Tuesday, December 9, 2008

o come o come emmanuel...

it is Advent. =D Christmas is just around the bend...

so i tried out for the Bob Marley band at my school (Berklee) and i just found out yesterday that i got in! im so excited. especially because i just walked over to see this semester's bob marley ensemble and they are freakin awesome! i actually made it into something this time =]

but dang, finals are comin' up. actually i've been through half of mine already. im not sure if i've told you guys, but Berklee College of Music is awesome because you can join ensembles which are pretty much bands that you join for CREDIT. i was placed into 4 ensembles this year, one was classic rock, another was a level 3 mixed styles band, one i played piano for, and another was a player/vocalist performance studies one. at the end of the semester we play a recital in one of the recital halls and i am exhausted from them all. freakin 4! usually first semester students are in just one, or not even in one. i had tested out of some classes so thats why i chose to do performance ensembles for electives. i love performing. so im glad i did it even tho it was quite stressful.

anyway, it's been a lot of people's birthday lately. special shoutouts to elissa, steph b, stephie, annalynn dy, krissy dabao, eric romulo, and others. which i shall mention later on. heres a video i just did today. wish me luck with finals guys! im stressin out!!! i have a big project due on thursday, which i have not done much for. its an arrangement project for which i have to write a score with 5 instruments on. i'm doing "MidKnight"... also im going to start a campaign to try and get that song on the next Batman movie. coming soon!

holiday video number 3 of 12!

share with your friends, and be merry this holiday season <3
thank you guys for all ur nice comments by the way.
i just made the top 100 most subscribed musicians list on YouTube!!!! yayyyy!


alex said...

hey, don't have anything to say really, but you are pretty awesome and I hope I get to see you when you come back to cali. I was blocked from the fires last time...but yeah.....your very talented and just keep doin your thing...haha

-Alex Dao

Loris said...

the next batman movie?! FOREAL? hahah i'm down.

congrats on that Bob Marley band! & good luck with finals. finals seem to be pwning me too :[ but it's okay! pray about it. He'll get us through, fsho.

<3 loris (:

ps. this 3rd video is my favorite so far. yeee.

cheryl said...

aww congrats on making the Bob Marley band! Good luck on your finals!

oh and midknight on the next BATMAN? heck yes. Merry early christmas AJ!
Love, Cheryl

Eunhae said...

Love the video, very nice :)
Yay Christmas! I'm going to Cali for Christmas, it's quite exciting :)
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas :]]]

Richelle said...

Congrats on the whole Bob Marley band! Keep up the good work...and continue to do what you do best...share your music with the world...

Megan said...

OMGosh! that would be awesome if Midknight could be in the next batman movie..shoot i would watch the movie just to hear that song! anyways, congrats on the Bob Marley band..

janice. said...

for some reason, I'm really excited for you. lol im like.. wow, this all sounds exciting. lol 4 ensembles?! jeezzzz.

congratulations on making the Bob Marley Band. It sounds really cool!

next batman movie huh? that's tight!

Good luck on your finals. :] I'm sure you're doing greatttt on them. :]

Always in my prayers,

klaudinenicole said...

keep fighting for midknight, and id definitely go watch the movie for this.

anyway, good luck on your exams ! : )

and congratulations on making the bob marley band, seems like youre slowly but finally settling at berklee, which is good : )

but yes congratulations on the youtube thing too.

Lala said...

congrats on making the Bob Marley band! and good luck on your finals, im sure you're gonna do great.

Love the new vid btw ^-^... owh and congrats on the youtube thing!

<3 Lala

sophianerarie said...

hey AJ
congrats on the whole bob marley band!! love your new video! it's awsome! good luck with your finals!
I hope that midknight will be in the next batman movie, then I'll defenitely wacht it!!
(sorry for my spelling)

jmc1104 said...

oh man! that would be sweet if your song was in the next batman movie! :)

i love that song! my high school choir sang that song for a choir competition. its amazing, and so are you :p

Good luck on finals!

Jho Marie

..::ernie::.. said...
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..::ernie::.. said...

i absolutely LOVE your christmas videos! makes my dad, and you have seriously brought the christmas spirit to me! thank you so so much!!!!!

and good luck on finals!!!!

jadigs said...

Hey A.J!

Just wanted to say that your raffle video was hilairous! Thank you for thanking me! Made me feel good! Good luck with exams!


angel said...

get ready for a wintry mix the next couple of days =/ but yeuhhh definite pwnage with your ensembles AND making it to the top 100. good luck with finals! <33

Julia said...

good luck on all your finals! any videos of the ensemble performances? it'd be pretty cool to see them!
and congratsulations on making the 100 list!

yelly. said...

ooh i noticed that on your youtube earlier today! (= congrats on making the top 100 list! you're really going far with this, & i only wish you the best. :D

also congrats on the Bob Marley band! good luck with school & errrthang.


Sherry ;3 said...

Congrats on being on the 100 most subscribed musicians list!!!! And I'm sure you'll do great on your project and on your finals!

Ann said...

i was on youtube earlier watching your videos and one of them said to go here haha i hadnt realized you had a blog but yeah just here to say how i love your christmas videos.. (actually all of your vids) and that your passion for music is totally amazing, hope you put another one up soon.. oh and the pics from your last post? man dont you just love the winter season? x) oh and thx for adding me back on facebook! haha you rock :] -angelyn

meeyai said...

finally! i've been searching for midknight ever since i heard it and yeah really thought it'd be great in a batman movie...
and here you are, thinking the same thing. any news abt the campaign? keep us posted! obviously, i'm diggin your songs.
glad i came across you in the net.
proud PINAY!