Friday, December 19, 2008

snowflakes in the air...

snowstorm today. i must say it was one of the most beautiful things i have seen from Mother Nature. reminds me of Narnia. ahahaha. man, i am sure glad to have seen a blizzard before i left back to california. im leaving on sunday by the way. i saw Yes Man with one of my best friends at Berklee, Carly today. it was great. Zooey Deschanel (from elf) is freakin BOMB. omg. seriously. haha and then i walked her back and ended up at Andrew Rhim's house to record a new christmas video. then i walked over to Northeastern Univ to meet up with my friend Chris (who is in one of the pics up there, also his snow angel is up there too) and we took back some architectural stuff that Pablo left in the studio. it was hell! but worth it cuz he is our friend =)

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

here are videos 6, 7, and 8!

much love,


sarebeth said...

Man, you shouldve seen the storms we got in Canada today! cars were forced to get off the road and every thing, including a few malls were closed! it was nuts!

Great Videos, my family and I played a couple of your Christmas songs while we put up our tree last night!
Have a great Christmas!

Mayrilene Jay said...

you had a haircut?
Cannot wait for the other xmas videos of yours!

cheryl said...

the snow looks amazing, we don't get that here in so cal. It DOES remind me of Narnia ahahahah

Love the new videos :]
<3 Cheryl

klaudinenicole said...

i definitely agree on how beautiful the snow is, but it is definitely a pain cleaning the driveway :/

hah, i had to help my dad take the snow out!

mhm anyway, nice haircut ! and
nice pictures.

anyway have a very happy holidays: )

Loris said...

Dang AJ, you're really busting out those holiday videos! I love them. (: Hope your flight doesn't get cancelled; my friend's in Boston & I think his got cancelled today because of the blizzards :[ Not sure when he's coming back to SoCal but I'm praying you both get back safely!

Stay warm<3

rheenabettes said...

Wow AJ. it looks freaking freezing over there. I don't know how you're able to withstand. It must be beautiful though. But dealing with that weather on the daily....pretty intense. You amaze me. haha

I miss you. lots.

<3 Renabette

zatey said...

oh man the snow is amazingg =D oh i love your new videos!

yelly. said...

we got a bad storm yesterday morning, so they cancelled school haha. but besides the mess it makes on the roads, i do agree that the snow can be pretty at times too. lol.

love the videos :D & nice haircut too!

travel safely (=


Isabel said...

you're so lucky dude. you get four seasons all yr round. leaving in Malaysia is like having SUMMER all yr round, yeahh summer. ): i want SNOW, so badly!

btw, i love the guys shake your heads well looking at your guitar while you're playing. so synchronized, AHAHHA. <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS! have an awesome time with your family & friends. :DD


PS you're #1 on my chrismas list, ahahhaha. JK. :S

Isabel said...

OH NO, sorry for the horrible sentences in the last comment. my friends were bothering me on MSN. plus i don't re-read my comments or msgs. so yeahhhh, SORRY but i hope you understood what i was trying to say! ahahah. :P

angel said...

haha awww once i heard about the storm i was actually thinking about how happy you must've been to see so much snow at once (: it's beautiful to see but hard shoveling it up. hah

& i'm disappointed aj ..

where's your snow angel!? =]

sophianerarie said...

YOur new vids are great!!!
I would like to get some more snow as well looks awsome!!
have a nice time with your friends and familly! merry christmas!!

Jaclyn Snell said...

I've gotta say - I'm new to AJ's Life Blog but I like it! Those pictures of the intense snow storm are just the beginning - it got to about a foot and a half here at my parents' house!

It's going to be a loooong month without you Berklee people crashing on my couch, but I hope that you have a wonderful break in CA. Keep those Christmas songs coming!!
Much love always,

sabrinasiow said...

looking good with the short hair! and enjoy the snow! :)

Nikki said...

I just stumbled across a video of yours (Lucky) on YouTube while trying to figure out why all of Jason Mraz's official videos have been deleted, and I loved it! Wandered from there to your MySpace and then to your blog. You seem like such a likeable guy,and I love your videos. Good luck to you!!

Unnecessary J said...

love you're stuff, you've got a great blog here :]