Sunday, December 21, 2008

i'll be home for christmas..

but for now... im stuck in freakin Boston.

i was supposed to leave at 9AM this morning but the snowstorm cancelled all the flights going to houston where my layover was. i was in line at the airport for freakin 3 hours. the wackest part about this is that i was supposed to direct my choir MVCC in caroling tonight at my house tonight cuz my moms throwing a christmas party. and im not gonna be there. =\ i cant believe this...

tomorrow or tuesday i'll be home. depends on this weather. freakin boston.

miss you all.


Sherry ;3 said...

aww i hope things get better for ya! you're awesome <3

Mayrilene Jay said...

Thats a total, total big bummer for not being there! esp when everyone is there and you're not. totally eats us up inside huh.

But no matter what, I am sure God will make a way for you to be back home. Things will get better AJ <3

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas.

angel said...

aw aj, sorry about the weather;
i know i've been stuck inside the whole day; or just out shoveling hours at a time; but i'm sure your choir will still make you proud. hope you webcam with them <3

Nicole. said...

Wow. I'm sorry your flight got canceled.

I guess Mother Nature went overboard with your "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" wish.

I'm sure it'll all turn out fine. (:

klaudinenicole said...

so snow is not that nice after all.
it sucks to hear you're not in cali yet, and the fact that you're missing the christmas party.

im sure they'll understand.

but uhm its better for your flight to be cancel, rather than going against the storm and things happen.

but anyway ! i hope you get back to cali real soon !

sophianerarie said...

i'm so sorry about the weather! I am sure you'll be home for christmas!
but it's so sad you miss the christmas party!
your great!

cheryl said...

awwh. that sucks. You'll be in cali soon, don't worry. Have a safe flight!
Love, Cheryl

..::ernie::.. said...

aww im so sorry! that so stinks! but at least you get to be with your family that is what is important!!

good luck and have a very merry christmas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww hope you get back to Cali have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year because you really are amazing! <3

Anonymous said...

How long are you staying in cali?
<3 Wendy.

yelly. said...

aw, i hope you travel there safely! (= happy holidays.


..::ernie::.. said...

i actually should have said maligayang pasko!! :D:D thanks so much for the downloads to!! best christmas present :D:D

Anonymous said...

i read some of your older posts and this seemed fitting. only put a california where it says florida in the song and boston where it says california haha and it works. <3 that song.

and might i add that you're posts are really moving.

jsc said...

love your voiceeee