Wednesday, January 21, 2009

red, white, & Barack.

inauguration was an awesome thing to watch. literally history in the making. although you can argue that every inauguration is history in the making, this one is very different and more significant. Obama has overcome so much to be where he's at. he is truly an inspiring person and not only because he's the first black president, but because of his ability to just BE. he graduated from Harvard, at the top of his class, and has achieved so much during his lifetime-- i am proud to say that he is our president.

i dont care if you're against him, but you can't really do anything now. he's been sworn in and its official. America has its first black president. and people are getting so upset because we are celebrating it like that. but i say, why not? it just shows how much America has done to overcome the barrier of RACE. and how much we've grown. racism hurts EVERYBODY. and racism has struck me too. and i'm tired of it. the story of Barack Obama has shown me that human beings are beginning to accept that it doesn't matter what color you are or who your parents were or whatever. if a black man can finally be president in this white-dominant country, i think an Filipino-American can finally top the billboard charts. what do you think?

before you argue with me, read about him, and read his story and i promise you'll be inspired. don't be close-minded just because he's something different from the norm. i believe that he's definitely going to change the world. and he will whether you agree with him being President of the United States or not.

sorry that i brought politics into this blog, its just that in my flo-ology class today, we were just flowing and talking about how we feel, and i just feel so good that somebody has overcome the idea that not everyone has to suck up to the white man in this world. we're our own people, but we all share one thing-- we're American. and i can definitely say that yesterday during the inauguration i was very Proud to be one. and hopefully now i can be everyday. because i know that America has come together to elect someone who they believed could bring change to this country, regardless of his race.

anyway, started a new video series. this one is 10 songs your parents probably know. "Classics" Video Series. 1 of 10. "As Time Goes By"



cheryl said...

Obama is an inspiration to all, no matter your political party. He worked his booty off to be where he is now. & its a great accomplishment.
Can't wait for the rest of the video series :]

Oh, and FLO-OLOGY CLASS? man, music school must rock.
<3 Cheryl

Megan said...

It's a wonderful time to be alive because of the many exciting things that has happened to us in this world. I believe we don't take time to appreciate the finer things in life. And I am not talking about materialistic things but the things that make us who we are. Our values, ethics, inspirations, beliefs and experiences as a unit (as well as individuals) can take as far in life.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that I am proud to be an American during this time because not only is it time to defeat racism. It's time to enrich lives and educate each other on things that will truly change the world.

Keep doing what you're doing and never change for no one.


Rachel Jean said...

my goodness you can make any song sound good -- new or old. :] you make it your own

can't wait to see the other 9!

Loris Saprid. said...

not gonna lie, i'm excited for what's to come during the next 4 years. maybe it'll even be 8. no matter what happens, we'll be taken to a completely different direction. obama's brought back life to this country & america's really pulled through so much to become one of the most powerful nations in the world. crazy, right?! be sure to pray that he's surrounded himself with a great cabinet & that he'll make the best decisions possible. (:

your ONE class probably beats my whole schedule. -____- i'm taking a music appreciation class though! & human sexuality AHHAHA . glad to hear you're having a good time, despite your sickness. hope you get better soon! can't wait to see the next videos.

<3, loris

sophianerarie said...

The inauguration was great to see, I even watched it in Holland while I'm not really interested in politics...
I'm really happy Obama became the new president! and I really hope he can change things as racism too!
I hate racism althought i'm not very much in contact with it, i'm white, but just to see (sometimes) people being treated that way makes me very sad.. I don't think people are different because of their color, it's about the personalety right??

I love your vide! it's great I hope to see more coming soon :D
love you!!!~sophie

Ria said...

It's a worldwide effect! Even the inauguration hit big in Canada! Classes were interrupted kids watching his live broadcast! He's inspired even us!

Anonymous said...

America has gone through so much, and it's exciting to see the result of what many people have worked for today, i.e. Martin Luther King Jr. I truly believe that having Barack Obama as our president is a huge step in the change that all Americans should be proud of-- overcoming that racial barrier that may not be as evident as it was before, but unfortunately still rings true today. I am proud to be able to tell my grandchildren someday that I was in the generation that was able to see it all occur.

Good luck on Spring Semester! Your classes sound way more cooler than mine, haha. [:

I'm excited for this video series! <3

Liv said...

I would like to say that I love this entry! It means so much to me to see that someone else can express the way I'm feeling inside. Check out my blog entry on my blogspot about my feelings:

I also would like to say that I love your new video series on YouTube! Your rendition of "Get Here" was so awesome. You were feeling that song when you sang it! When you sing from your soul...with will reach your audience! As you were singing, it brought back memories of when I first heard that song as a kid in elementary school. Thanks for sharing the music man!

...and keep hope alive!

Your American sista,

musicfreek said...
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musicfreek said...

sadly, i missed the inauguration. and i really really regret it. but apparently, my dad didn't think it's a big deal =/ sucks i know. i probably watched the last 5 minutes or something. but anyways, i'm glad Obama is the new president. I believe he brought hope to everyone in a way including me. I'm not American (I'm Malaysian and proud to be one!)but, nonetheless, im very much excited ;D
love your music and God bless! and music school sounds sooo awesome. x)

Anonymous said...

Perosnally I think Obamas Amazing and a great inspiration to many people. and your right AJ racism hurts everyone. And YES AJ You can top the billborad charts! and i just wanted to say YOU Are My inspiration! Nobody else just YOU. Your an AMAZING role model AJ seriously i'm 13 and I look up to you. Thanks AJ.

PureLove10 said...

You are very gifted!
Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts!

First time visiting your blog and has some good stuff!

Keep up with the good work!