Thursday, December 4, 2008

here comes santa claus...

holiday season is here. thanksgiving has passed us, now comes Christmas!!! i went to the Christmas tree lighting today at the Boston Commons and it was awesome. except for the fact that when Brian McKnight was performing with his 2 songs the freakin POWER WENT OUT. WTF!!!! i was so mad. they just bowed and got escorted off stage. one of his songs was about to play the guitar too. but damn Brian McKnight is freakin tall and freakin so good at singing. shoooot.

it was a cool little group we had goin'. pablo, his girlfriend allison, our friends chris amanda teague and my friend lijie from school. i saw some people there from berklee. but there were SO many people there it was crazy. we had new york pizza and then got some starbucks and walked home. we probably walked like 5 miles i would say today. well thats what pablo said.

i dont know about you, but i love the christmas spirit. and i know its all commercial and what not, but the christmas lights and decorations around the city make me so happy. and warm inside. haha wow. i am not ashamed! hahaha. and i've been listening to Christmas music non-stop on my ipod. i love that Jesus was born at such a nice time of year. haha =D

it hasn't snowed yet here in Boston, but i'm sure i'll love it for a day. after that i heard it just gets annoying and crappy. hahah but i can't wait either way. it hasn't been so cold the past few days. probably like 40 degrees. idk thats a really rough estimate. but yeah not too cold.

oh wow i didnt tell you guys on my way back from california to here i stopped in cleveland and was stuck for about 6 hours. i was the only standby passenger on a flight that wouldnt make me late for my performance final for my ensemble. WOW. i went straight to school with my luggage and even brushed my teeth in the bathroom at school. damn.

ok well thats enough of me babbling. i had a nice talk with my arranging teacher today about staying here at Berklee (and about leaving)... and my teacher Donna McElroy is just a big inspiration to me. we'll save that for another blog. love you guys. heres the first video of 12 for my christmas video series. ciao. =)

with Love,

to those who regularly comment my blog; i really enjoy reading them. and i love that you guys follow my blogs, it really feels awesome and im thankful for YOU guys too. loved ur last comments, made me feel all warm inside, kinda like how christmas lights to. =D


genesis gregorio said...

it will NOT snow there, because you are currently living in that area.

I can imagine you walking down the brightly lit town at night, with hot chocolate in your hands, singing a song. LOL. Its like a music video or something.

I have NEVER been in snow before. :[
14 years of no snow. WOMP.



Sherry ;3 said...

I wish I could see snow... I think it hasn't snowed around where I live for like over 10 years!

I hope everyone's in the Christmas spirit! :D and if I were listening to someone on stage and the power went out, i would have went banshee on someone xD

I loooove Christmas!! It's such a fun and hart-warming time of the yeah, aye? and 40 degrees is SUPER cold for me! I can't even take 65 degrees without my hands freeaing or something! haha and I seriously LOOOVE your song! :D

janice. said...

hi AJ! :]

I didn't comment on last blog so .. I'm going to do it here..

I am thankful for
- you.
- because without you .. or your music .. I would be someone I do not want to be.
- you, because even though i don't know you personally, you changed my life for the better.
- and last but definitely not least, God, because he gave you a gift that can't compare to any material item.

Thank you AJ. You are truly an amazing, inspiring, heart warming person.


PS. I'm loving this 12 videos of christmas thing! it makes me smile. :]

thejman87 said...

eh dude i found u randomly on you tube then saw u at expressions of faith and ur tight dude. u seem chill and down to earth which are great points and bringing in God in what your doing deserves kudos.

Mayrilene Jay said...

Happy Holidays! Enjoy the Christmas Spirit AJ. I sure will. Gonna convert your xmas video there and play it when I'm having a christmas party over at my house :) ehhehehe. Promoting much? HAHA.

And oh! you too make us feel warm.
Sounds a bit "mushiii" but who cares. ahaha.

