Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i am SO excited =) this is a big day for me, 2,000,000 plays on the MYSPACE. i am so thankful for all the blessings that god has given me lately. it is overwhelming at times. especially the show (from the previous blog) on saturday. SUNDAY was as touching to me. i love you guys so much, you dont even know.

sunday's show was awesome, the security and coordinators greeted me with open arms, took me to the back, and a parent came up to me and said 'my son watches ur videos everyday, and knows ALL ur music, his name is AJ too, may he sing with you?' i was kinda iffy at first but i said 'why not? get him in here!' a little man with a super crew shirt and a fitted DC hat came in, like seriously half my height. i asked him what song he would wanna sing, he said "when the sun sets on hawaii"

he sang it to me while i played and i was just so happy that he knew ALL my lyrics and even all the AD LIBS, i looked at my friends and they were smiling right back. during my set i brought him up, and his mom was in the audience: crying, and singing along, just proud of her little boy. because she knows how much he loves my music, i almost cried just looking at her crying at us. it was a good moment, and im glad i let him sing with me. here's a video (forgive the screaming girls):

i appreciate my fans so much, thats even an understatement. i cant even explain how much it keeps me going. my family was there at both shows this weekend, and they were just shocked. my auntie vicki (my dads sister) told me on the phone after, "i have been looking for the reason why the Lord took your dad and my sister (my auntie zenaida -mama zeny) away from us, and it is because YOU need to carry on the music for the family" and she began to cry, and i couldn't speak. i can honestly say that these 2 shows this weekend have changed my life.

i wanna do big things. im GOING to do big things because i have no other choice. it is written in the stars for me, and that sounds so totally cheesy, but i really do believe it. and the best thing about it is that i WANT to do this. its not like im being forced to pursue music... because honestly speaking my father didn't make that much money... and my mom knew that and she still loved him very much but i know that she didnt really want us to be musicians because it is one of the most unstable jobs out there. but she knows it is our passion and she supports us 200%. but i am determined to make this my career, my love, and my LIFE. music, that is.

i met this guy on the plane going back to boston, and he was a musician as well and told me that he knew i was a singer from the moment i spoke. he said it was 'edgy' hahah i was like thanks! anyway, i told him what aj stood for, and he was like 'wow, those are powerful names'. i was like why? he said 'well, arthur is like KING arthur (duh), but JOSEPH means "He who adds", not subtract'. i needed that. powerful right?

i arrived this morning by the way, my flight got delayed sunday nite so i was like screw this im going back home, so i called my mom and she turned around and picked me up. it was fun spending one more day in moval, but it was so chill. thank you to randolph and anne for coming out yesterday =) and bri and best friend dusty for eating with me and christy in the morning, and michi too for comin to hang out for like 30 minutes. and especially to my best friend RB and christy and randolph for going to the airport. oh and ramiele sorry i couldn't visit again, dont be mad at meee anymore!! =) i love you duude!

oh and SATURDAY we PARTIED at rb's house like there was no tomorrow! i had to celebrate my happiness after saturdays show hahaha. love every one of you who came!

here's a video of me and gabe covering "details in the fabric" by jason mraz and james morrison at St Genevieve's on saturday. thanks gabe, i can honestly call you one of my best friends man-- all music aside.



Anonymous said...

there is no God. faggot.

janice. said...

I know a lot of people say this and I say this every time I comment but you are such an inspiration. And I am really glad to have found your music. You've opened my eyes to a lot of things and gave me the courage to follow my dreams and for that I thank you.

I may not know you personally, but I can already tell that you are an amazing person. Thanks AJ for sharing your music with us.

-- Janice.

Danielle said...

aj, you're Amazing, seriously.

Anonymous said...

You really are incredible.

I've been reading your blog entries like I actually know you personally, yet I never had the courage to actually write you a comment up until now. I remember watching your youtube video how long ago when you and your friends did a cover of the goodbye song from "out of the box" and to see you come from just messing around to seeing another youtube video of you up on stage singing to a crowd full of people that know you and know your music, still amazes me. & as odd or corny as it may sound i teared up seeing you tear up! As creepy as this my sound too, i feel like I know you without even meeting you! You seem like such a down to earth guy, and you will get far, thats without a doubt. & I'm pretty sure you've heard that about a million times already but it is true. I really do hope to meet you one day, but until then I'll have to settle for watching youtube videos, reading your blog and seeing you on blogtv! haha Keep your head up AJ, Your doing big things, and all your family and fans have faith in you that you will get far!

Anonymous said...

AJ, you're truly, amazingly, inspirational. I watched that video of you and that boy, &I cried. I always listen to your music when Im upset and/or stressed. I appreciate it so much. I love your music,AJ. I'll stay listening, you have my support<3

Tere Ann (: said...

Ditto to what people said.
your an inspiration not only to me but a whole lota people out there.
god put you on this earth with a talent and your using it, in the most wonderful ways. not to mention you play music at church right?

keep doing what your doing

Loris said...

I tear up more and more as you write more blogs. I am so in love with the fact that you're so in love with music. & that you work hard for it. & that you have such a huge support system. & that you give back to your Savior. & that you're just you. God really is amazing & He's working wonders in you. Jeremiah 29:11. My favorite verse. His plans for you are really unfolding (: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You've never had to, but you still do. <3

Love, Loris

angel said...

muchhh <33 for you aj,

please tell us if there is ever a performance in boston we can see (besides south park) =]

x3 angel

Lucas & Clariza said...

Dang AJ that's so crazy and cool! Sucks I couldn't catch your shows this weekend. I work ALL weekend but I did get to see Gabe at CSULB which is my old school =]! Ah. Maybe next time but its good to hear you had a blast and this weekend is embedded in your memories forever! Sad I missed out but at the same time it feels weird being like the oldest one watching you! Haha. See ya!


cheryl said...

Congrats on 2 million AJ! & The story about you singing with the other AJ is so sweet. I wish I was at your shows last weekend!!

Music Believes in you. I believe in you too.
<3 Cheryl

snjbeach said...

Hey! I enjoyed watching the videos from your shows :-) It was so sweet of you to let little AJ sing with you. I'm sure you made his (and his mom's) year! :-)

You're a great songwriter, musician and singer. Your music is very catchy! :-) I can't wait to hear your next new song!

You have big dreams and I have no doubt that you are fully capable of making them come true. You already have tons of people who love your music supporting you and an amazing family backing you up. Who could ask for more than that, right? :-)

I can't wait to (hopefully) see you next time you're on BlogTv!!!


P.S. I didn't comment when you did your dedication video to your dad (Heart of Worship), but it was amazing. It's such a great song and you played and sang it sooooo beautifully. I know your dad has to be looking down on you with a huge proud smile on his face.

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

Congratulations! I bet AJ had lots of fun! It was so nice of you to let him sing with you!! I know lots of people say this, but I am really inspired by you and look up to you! I love your music so so so so much!!!! :] And I KNOW you will become HUGE one day :] You're awesome. :]

pamela (: said...

you really have an amazing voice! I can't wait to hear more of your songs! and i hope someone signs you up fast so that you can release an album :D