Wednesday, December 31, 2008

christmas makes way for Spring...

my last few days in Boston for the year of 2008 were pretty interesting. the snowstorm hit so hard, it was crazy. it was so hard to get my luggage across town to get to the train stop. i chilled (literally) with my friends carly, debbie, mike, brittney, and eric before i left for the airport. we even went ice skating at like 8 o clock at night while it was snowing. snow is beautiful, but sometimes it just gets annoying. hahaha. anyway, the day after i was supposed to leave, it was actually pretty damn sunny in Boston. so the plane departed and landed with no problems.

i must say i'm glad to be back home for a while. i'm here until the 17th. can you believe it? thats so long. my roommates that go to Northeastern are going back to Boston this friday sadly. because they start school next monday. yay for Berklee!

anyway, latest news: i'm shooting a music video with MoveMedia productions aka Scott Yoshimoto for my song "My Soldier". =) don't know when, but theres a scene where we want EVERYONE to be involved in, kind of like a show scene. so we'll actually have like a real show with like cathy and randolph and derek and all else fades, it'll be cool! =D i'll keep you guys updated.

2008 was an awesome year. word of mouth proved to be a great way of spreading my music, and it worked. thank you guys for your support, for subscribing, for watching, for listening, for doing your homework while listening, for chatting on blogTV with me, and for being my inspiration to keep my music going. i owe you all cupcakes. no joke.

for those who haven't seen my number 12 video.. my christmas present for you guys are the mp3's to my youtube holiday video series.
go here and download it."

with love,


and Boxing Day Video... newest in the Holiday Vid Series.


Ashley Goes Vintage said...

awesome AJ. may God bless you more this year

un peu de goût de allylu said...

Hey you. Can you believe its already 2009! Gosh well it's snowing.. AGAIN like crazy for the new year...even though it was super warm like 2 days ago. Anyways, sweeet, you got youre 1 million views on Lucky :]] I know this year will be awesome for you. Take care, and keep it up.
miss you.

anne. said...

Can't wait to see what's in store for you in '09 :]

klaudinenicole said...

i hope you have a good new year celebration : ]
and a good year ahead of you.
career wise, cross fingers you get even more famous than you already are.
and do international shows perhaps?
congrats for the music viode thing and the 1 million plays. ill be waiting for the my soldier video.

god bless :]

leahhardenbrook said...

hey aj, i just read ALL your blogs from the way beginning. that took a really long time. [:
haha anyways, happy new year & good luck for 2009!

Rachel Jean said...

thank you thank you for making all those lovely youtube videos... your voice is amazing.

i actually first heard you with that lucky video and i watched it 934875 times! haha... and then i got hooked;] happy new year aj

Mayrilene Jay said...

Happy New Year AJ! Hope you had a holly jolly christmas back home! :)

and sweeeeet!!!! Video for My Soldier! Cant wait to see that :P


wendybabes said...

2008 was a good year for you!
Hope 2009 is even BETTER=D
Happy new year!
ohp! & whens your birthday?

cheryl said...

My Soldier Music Video? sounds like fun!
I start school on monday :[ you're so lucky to have a long vacation!2008 was a wonderful year, here's to another one :] god bless.
I owe YOU a cupcake. for reals.
<3 Cheryl

kevsac said...

good stuff dude! happy new years and keep up the good work! :)

Isabel said...

hey there. Blessed New Year! Hope this yr would also be a blast. :)
hah you're lucky school doesn't start till the 17th. unlike you, i have school starting on Monday. ): It's no fun, the only thing to do is look out the window for something to happen. HAHA like one of the Click 5 vids. Talking about vids, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR VID ON MY SOLDER (it's such an inspiring and positive song)! that is after you're done with the shooting and stuff.

<3, Belle

sophianerarie said...

jeeeeej! cupcakes :D!
I think I owe you a lot of cupcakes!
happy new year AJ
God bless you!!
<3<3 sophie

yelly. said...

best of luck to you in this new year (=

& i think you owe no body cupcakes. you've done enough with the great music you continue to make for us. ;D


Nikki said...

Like Rachel Jean, I first heard you in your Lucky video, and I was going to claim at least half of those million views, but she beat me to it! I've played it several times a day for the past couple of weeks, anyway! Love you already. Happy new year!

connieslee said...

yo. i think i totally saw you at dland on new years day.. new years day.. or new years eve! haaaaa. i was waiting in line in that pirate ride. i wanted to take a pic with you! cause you cool! (idk. i think it was you.) this must be a really random comment. Ah. ook late.