Tuesday, December 16, 2008

baby, it's cold outside...

it really is. its about 31 degrees Fahrenheit right now. and i hear its going to get 30 degrees colder real soon. hahaha. wow.

almost done with the first semester!!! Berklee has been a weird roller coaster ride for me. hopefully next semester will be 10x better. it really needs to be. hahah. no lie. but yeah i chose my own classes for next semester, including songwriting and lyric writing. and also flo-ology and hip hop production. hopefully those classes will help me love Berklee.

thanks for the requests by the way, i've listened to most of them and i think i have more ideas now for the next christmas videos. you guys are awesome!

quick update: cute drummer girl is in my band. =D

i didnt really talk about this but i've been looking around for members for my band to play my original music. my friend andrew smith from London hit me up first about it, asking me if i was gonna put a band together becuz he was one of the first people to check out my music here at Berklee. he's now my bass player. next i asked my good friend andrew rhim, which you guys might know from my "cascada" video and lydia's "i'm yours" video., to be a guitarist. then my friend bobby villareal had this big epiphany talk with me about starting to spread my music in Boston and thats what im here for. to show Boston and the East Coast what I'M about. he's my other guitarist. then i finally sucked it up, and talked to shiori (shorty) and asked her to be in my band as my drummer. i told her she was my first choice. the aj rafael band (name still in the process) is complete.

speaking of networking and meeting awesome musicians, this is Emily Elbert. check out her "Thriller" cover on her YouTube channel after watching my fifth holiday video =]

i go home on Sunday. finals this week (tomorrow, thurs, and fri) wish me luck! my proficiency test for the vocal department is tomorrow and im singing an Italian piece called "Se Tu Mami" and "Love Dance" by Quincy Jones. i'll tell ya'll how it goes! thanks for catching up with me!

ps "Carol of the Bells" is now up on my MYSPACE!! recorded at Andrew Rhim's apartment, with Jourdan and Jade. thank you guys =]


jmc1104 said...

here in ohio its like 25 degrees! brrr!! been snowing like crazy for like 5 hours now and theres like 3 or 4 inches! :)
congrats on the band! i'm sure its gonna be awesome!

i'm loving the video, especially the alvin impression haha!

Abbbby[: said...

oh man! i'm phsyched to hear your band! i'm sure you guys are gunna be g r e a t.
lol flo-ology <- sounds smexyyy.

and good luck on your test! you'll do great :P


Anne. said...

i've never commented on any of your posts, but i've been following it for a few weeks now and i just wanted to say that your videos really brighten up my day. not to mention the fact that it's really interesting reading about your berklee experience because i was actually looking into that school when i was applying. soooo thanks for that -- bringing a smile and all :]

ANYWAY, you're an amazing musician with the chillest personality -- i know you'll go far with whatever you set out to do. i wish you the best.

& this is random, but now i'm wondering if you remember me hahaha. you signed my ipod at holy family a few weeks ago when i barged into that room they were hiding you in :)

angel said...

haha it was clever of you to do the little quick update of the cute girl; im sure whoever is reading it had the same expression or excitement that i had to read the rest of the entry to find the scoop. :D

now you'll be doing shows in the east coast that i'll be able to go to now ! its gonna be amazing =]

TeeNur said...

The band sounds pretty awesome. Can't wait to hear more on it!

Good luck with finals!

John Almiranez said...

you have a pretty big group of supporters here in new jersey :D.

glad to hear about the drummer girl, I wanted to see how that was coming along XD.

brian said...

i need to do like 10x better on my next semester too! ahhh. things were so bad this year :( be sure to make a good new years resolution and stay warm! good luck with your band :D

Sherry ;3 said...

good luck on your finals! over here, it's like in the 50's-60's and i can't even take it! T-T and your new song is awesome! :]

jourdanjustine said...

Hey! Glad to hear Carol of the Bells is up =)

If you ever need harmonies live or any background singers, you know where to find me, man!

Haha in MN it was -35 last night. Yeah that's right...NEGATIVE 35!! Ahh I want to stay here! lol. your new xmas vid is amazing =)

<3 jordy

cheryl said...

31 degrees? I love how in cali i think 45 degrees is cold. hahahhaha.

glad to hear about the band, can't wait to hear more :] good luck on your finals!
Love, Cheryl

zatey said...

I know your band are gonna be awesome!Can't wait to hear more bout it.Good luck with your finals AJ!heee

kayerod said...

aww! se tu mami :) i had to sing that song for choir auditions hahah.

aj i misssss ya! :)

yelly. said...

oh gosh the snow hit hard here in chicago last night /= yuuuckks but i hope you're staying warm!

i love your new video :D emily's voice is amaazing. & of course yours is too hehe.

good luck with finals + everything else next semester (=


klaudinenicole said...

YAAAAAAY for the drummer girl.
hope everything goes smoothly after that ;)

( & im still thinking, what if she dropped by on your blog ) HAHA. :]

and goodluck on exams, and the band!
i hope to see a video of you and your band real soon, to see shiori? and ofcourse, to see how talented you all are !

Isabel said...

hey you, i keep on missing you on blogTV. honestly, i don't know how to work it ahahah. i love your winter wonderland though! and emily is pretty good plus, you look good and uhh - cute?..in your hood. ;) well, your whole being is special. there's something about you which makes you really really special, i don't know how to describe it, really. :)

anyways, i'm gonna watch the OC now.

~LATER! (:

PS you should really put a picture of that cute drummer you talked about, HEHE =D

Loris said...

NICE you got shiori in your band! that's mega dooope. your next semester's classes sound way cooler than mine, BUT i ammm taking a music appreciation class. (: the prof apparently really loves music & she's young & stuff. i'm pretty excited.

good to see you back on blogtv, aj.
you get so many comments on your blogspot now ! (: see you around, mosdef.

<3, loris!

jsc said...
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