Saturday, October 18, 2008

just.. AMAZING...

today's show was insane. the flight was so crappy (6 hours straight) from boston to LA but damn this show made it so worth it. i wasn't feeling so good earlier today, but once i hit the stage... it was all amazing from there! i sang my first song with cathy nguyen ( and i love her so much i just realized how much i miss her. we sang "lucky". i sang "little piece of home", then called up Gabe Bondoc ( and we sang "details in the fabric"... it was so good for us not practicing too much. i sang 'my soldier', invited my little niece up to sing (which was so cute by the way) and then i sang my last song, "i just want you".

"i just want you" will never be the same to me after today. i said this one is called 'i just want you' and the crowd totally SCREAMED so loud all at once that i got scared and was startled. hahaha. so i sang the first part, and couldn't sing anymore, cuz EVERYONE in the crowd was singing along and it was just so overwhelming... i cried for the first verse and chorus and was just playing guitar to everyone singing along. i'll show you guys pictures soon, and vids will be on youtube... but seriously how INSPIRING and MOTIVATING for me... i cried cuz YOU guys support me and sang to a song that I wrote. so loud i felt you guys were on stage with me. thank you so much. i cant explain how i felt. i was looking at my mom and she just looked so proud. and my aunties and everyone looking at me it was just amazing. thank you. so many of you there that i met and who bought CD's... thank you so much. i probably met all 400 of you i feel like. im not even sure how many people were there it was insane. man, it was CRAZY i love YOU guys!!! music is TRULY universal and i'm SO GLAD ya'll can relate.

i'm home now. gonna go party it up with my best friends!



Anonymous said...


I wish I was there so badly. Come to San Diego, CA sometime. [: I'd love it so much.

You're an inspiration and a great musician. I love listening to your music. Thank you for sharing. It does mean a lot to us fans. Yes, fans-- not just listeners. We got your back. <3

Nicole P from San Diego
goshNICOLE from blogTV.

therese . said...
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rheenabettes said...

I'm glad you had a good show AJ :]


<3 Renabette

therese . said...

Awhhh, AJ! its okay! I had so much fun today! I swear, that whole thing was totally worth it! Youre lucky i was at the front row! I had my back surgery a couple months ago, but i risked getting hurt just to be with you guys!

I love you too! SG is CRAZYYY about you! Sometimes we sing My Soldier randomly.

I bought THREE albums btw. One for friends and one for family, and one for me. [:

Hope i'll see you soon! i'll send some pics later on!

JayyLaoo said...

Aw, I wish I was there. It sounds awesome. I adore "I Just Want You" and your cover of "Lucky". I love you, Gabe, and Cathy, but I've never been to ANY of your shows or their's. You were in Cerritos once and I live right there, but by the time I found out, it was too late. I was extremely upset.

You're the only artist (or person who I don't know personally)that I would ever write to. I wrote to you once before on myspace a long time ago because you just blew me away and listening to "My Soldier" helped me through some really tough times. So, feel special! (x

Okay, I'm going to stop rambling on because I feel weird and awkward since I rarely do this. Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay back home (: You're amazing. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


there's something i gotta say to you...
i'll just admit this to you now...

today was INSANE.

i was hoping you'd post a blog.
you were simply amazing.
and the fact that you cried during
"I Just Want You" made ME want to cry.

i wish you guys weren't on a time constraint. it would've been way cooler. thanks for taking a picture with me.

i'm totally behind you and your music and i know i'm not alone
you're strong, strong as a soldier. so don't give up.

:) kllave

Caitlin said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! That NUST have been amazing wow you really are an inspiration to ALL of us your music is amazing and its REAL you aren't just singing about something you think you know about, you are singing something you really DO know about!!!! i almost cried watching YOU cry because i ciould just feel that you were so happy and grateful!!

genesis gregorio said...

I agree with Nicole. I WISH THE EVENT WAS JUST CLOSER!! I wish I was there bro, I bet that felt really good that everybody knew your music huh? HAHAHAH

Take it easy bro, and have fun with your priends. =].

