Monday, December 1, 2008


there's so much to be thankful for.

i'd like to thank God for.. (sounds like i'm accepting a grammy)

-being my strength when i am weak
-waking me up in the morning
-giving me the gift of music
-allowing me to have the courage to do what i love to do; perform
-blessing me with the most awesome family

-helping me find a new church here in Boston
-being accepted into Berklee College of Music
-allowing me to start a brand new life
-giving me my legs to walk to school everyday =p
-the cold weather; so i could wear a nice pea-coat everyday

-the piano
-the guitar
-the beatles
-guitar hero

-my laptop
-the wii

-friends who go to all my shows
-friends who don't go to my shows
-friends who have had my heart
-friends who have my back
-friends who are always there for me

-my roommates and their girlfriends
-umass filipino crew
-berklee friends
-allowing me to meet such wonderful musicians this year
-the most amazing and supportive fans ever

-the beautiful city of Boston
-the super chill vibe of California
-the awesome airport of Houston
-the snow i saw today in Cleveland
-my hometown where i leave my heart about every 2 weeks; Moreno Valley

-Change to come
-Peace to come
-Hope &

i never thought i'd say that Gabe Bondoc covered MY song. well now i can. i love you Gabe. my homeboy. thankful for this guy too, he's helped me get through some tough times and homesickness. thanks again Bro-sef.

with love,
AJ Rafael


angel said...

I'M thankful to you..
-for all the songs you've written.
-for introducing me into a totally different world of music when i first saw you on youtube
-for posting videos on youtube.
-for your ability to inspire so many people through a universal feeling of love for music.
-for showing your personality in your videos & blogtv. (which are btw very lovable) <3
-for pouring your heart out to complete strangers on
-for being so humble about your talent.
-for being thankful of everything that has happened.
-for being such a talented and passionate musician who shows that they love doing what they do.

&& last but not least, you being you.. aj rafael .. thanks. =]

Anonymous said...

aw<3 im thankful for all yoouuuu amazing artists on youtube.
and for being able to meet you guys during shows (:
and inspiring me to listen to diferent kinds of music.
and inspiring me to learn new songs on guitar.
and making me wanna learn ukulele (:
and being so amazing.

thanks so much (:

*ive been watching that video of gabe bondoc for the past sooome days (:

Anonymous said...

Haha. That song makes me dance tooo. :P
I love it<3

Sherry ;3 said...

Cool! You saw snow? :D I've never even been bear snow before. :[ I'm thankful for YOU! And all the awesome songs you've written! :]

Anonymous said...

Hahaha , I love that video! It's on my myspace. Written by my favorite person ever. And sung by my second favorite artist.=)

Rachel Jean said...

hello aj
i hope you respond to this but im wondering about berklee college of music. im considering moving to boston and attending there someday. probably not as a freshman but transfer there. i almost went for a music summer program but $$$$$ yeah. very expensive. but someday. :]

haha i love gabe bondoc. you should do a video with him. a duet if you will! ^-^

Ria Francisco said...

you will get a grammy someday ;]

natztheflip said...

thankful for your amaazing music aj!

haha, acceptance speech. haha seriously, you're great. really popular here in hawaii. (you gotta come here one day, okay?)

keep it up! gabe did amazing covering your song!

wooot woot, happy holidays <3

Tere Ann said...

I'm thankful for finding your music on you tube & actually having internet ;)

Keep moving forward, there are a whole hecka lota people who are thankful for you & your music, and just you :]


MJ said...

Thank God for creating you with a big gift of talent in music and MOST DEFINITELY, a BIG heart! And most certainly, thank God for giving us, the fans :) the hearing ability to listen to your awesomely beautiful music!

God is good, all the time!
God bless Ya!

Hope to read more from you sooon!
♥ MJ

yeeitscathy said...

im thankful..

that i've met you & have been able to watch you grow so much this past year aj. thank you for all that you've done for me & for being a HUGE huge part of where i stand today.

i feel like i've known you all my life. you're such a talented musician, as well as a close & good friend of mine. you have so much going on for you & i'm really glad you're out pursuing what you love. i'm so proud of you & i'm so looking forward to seeing what lies ahead in your future..

love & miss you <33
i'll ttysoon!

cheryl said...

AJ, as everyone else has said, I'm thankful for your music which has gotten me through life, but most of all, I'm thankful for YOU who have given me inspiration and joy. I thank you for making me smile today (and everyday)
with love, Cheryl

beeks said...

What?! You were in Cleveland! Oh no! I totally coulda met you! Haha nah. I'm glad you're thankful for the snow here. It hasn't snowed much lately and it's makin me kinda sad.

Anyway, I'm thankful I got introduced to your music two years ago at C.I. Changed my whole perspective on music. I thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you just thank God for things. You're like my inspiration too. I wanna pursue music as well =D and seeing people like you do it, makes me think that I have a shot at it too. So... I'm thankful to YOU =D and Jesus too, of course 'cause he led me to your vids ;)