Sunday, January 4, 2009

happiest place on Earth...

went to Disneyland for 2 days in a row! =] my mom got us annual passes for an extra Christmas present so i'm really excited. we gotta get like a blogtv meetup or just a hang out day with EVERYONE in the summer! haha. even though it might be chaos.

my new years was great, chilled with family, so that's really all that matters. not too crazy like everyone else that i ask but yeah. haven't been up to much lately, but i have started shooting my music video for "My Soldier" =D im excited! scott yoshimoto of is directing and doing the camera work for it so it'll be really dope. (check him out on my top friends on myspace)

we're havin a little dillemma tho.. we need to shoot a "show" scene. so i need YOUR help. for NOW, the location is in Chino, at St. Margaret's, on MONDAY the 12th of January. i know its a monday, but we need to try to see if we can get enough people. but hopefully we can get FRIDAY the 16th instead of the 12th... because mondays dont really feel right to me.. something about friday is exciting and fulfilling. its like finishing the week off with a BOOM or a BAM hahaha. the 17th is the day i leave to Boston.. so that would be pretty cool. let me know what you think!

exciting news: also, i'm spending this week, 3 days to be exact, in San Diego to record my EP to put on iTunes! i'll be in the studio that My American Heart, one of my inspirations, record their demos at. my good friend Jesse Barrera, who's the lead guitarist of the band, is gonna be helpin me with the recording cuz he does his EP stuff there too, so thats gonna be awesome. we're gonna be practicing for our show on friday, the 9th. in national city - san diego. check out my myspace for more details. please try to make it out! i'd love you FOREVER! hahah

to everyone who is at For Your Soul right now, hope it was awesome and that ya'll had a good time! and hope you loved my video that i made for the event! hahaha. peace ya'll.

heres a throwback video.. with chris cendana and derek portea



NoSugarNoMonkey said...

haha congrats on everything!!! And I wanna go to disneyland!! and congrats on the music video too!!! And i would go to chino, but my parents probably wouldn't allow it :[ and you're so lucky!!! you're going to san diego?! I've always wanted to go there :P

A said...

i SO wish I could
..too bad I'm in norcal ):

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to go to the San Diego show. See you there. You'll love me forever [: yee.

You should do your music video here in San Diego. It's beautiful here.

Loris Saprid. said...

i'm SO down to go to disneyland in the summer. my birthday's in the summer (; hint hint !? hahahah . i like the friday vibe too; make the 'show' scene on a fridayyy.

good luck with the new EP AND music video, dang. sounds bombbb.

happy new year, aj! 2009 is gonna be amazing, i know it.

oo_tara_oo said...

DANG. Aj, i'm super proud of you. Honestly-- you're doing some crazy things. :) shit, i can't tell you how happy i am for you. SERIOUSLY. like i said it's crazy when i think how far you've come. FROM RECORDING 'WHERE IS THE LOVE' hella summers ago till now.. it's just immense. You've always had the passion and talent.. and i'm just so glad things are going your way! TELL JESSE I MISS HIM. shit, hella jealous. that's my booooooooy :) hahahaha DON'T CALL ME SICK, alright. ahha you already know what's up!! roflmao hey remember when you were hating on carlo .. roflmao :) GOOOD SHIT!! jesse is deff. hands down hellla better :) GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING. if i was in cali i would deff come out to your shoot :( !! shit.. DO BIG THINGS BOY, DO BIG THINGS. i misss you!! hopefully we will be seeing each other soon.. i heard you couldn't come out for MAFA :( so sad.. but i just text you .. your boy gabe is going to be at my school on saturday. WISH YOU WERE COMING!! love you cusssinnn! stay safe. BE GOOD. keep on pushing for your dreams. tell the fam i said whaatup and happy new years <3. love you .


angel said...

lol the video was all smiles and giggles for me :D

& i hope you dont get sick of disneyland; i def would not . but that's just the kid i am.

good luck with the video shoot ! sorry i can't be a frantic fan or whatnot running after you hah =]

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your new videoo!! Gud luck! Nd nice vid hehe =)

klaudinenicole said...

congratulations on everything !
i'd love to come and support you ONLY IF I LIVED CLOSER. unfortunately, i don't .

but anyway, i do wish you more success and all the best : )

cheryl said...

Disneyland in the summer? i'm down :]

But monday & friday don't sound too good for me.So I probably won't make it to the music video shoot, but my heart will be there for sure.

Happy New Year AJ!
Love, Cheryl

yelly. said...

maaan music video & EP! that's figgin' amazing. you're already goin' so far & it's only the start of the new year. (= can't wait to see what happens next this year!

i soo wish i lived in cali right now /= hehe. good luck with everything though!


Tere Ann said...

Congrats, your dreams are coming true! What a good way to start '09
May god bless you in all that you do, take care and keep on smiling :]

Rachel Jean said...

disneyland for 2 days in a row!? annual passes!? im jealous.

cute video. haha funny.

iloikesfood said...

Hey AJ.
i sent you a youtube msg a while back don't know if you got it. but. either way. quick question about friday's perforamnce in national city. would you happen to be playing much at all before 7? and how long is the performance?
hope to hear from you... before friday haha. thanks! you're really gifted and have lots of potential. keep up the good work (: God bless!

genesis gregorio said...

1) I'm going to that SD show.
2) I will be trying my hardest to show up at St. Margarets.
3) I wish you the best of luck
5) See you there.
7) Love ya bro
8) I forgot #6.
6) Here it is.
9) Its not in numerical order bro, but I still love ya.


whiteflipchick said...

i really hope your video shoot/show is on friday the 16th instead of monday because i really wanna go, but mondays arent good for me. haha. ill keep my fingers crossed! love u AJ! =]

sophianerarie said...

I wish i could come! too bad I live in Holland.. ^^ but GOod luck with the video shoot!!!!
you are so great!!!!
Disneyland!?! i'm yelous!

can you please please post a new blog tommorow (8jan) or a new vid cus it's my birthday and I love love love to read your blogs and see your vid... !!please???????

love you so much

pamela (: said...

congratulations on achieving so much aj! (: keep up the good work, and i hope i can go to one of your shows in the near future! :D


rheenabettes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rheenabettes said...

omgsh omgsh Disneyland with THE AJ Rafael?!?! please count me in :]

hahaha wow i miss you.

and ugh i really want to go to the show tomorrow. do you think you could get me jesse's autograph??? :] that'd be super awesome if you could.

well hope all is going well. and that i see you sometime again before you go back to boston. love you!

<3 Renabette

Anonymous said...

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