(hope theres somewhere you can go to do a gig in SD.)


vince said...

your show was amazing i was in the front row and i almost got ran over by them but it was worth it (no homo) you were so inspiring me and my friend luigi ( it think you remember him)were really inspired and now were gonna join the SG talent show playing i just want you

its funny cuz me and him were talking about how good you were after the show and you were right behind us and we didnt notice until after 5 minutes

i was like ay luigi isnt that him right there behind you and we just started cracking up

you were so awesome

thanks for coming to my school

Anonymous said...

Gah, I wannna go to one of your shows so badly but they arent in my area.
Mabe someday(:
That video was moving, hah.
It made me tear up.
Yours Truly,

angel said...

ah, watching that video made me so speechless. but yet my mind was jumping all over the place because i was so excited for you (:


that's all i can get out of my mouth right now.


cheryl said...

awww. I wish I was there. I would've been right along with them singing. I'm glad you did great :]

Have a great show today as well. Be safe :]
<3 Cheryl

Breakfast Cracker said...

Was just watching the see an artist touched by the response from his fans! damnnn!!!
Any chance berklee wants to send a student *cough**cough* over to the UK to play a gig?
...we'll maKE do with the downloads and youtube til you hit the big-time aye!
Would've loved to have been at that gig mister!

juurii said...

When you are on the world stage, you'll have the world singing a long to your songs!!

You are already that GREAT, and have touched hearts from all around the world. Imagine once you hit the world stage, you'll be more than that!
I know you've touched mine, half way around the world :)

I'm glad I found a musician like you, your music always makes me happy :D

You are awesome AJ no doubt about that

Love Julie (Australia)

Tere Ann (: said...

That's living proof that your dream is coming true. :]
I wish I could go to your show but to bad I live in Hawaii.

You don't need to be on TV to be "good". You sing and share you talent way better than some of those artist.
Your good, like seriously.
Keep going!
Keep smiling AJ no matter what.

Loris said...

I was smiling the whole time I was reading this post. AHHH you're making it big, AJ (: I almost teared up. Welcome back to SoCal.

Love, Loris

cyreneee said...

awww AJ. :((( that was so emotional for me. ahaha. <3

Anonymous said...

You were seeeee amazing last night! (:
thanks for the picture & serenading my friend haha (:

Anonymous said...

your icredible! my friend told me about your youtube videos and so i checked them out..thats right, people know about you all the way in Canada! take care and God bless! Im in the same situation, away from home at school right i know how it feels.


Alison moh said...

Everyone loves AJ!!!

Alison Moh

Jochelle said...

I watched the videos on youtube and it also brought me to tears.

i'm so happy for you. you inspire so many people like me.

i wish i could see you perform live. i live in manila and you've got tons of fans here too :)

Katching said...

Hey AJ! I'm glad I was able to catch your show that day. I went there at around noon because that's what I remember seeing on your myspace account. I was probably the oldest fan in the audience!!! It was a great experience nonetheless...

Anonymous said...

aj, do you know how much it means to us fans too? when we hear how much you care? I absolutely love your voice and I know that you will go far.. I only wish I could BE THERE TOO!!! where can I get a CD of yours?? T_____T anyways, keep doing what you do cause youre doing great..

Anonymous said...

i honestly had the best time w/ my friends seeing you up there this satuday (: i'm glad you had a great time, too! get used to us being loud & singing along, california loves you, aj (: come back soooooooon!<3

Irene (:<3

Jourdan said...

I love you, babe!!! Remember you promised me someday you would fly me out and take me to one of your shows?! =]

I wanna see you're so amazing...and we NEED to hang more! Heart-to-hearts are always the best =]

much love, xoxo

janice. said...

I'm really glad to hear that you had a great show. You are such an inspiration. And I'm glad that we get a chance to hear you. :D

Keep your head up.

Love -- Janice.

Anonymous said...

Hey AJ,

I'm so glad you had such an awesome experience! I love your music, it makes me smile when i have such a bad day! I was so glad when you were able to come to FSU and perform b/c i've loved you since like 3 yrs ago! hahaha. I'm so happy to hear about all of your accomplishments and I hope you touch so many more people's hearts like you've touched mine!


eek! can't wait til you come back! :D