Sunday, October 26, 2008

i need your help...

THANK YOU SO MUCH. i pretty much got stuck with a ticket that i didn't have the money to pay for because a previous one interfered with my classes and it so happens that that ticket was NON-REFUNDABLE, and my mom has been getting on me for using the credit card that is connected to her account. i love you mom i will pay you back with help from this video! =)

for ever $2 you donate, you will have one "raffle ticket" which i will make personally and in another VIDEO i will choose the winner(s) for a free shirt and CD!

thank you from the bottom of my heart. i was freakin out when i found out that ish was non-refundable. i was like WHAT AM I TO DO?! (sweating and pacing and what not)



derekderekderek said...

so this means...

you're performing at FAMS!?

janice. said...

donated :] good luck AJ! I hope you raise enough!

-- Janice Mai

MJ said...

Wished I could donate! But I cant but hey! my prayers is with you... Nothing is impossible! :) Remember, God is there with you if you need help. You just need to talk to him (= Sure takes a lot of guts for you to make this vid, and yes, I was confuse myself! LOL. Farneeee~

Hope you'd raise more than you could expect. Amen?!

With love xx.

Anonymous said...

i got your back man remember dogg hahaha its jon sol !

Lucas & Clariza said...

I donated =].

snjbeach said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal sooo quickly!!! That just shows you how many people llloovveee your music! :-)

goldy said...

Good Luck,
hopefully I will get to see you on saturday, if not ill probably go to the one on November 15th, cant wait to see you there.


and btw Happy Halloween xD

<3 :) Goldy.