Oh, do post a picture of yourself in the snow :P (if they do come down ahaha)

Laters <3

Loris said...

aw sorry about the power going out, but that's definitely a plus to just be there! ahhh brian mcknight!

i love the Christmas season toooo. isn't it amazing to have a God so great who loves us so much that He sent us His own Son? & better yet, to save us. so not only are we given the gift of salvation, but we're given breath of life so we can experience all these wonderful blessings. (: i just think it's overwhelming & i felt like i had to share that with you. <3

take care, aj. stay warm!
can't wait for the next ELEVEN videos LOL zomg.

<3, loris

zatey said...

whats up AJ!

Just wanna wish you Merry Christmas.
Although I don't celebrate it.
Have fun yeah! ;)

Btw, your songs are awesomeeeeee!<3

Eunhae said...

I love the Christmas spirit too! I love Christmas. The snow just came down like crazy today in Colorado, I'm already sick of it haha. It probably has to do with the fact that we get so much snow here, it's ridiculous. Loved the song by the way! Very well sung, as usual. I wanted to go Christmas caroling after watching that haha.Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. God bless! :]]]

Stacii said...
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Stacii said...

Awwh you poor thing. All that walking must have been horrible. :P
Snow snow snow. :] From what I heard too, snow gets annoying. Hawaii doesn't have it so I wouldn't know. D:
I must agree with you AJ! Christmas must be the best season ever. Singing Christmas songs while in the car jamming. n_n Gotta love it haha.

Sorry about the Deletion of the other post D:

Nicole. said...

Aw. That sucks about the power outage. But just being there was probably incredible. (:

The first time I saw snow was when I moved here to Japan from Cali. (; Hopefully it'll snow again this year, & over there too. You should come to Japan sometime. Us Filipinos here adore you & your music. (:

Christmas has got to be the best season. It's when everyone, no matter what religion, gets into that cheery little mood & warms their hearts.

Tere Ann said...

Cute the PS section :]

yes Christmas time is wow, and happy :] and like you just want to smile all time, or well try to because of course that's what you do. haha.

I want to see snow, people say it's just like the ice in your freezer. ahha. i don't really know ;p tell us when it finally falls there.

take care keep safe, and enjoy having that "warm" feeling of Christmas


pamela (: said...

My Christmas this year will be very different as my grandfather passed away earlier on this year, and he's the reason why we do celebrate christmas, at first i was quite sad on how different christmas would be this year. But the song really helped to lift my christmas spirit up (: so thanks Aj.

gho4sho2 said...

now everytime that new Tesco advert over here in UK comes on.. I'm gonna think of AJ singing this everytime! lol

Aj - u sung beautifully as always :) and ur apology was so cute! ^.^


Victoria said...

i didn't know brian mcknight was singing in the boston commons...

anyways, i'm glad that you got to go see him even if the power DID go out! and snow is nice, but yes i agree, only for the first coupla days. after a while it gets really gross. it's fun to look at though :)

welllll, Christmas is an awesome holiday and i'm looking forward to more of your Christmas videos :)

cheryl said...

yay it's finally christmas time! my favorte time of year :] and Who doesn't love Christmas lights? they make me fell all happy, kinda like your music :]
Can't wait for part 2 of the christmas videos!
Love, Cheryl

yelly. said...

snow! gosh it's been snowing here like crazy in chicago. plus the last two mornings have been THE coldest yet. this was like 6 degrees. [haha i really don't know. that was a rough estimate too lol. but i know it was pretty darn cold!]

stay warm, AJ (= happy holidays!


lalamynguyen said...

mr aj rafael! you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. no joke.

but anywho ... snow really does get annoying in Boston. the roads get soo nasty and the ice is ridiculous. you should see some of the houses in the cities just outside of Boston. they're INSANE. i love it so much. i'm glad you're enjoying it here in the Greater Boston world :]

your work is amazing.
not that you didn't already know that haha.

kay, that's the end of my rant.

ps. i just realized this is my first time commenting your blog. hmm..

angel said...

the weather hasn't been horrible just yet. i'm quite surprised myself. but i'm enjoying it as much as i can. & i know what you mean about the lights. today i had orientation for northeastern and when i was walking by myself ..i was just looking at the lights the whole time. quincy market is pretty too. (:

perhaps sunday morning it'll snow a little just for you :D

jmc1104 said...

