Sunday, December 7, 2008

let it snow...

this is kind of old news but i got a digital camera like 3 weeks ago. my friend allyson called me this morning and told me to look outside. it was snowing. amazing feeling. i woke up my roommate pablo and he got up and looked too. =)

(these aren't the best pics in the world, but it'll do)

no words needed to explain =]

oh and new video. 2nd video in the 12 holiday video series. =D a rewrite of my original song, Starlit Nights.

much love,


Ashley Goes Vintage said...

ive seen this already! anyways, thats my favorite song of yours. if it could be my ringtone, id dance to it all the time. =D

Anonymous said...

Ah! Looking out in the snow is an amazing feeling. But being soaked in freezing feeling is not. Haha! Believe it or not, it snowed in Jersey in October. It was crazy!

Eunhae said...

Haha, at first, I was wondering where the snow was in the pictures. :P We had a ridiculous amount of snow all at once on Thursday and now there's barely any. That's Colorado for ya. I've really been into Christmas songs lately too haha.

Haaave yourself a merry little Christmaaasss!! Do you know that one? It's so good, you should sing it! :)

Well happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, snow is pretty =)
Haha! I loved that video. Your such and adorable dork! x)
loveAlways, Wendy.

angel said...

i was right about the snow ahah; i love the quality of your digital camera though (: and no worries about the pictures themselves, once more than half an inch sticks to the ground it's gonna be even prettier. then it'll be time for me to take the train up to you and greet you with a snowball (: jk . but wouldn't that be fun :D

Kee said...

funny thing. it started to snow here too in Minnesota. it's come a couple times, but every the snow would fall it would be gone the next day. we now have a proud 3 inches. I think this time it's gonna stay maybe for a while, I hope.

Isabel said...

Hahaha, cool! I've never played with snow before, well, the artificial one yes. ): Oh wells. Anyways, THANKS A MIL FOR TAKING YOUR TIME AND EFFORT TO PUT 12 VIDS OF CHRISTMAS TOGETHER (i'll be waiting for the rest to come :P) you're awesome, love you to bits! ;]

Silviar said...

Whoaa!!! That's awesome!!! You're sooo lucky! I've never seen snow in real life before. :[ And I love the song! :]

xxxShuRiK3N said...

I saw your blog on myspace. My jealous rage was about to errupt. But guess what? YOU LIIED! I was expecting bundles of snow, but then I saw your pictures, &it was the same amount of snow that fell where I live. You put my hopes up! AGGH. I was bored.

Happie Christmas! =)
Take care &be safe.

klaudinenicole said...

AW YAAAAAY ! you saw snow.
probably even touched it?

bet you were still half-asleep when you answered that phone call but was alarmed when she said to look outside? haha : )

well i do hope you enjoy the snow.

zatey said...

you're lucky AJ! I have never seen snow in my life :( oh cant wait for other videos!enjoy your holiday =)

Tere Ann said...

12th commenter :p

starlit nights,
Christmas lights.
still good, always good.

it's almost Christmas!
glad to see your still smiling during the very cold weather.
& yes i'm still keeping up with your blogs :p


janice. said...

aw! yey for snow! :]

I've never seen snow before. how exciting! looks like it will be fun. :}

love the new video. :]

Keep Warm!!!

- janice

Anonymous said...

i love ur song too!!
good job and keep it up!
god bless you and merry christmas!!

Hendrix said...

haha love the starlit nights christmas edition. that video is on my ipod now haha. miss ya bro.

Julia said...

hi there! it was snowing on saturday here in ny and i wanted to go dancing in the streets. :D

i just wanted to say that i'm a new fan. i heard about you recently and today i decided to go all full blown and see all your videos. i teared up when you sang alot of your original songs. but when i saw the video on your myspace of you performing and your fans singing along, i full out bawled. im not sure why. but i think it gave hope to me that one day i might have the courage and inspire people like you do. thank you! and god bless.

Megan said...

still sunny in cali! just a bit chilly.. but I've seen snow before an skiing/boarding is the best! I go at least once every year. nice vid...i commented already (the poptart girl) haha. ;]

un peu de goût de allylu said...

just wait till the big chunks start to come, you will HATE it! actually knowing you so far, you'll prolly love it.. haha

cheryl said...

aww how exciting first snowfall :] love the new video :]
Love, Cheryl

sophianerarie said...

I love snow ^^
started snowing today in holland as well :D sadly it already disapeared (don't know how to write it) I hope for you that more snow is coming, than it really becomes pretty!! love you song!

will_rock said...

showin love from the p.i. .... yo aj, you're really good... i enjoy watching each and every video you made right from the start... and by the way, your compositions are freakingly awesome... keep it up aj! =))


will_rock said...

showin love from the p.i. .... yo aj, you're really good... i enjoy watching each and every video you made right from the start... and by the way, your compositions are freakingly awesome... keep it up aj! =))


Jenny said...

ooooh i just found out about your music and everything like not that long ago. but i love it. haha my school is around the fens.