound like a stalker but i swear i'm not its just cuz we pass by in the halls like every tuesday and wednesday ok anyway going on) and the headphones aren't just ear buds, they are those big headphones, the cool looking ones. so shes just a COOL dope looking chick. thats basically how i would put it. short hair, and asian. haha.

i never really had the courage to talk to her or anything, shes in Singer's Night with me (im a background vocalist for this huge concert here at berklee) she plays drums for one of the tunes but we never get to talk to the band. anyway i was chillin today in the voice department waiting for my vocal teacher and she came out of a classroom next to where i was sitting and we looked at each other and i couldnt just not say hi, so i said "hi" in like a startled voice cuz it just came out. hahaha. and i stood up and was like 'hi i'm aj' and i'm thinking to myself "wow i havent done this in forever"... and i was like "so uhm you play drums?" (even though i knew she played drums cuz we had rehearsal together for singers night) and shes like "yeah! do you sing?" i was like "yes i sing.. heh..." (awkward smile). and she was starting up convo and i was like relieved that she wasnt trying to leave right away or anything. i swear all the students who aren't american here are SO MUCH NICER than the americans. hahah. we, americans, are so rude and we don't even know it. all the italians, japanese, chinese, koreans, everyone else they are just so humble and kind-hearted its amazing. anyway im done with my story.

the one thing i forgot to do was say, "it was nice meeting you, we should jam some time!" damn it. i am going to be sad for a while cuz i didnt ask. hahaha.

ok random story im done. im a dork. gahh
new video. add my friend andrew rhim, guitar principle here on myspace CLICK =]

love, me


Anonymous said...

i loved this blog :] it makes you feel so much more human, especially your blogtv too.

but hey, if your lookin for some east coast lovin', do some shows here! i know we got a filipino cfc-youth kids praisefest comin up where we help sing with little kids religious songs in jersey. or we got tons of dance showcases all the time! ooor there's this nyu mr. philippines too xP OOR, check it out on facebook, in jersey, st. peter's college "wanna canta?" event. it might be far, but i really would love to see you at least once while you're here on the east coast. it stinks knowing that you're so close, but still too far, ya know? i know tons that would totally even pay to see you !

i hope i don't sound so fanatic. but i just see so much potential in you, and i'm just here to encourage that you share your talents, ya diiig? you got so many people jammin to your songs on the west coast, share it over here on the east coast too x] trust me. it'll work.

good luck with the cool jap girl!

UGcamy said...
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UGcamy said...

Damn, fucked up my OG comment.

I read a lot of blogs, mostly automotive, but this one is pretty cool. Keep on posting man, your already being a stalker so post pics of that Japanese chicks.

She sounds dope!!!

Zamir said...

wat if shes reading this blog right now... never know. But yeah... asian girls and drums... rare in my book... but super DOPE.

yours truly, said...

aww cuute

Loris said...

It's good that your teacher gave you a bit of reality. Sometimes that's healthy. Some musicians push that advice away, but I'm glad you're taking it in. & eventually you'll make your dreams into reality, & many of us will mosdef be supporting you throughout all of that. (:


Anyyyyways. The Japanese girl seems like a really cool kid. BFFL? Haaaah. I kid. (Well. Maybe?) I love how I can be myself reading these blogs. <3 Everything about this blog is so real. Thank you.

Love, Loris

rheenabettes said...

AJJJJJ. It's good that your teacher was up front and honest with you guys. I think all aspiring musicians need to hear that kinda stuff.

and yay, you actually got to talk to the cool beans Japanese girl. good thing you didnt just straight up scare her. hahaha. hope you guys get to talking more due to that encounter xP need to come back here so we can hang out. i still miss you fool.

<3 Renabette

angel said...

haha that girl sounds hot (:

keep us updated on how it goes beteen you guys ;]


Charlene said...

mm, that was pretty juicy aj hahaha.. n after reading this blog ur video was perfect.. the guitars on the every time we touch song made me jus wanna lay down in bed wit a smile.. n daydream about my asian boy <3 lmao

DJ said...

This has got to be the cutest entry by far.

Lucas & Clariza said...

Haha that was cute! Next time ask her to jam! I bet she'd be stoked to.

Anonymous said...

i read this blog wen u posted it... music intake is great!! u ever thought about going to Julliard?? GREAT SCHOOL!! but anyway, ur teacher sounds awesome actually and well thats why she a teacher huh?? lol

umm and the japanese girl?/ GO FOR IT!!! im sure she would love to doa session with you!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

ness said...

its funny because i can totally picture you doing that awkward smile =).

YAY!! you're home 2mro !!! cant wait to see you.

thought id state the obvious - miss you.

Danielle<33Joe said...

wow, your awesome! this blog is amazing, almost, i mean, almost uh-maz-ing as you[:
will you cehck me out?
i know i like the jonas brothers, btw i loved your video when you mixed up when you look me in the eyes and sang it[: it was adorable!

genesis gregorio said...



get a pictuer with her soon fool.

cheryl said...

aww how cute. AJ has a crush XD ask her to jam & see what happens :]

south park the musical?!?! hahahaha that should be interesting.

& you'll be back in cali soon :] broadcast when you get back here!!!
<33 Cheryl

MJ said...

LOL. I was laughing at the part where you startled with the japan asian chic. HAHA. You have a unique taste in girls. Its hard to find girls with big cool headphones. Trust me, esp when this come from a girl itself. HAHA. anyways, seems Boston has been treating you good so far! *thumbs up* and yea, the Cascada cover is great! <3

Waiting for another update, AJ Raf!
Sayonara! (thats goodbye in Japanese fyi) haha imma dork.

gerald ignacio said...

i like to read you blogs every once in a while. i used to play in a band but recently the whole load has been put on my shoulders and i have been stuck, and i haven wrote for a good 3-4 months. but when i read that quote you put from your teacher, it gave me shivers down my spine. and for some reason i found that spark or inspiration i have been looking for. all i can say is...thank you. if it wasnt for this blog i have no idea if i was going to be able to write again.

thanks a lot

p.s. cant wait to see you at st. gens this saturday

jourdanjustine said...

LOL recording your song with Jade and I wasn't part of your ordinary day??


derekderekderek said...

heh heh heh

- not available - said...

hi aj, lovin your tunes. i read your blog religiously! - hope you dont mind i posted a link to your blog on mine. reading about your life, the trials and tribulations oh and the SUCCESSES are inspiring, im not a musician or anything, just a person trying to find myself and where i fit in this world... dont know too much about you but u seem like a genuine, passionate person and i wish ya all the best with everything, you got alot of people inspired from your blog and alot of kabayans rooting for you here in melb,australia too!

janice. said...

So I guess I deleted my own comment? or never posted it. odd -.- anyway. I'm glad you're meeting new people! that must be exciting. I'm happy to hear that Boston isn't treating you so bad.

She sounds dope. :] stalk her a little more. show us pictures. haha!

Anyway, I'm excited for your shows! finally get to see AJ Rafael. that makes my year. haha

-- janice xp

KaTie CoOk =] said...

i really like this song(:
the wayy you sing it.
i think u should upload it to myspace.
so i can set it as my profile song(:

Rachel Jean said...

haha i like the name of your blog. i love love love vanessa carlton;]

omg seriously... some people can't say "hi, how are you" anymore... i completely agree with how americans (well not just americans) aren't approachable.

haha the thing is im from socal... your typical filipino american and im actually pretty close to chino (where you'll be performing!) and the people around here are like.... yeah... it's like no one cares about you!

ok that's enough to comment for one post. ;]