Friday, December 12, 2008

i gave you my heart...

but the very next day, you gave it away...

what a wonderful song. but very sad at the same time. hahaha. anyway... i thought i would take this time to tell you a little about my classes here at berklee. a lot of people have been asking about it, and since theyre all pretty much over, i thought i might reflect briefly on some of them. haha

that up there is my teacher, my favorite teacher, donna mcelroy. search for her on YouTube singing "America, the Beautiful". anyway shes probably the realest teacher out there, and its funny that i've learned SO MUCH stuff in this class becuz it is only a .5 credit class called "background vocals". she has taught us so much about the industry and just straight up how its all messed up right now. i think i remember telling you guys about her! anyway in this class, the first thing we had to do was teach everyone in the class a 3 part verse/and or chorus. so that was my favorite thing since ive been doing that for a while with my choir, MVCC! i probably loved this class so much becuz it reminded me of teaching choir. the final was to have a group, and have everyone teach everyone in the group a whole song and they would sing lead on it. there was one group that had only 2 people so i had to bite the bullet and be in 2 groups cuz no one else wanted to. hahah. i had to learn 7 songs. ay caramba. anyway, im gonna miss this class. our teacher said this was what she looked forward to during the week. wednesdays 4 o clock. ironic that the class that counted for the least credit taught me the most about music, and the life that comes along with choosing it as a career.

this is my arranging class. my teacher is so laid back its not even funny. i mean we learn stuff, but she just loves chillin and taking her time. its so awesome. the first day of class was awesome already. i was feeling like super anti social at first but then i started acting like myself and being super loud and outgoing haha cuz thats who i am. and the class became our teachers favorite class cuz we were just always being goofballs. those are the funnest times. we learn how to notate drums, guitars, bass, and piano on musical scores. most of the stuff we couldve learned straight out of the book. but the class was super fun so im not even trippin. she even lets us play in class as you see up there. most arranging teachers dont have their students do that. and this class is exactly what i imagined berklee to be. playing in every class, no matter the circumstance. and just having fun with music. but unfortunately, not all classes are this way.

k i'll post more about the classes in the next blog. its been raining so hard here. im trippin cuz i wish it were snowing. it only snowed that one day hahah. booooo! and im leaving next week already! i am so confusing. sometimes i wanna be in boston, sometimes i wanna be in cali... gahh.. the balance is not balanced. LOL.

hope you guys like my 4th video. i'd be happy to take ur suggestions for the next 8. =D



Sherry ;3 said...

love the song!!! and i'm glad you're having so much fun during class!!!! haha

angel said...

aww its just been icy rain. i feel ya. but when you come back from break you still have a good couple of months to see the snow (: & i loved hearing about your classes hah sounds like a blast :D
but i guess i'll put 3 suggestions since they're a couple of my favorite..
let it snow, sleigh ride, winter wonderland, or i'll be home for christmas
.. okay that was 4. i got carried away. but i'm sure whatever songs that are coming up will be nice even if they're not the ones up there. sing whatever you're in the mood for =]

Rachel Jean said...

it's funny that you're singing "christmas (baby please come home)" because i had my own solo for my choir winter concert in that song... LOVED IT;]

don't forget!
you have to sing "all i want for christmas is you"!!!

oh yeah.. thanks for talking about berklee!! B]

Nicole. said...

Gah. :D
So far, this fourth video has been my absolute favorite. (:

You have sing "All I want for Christmas is You" or "My Grown Up Christmas List."

Please, please, please? (:

It's great hearing about your classes there. I can see why some of my friends want to go there.

Ann said...

aw youre so nice, joining 2 groups cause one only had 2 people in it haha.. berklee sounds fun, glad you seem to enjoy it there.. don't give up k??! especially when it's about the music right? haha.. btw can you play other instruments other than the guitar and piano? i can only play piano but youre just so pro on both lol. anyway do you know the song 'this gift' by 98 degrees.. that's a good song too.. but any song will do cause coming from you itll sound good anyway haha

zatey said...

it is fun to learn musics ;) oh the video is awesomeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

1. Run Run Rudolph
2. What Xmas Means To Me
3. Rockin Around The Xmas Tree
Thanks for sharing your life and your music! Livin vicariously through you for the mo, lol. You inspire, man.
Take care!

mariaaaah(: said...

sad song but its pretty ! I have a suggestion for a next one but its really sad but touching, its called christmas shoes. :]

Robert said...

hey AJ, you should sing "my grown up christmas list" by kelly clarskson

you should dedicate it to ROBERT YU =]

sophianerarie said...

love your new song it's great!!
I also love to read about your classes at berklee, seems great to me!! nice that your having a good time at berklee!

enkayy said...

AJ, i really think that you should sing, "all i want for christmas is you" or "my grownup christmas list"
i know that you've gotten a bunch of requests on these songs already, but i would love to hear those songs sung by your flawless voice! :D

im glad that you're doing fine at berklee! hope to hear more about your adventures there. as always ill be watching your video's and reading your blogs.

much love from california,
nicole kim

Isabel said...

hey yooo :)

great to know you enjoy classes like that, i mean, who doesn't?! classes here are so boring, sometimes, the teachers don't even come in. (i'm still in high school)

can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a cover of either Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, All i want for Christmas is you or Jingle bell rocks.. something like that? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, mkays? ahahha, you look cute in that hat thingy majig.. hehe..



Anonymous said...

I suggest any of the classic christmas songs like Frosty or Rudolph no joke. If not, then Under My Tree, it's by Nsync. Yeah I was one of those followers back in the day and I still remember the lyrics after all those years. Do a medley of what I suggested, not sure if it's possible. ;-) Good to know you are enjoying Boston a little bit more :) Also, Come hang out with us again before you go to Cali, that would be nice.

cheryl said...

I'm glad you're finally enjoying Boston, & nothing's wrong with loving Cali AND Boston, just as long as you're still a lakers fan. hahah.

Loved the santa hat :] & if you could sing O Holy Night or All I want for Christmas is You, that'd be awesome because those are my absolute favorite christmas songs :]
<3 Cheryl

Leilaa said...

So, I was watching one of your videos from blogtv and I noticed that you started to play Be My Escape by Relient K. And I just wanted to say that it brought up many memories, and thank you for that! For some reason I picture you doing a cover on Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings.

Anyway, just keep doing what you're doing. I hope you'll get to play in New York City one day. I'm looking forward to it! :D

..::ernie::.. said...

ah your last video was awesome!! :D:D i love your music so much and your interpretation on music! :D

so i know you dont like to take requests because you want the song to inspire you, so i was excited to see your asking for them :D

the song that i would LOVE to hear you sing is thankful by josh groban. its a beautiful song and it sings about what christmas is really about!! so you should totally look into it! :D

thanks again for the inspiration!! you are so incredible

and im sorry it hasnt snowed! it hasnt even snowed in utah either! its weird! haha

Anonymous said...

This is sorta wiered. but I was at my cousins house and we went to her church. she was sayin how much she loves you n stuff n her friend said he knew u and u guys were really close. Patrick Molina if that rings a bell. but yea i would like to hear Merry christmas, Happy holidays by Nsync

Anonymous said...

I hope you like Boston! :) I want to go to Boston for college, and then, "Boston" by Augustana can be my theme song!
Have you hear "Home for the Holidays"? That's one of my favorite Christmas songs!
Happy Holidays!