Saturday, October 25, 2008

don't forget

so this week has just been a little hectic. south park in concert rehearsals were every night this week, and we performed it last night! it went awesome. the voices and the characters and the whole orchestra pit was truly amazing. offensive or not, this was a great production. hopefully it will be on youtube soon.

i just came back from practicing for my background vocals class midterm. we are split in groups, and we have to make moves and sing a song with background vocals. we are doing debarge's "i like it". its going to be amazing! hahah. for those of you who've heard that song, you will probably giggle when you hear that i'm singing lead. yes im singing lead. go listen to that song its funny. hahah. in my group are 3 of some of my closest friends here at berklee, carly, laruren and TS. after carly and lauren left, TS stayed and i sang for her. and we jammed for a little bit.. and she told me some encouraging words. to stay focused and don't ever give up on my dream. along those lines anyway. it was really just what i needed. i know it sounds so cliche, but it was like the moment. haha. i love you TS!!!!

i just figured out the 'renting classrooms' deal. anytime you can reserve a classroom if they are available for 2 hours at a time. and EVERY classroom has a piano its awesome. uprights or grand pianos. love ittt =)

honestly, today is one of the nicer days in boston. im beginning to love this city. coming from california on tuesday into my apartment actually felt good. it was crazy. i was like hey, its my bed, im going to sleep in it. and then i slept.


anyway, i have to study for my midterm for ear training. its gonna be so hard =\ its also my roommate dwights birthday, hes turning 20. i'll see you guys soon! with a new video. can't wait to be back in california though next weekend. =]] halloween will be fun! im dressing up with my friend. and then were gonna go see a show "rocky horror picture show" at fullerton college at the midnight showing. im going to get mexican food right now. hold on.

ok im back.

im watching forgetting sarah marshall. its pretty funny. anyway, yesterday i received two letters, one from that little man AJ that sang with me (read the previous blog =]) and the other from his parents. they sent me an awesome letter that basically thanked me for my music and for inspiring their kids. it was awesome =] it made me smile and i showed my roommates and theyre just happy for me. amazing, so inspiring. i can't stop now. im on my way... like i can feel it. does that sound corny? haha... well here's my newest video. demi lovato is also an inspiration to me. no homo. hope ya'll enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

whats on the ear training midterm

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying Boston much more now! :] I haven't heard that song before, but I am so youtubing it now haha

snjbeach said...

Can you have someone record your group doing "I Like It" and post it on your blog or youtube? That would be tttoooooo fun to watch!!!!!!!

I really like your version of "Don't Forget". It's prettier than the original.

Good luck on your midterm!

MJ said...
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MJ said...

doing good, AJ, doing good. God is watching over you and has showed his blessing on you in so many ways already :) Keep the flame burning AJ!

All the best for yer midterms!

Anonymous said...


i wish i went to boston for halloween . really miss that place . use to live there and walk around boston common a lot .

i hope i run into you one day
you're really something :]

steph said...

:( i love sad songs. and i love demi. and i fell in love with this song the moment i heard her sing it. and i love love love this. see yah soon :)

cheryl said...

aww, glad you're doing well :] break a leg on your midterm! <33

Anonymous said...

you are on your way, you feel it and so do your fans! I'm excited and happy for you at the same time! But anyways, so this might sound really random, but I went to Oktoberfest last night and afterwards I chilled with randolph cathy gabe jeremy bryan and all of them at albertacos, afterwards, and randolph and i and a couple others were eating and a random guy started walking towards us, and out of no where randolph yelled "OMG IS THAT AJ RAFAEL!!" we all turned around and at a real quick glance he really did look like you glasses, earring hair and everything. Then we looked closer and it wasn't. But just so you know you were thought about :]

Heather said...

That is a great song! You so inspire me! Well, you could probably sing the phone book and do the same thing. LOL (I don't recommend that though) LOL

Have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

OMG WAIT , dont go to that rocky horror picture show! go to the RKO army one!! its this group of people that they play the movie on a screen AND act it out at the same time live, and its like interactive like when they say "a toast!" in the movie everyone the audience flings toast into the air, dude its AWESOME. my friend went to school in boston (SMFA, school of the museum of fine arts) and she traveled like over two hours to come down here to see it and said it was totally worth it lol. i concur, BUT i'm pretty sure their doing a show in mass! legit its TOTALLY worth going!!!!! umm i gotta find the link but i'm sure if u look u RKO army u'll come up with it. Its like a rag tag group of ppl that sing and act out the movie for fun on the weekends. But yea i'm pretty sure they'll be up closer to your area.

click Casting for the schedule!

Anyway have fun at either, RHPS is an amazing musical.

angel said...

haha i can't wait to see the south park show is on youtube.

and you have no idea how happy i am that you're beginning to really enjoy boston. =]

i hope to see you around

megan said...

So... I realize that I'm a complete stranger commenting on your blog and I really hope it's not too creepy. But I just want to say that I really enjoy your music. And Demi Lovato? I'll admit I'm a fan.

My point is that you're awesome and very talented. Keep up the good work!