Christmas is the best holiday! I love walking around the zoo here all bundled up with a hot chocolate at hand, looking at all the lights they put up with friends and family! =)

Snow is fun, but only when its on the yard or a big open space, so you can make snowmen and snow angels :]but on the roads...ick! :p

La Sarah said...

hey Aj! I've been following your stuff for awhile- i absolutely adore your music- and your heart for it. I freaked out when i saw you had a blog! :D Congratulations on getting into Berklee! ahhh That is so amazing! You def deserve it! Thank you for inspiring me and my music and song writing! i FREAKING WANT your cd for christmas! or ep or whatever you have out... <3 hope you enjoy ze snow! hehe
Sarah Brawley

klaudinenicole said...

i used to be excited for snow too ! but then it got all eh after. (hah, its currently snowing here right now, and its freaking cold ! )

so yay to your weather.

but tell me what you think of it once you see snow! and pictures perhaps.

anyway, that really does suck to come and get all hyped up for brian mcknight then it flopps ! :/

i hope you have a good and happy holidays. i was gonna say i hope you have a white christmas, but then again i dont think youd be there in boston during the christmas break.

sophianerarie said...

hi AJ!
Yeah snow is awsome! we already had snow in holland and I just love it! it makes everything look so new and innocent (don't know how to write it)
I want to thank you for being here and for you music, you changed my life somehow :)
I love all the light as well it makes this world look so nice :D

jumpJane said...

I wish SoCal was like Boston. Here.. it's always sunny, no matter what. Even if it's incredibly cold, somehow the sun is still out! It's a perk of the West Coast, I guess? At least in Boston, you know what season you're in haha.
Anyways, I'm a new follower of your blog.. How the heck did I just find out about your blog?! Haha.
Maybe we're all living vicariously through your life? (:
Well, like everyone else, I love what you do. I'm glad you are doing what you love to do because I know I'm not. I'm happy there are people like you out there who do what they enjoy doing, not just just doing something because it's the 'smart' thing to do.

P.S. Your music lifts up my spirits, especially now when I feel so bummed out. So thank you.


..::ernie::.. said...

i get so excited to read your entries! :D haha but i love snow.. for like one day too haha. but it really puts you in the christmas spirit.
christmas is my favorite season too! probably just because music is so huge! and what more could i ask for than to have christmas songs come from you!
thank you for sharing your talent!

your amazing!!!

Faith said...

hey =) Let me first say that I think you are sooooooooo talented. I love hearing you play the piano.
Anyways.. i just want to say that my sister and I weren't so excited when we heard you were going to sing "it's beginning to look like christmas" (it's not one of our favorite christmas songs)... but when we heard you singing it, we took that thought back. it was soooooooooooo good!

Anyways, good luck with everything. Happy holidays =)

Abbbby[: said...

Chyeah, mad late on commenting a blog, but hey, better late than never :D

LOL, you know, if you really wanted to see snow, you should've went to Jersey a few years back. talk about a snowy christmas<3!
even last year, the entire front of the school was covered with snow, which eventually turned to ice, and we slid around all day. priceless.
oh man oh man, making a snow man in your backyard with the sibilings, then crashing it to use for snow balls.
:D, i love christmas.

gotta spread that christmas spirit!

~Abby XP

jmc1104 said...

hey aj,
i read this blog a while ago but i didn't have time to comment it because i had an exam to get to.

but anyways, i just found out that exam didn't go so well, but i listened to your music and now i'm all happy again :p (ok yeah that was a little cheezy sorry haha)