Friday, January 16, 2009

my soldier...

my first music video.

hope you guys enjoy. thanks for watching me grow as an artist, and for supporting me, hopefully one day a music video of mine can end up on MTV. can't explain how fun this was, met lots of cool people, renewed friendships haha, and just had so much fun. i know its kinda corny sometimes (my acting! hahah) but yeah love you all. i'm leaving to Boston tomorrow... catch ya on the East Coast.



Tere Ann said...

I watched the music video :]

Congrats on finishing it. Take care!

Tere Ann

cheryl said...

Wow! Congrats on your first music video! It was epic. and back to Boston you go.
Have a safe flight!
<3 Cheryl

Mayrilene Jay said...

hahhahaha. that video was beyond unexpected. well done on it! hope there is more to come :) :) you can work on your acting AJ. i know you can do it cause you have the talent ;) haha.

Safe flight!

sophianerarie said...

Congrats on your first music vid! it was nice!!! I hope to see more!
I'll be waiting for your blogs from Boston!
have a safe flight!

chelsea [♪] said...

Yaaay. The music video honestly made me smile so wide that I had to stop myself. :P

yelly. said...

congrats for making it oh so far with your music (= the music video was amaazzing! hope we all get to see more (;

take care & travel safe to Boston!


Anonymous said...

it was funny but a good first video!

genesis gregorio said...


I miss you.

All bromo.

and haha yeah @ the video
super cute,
and random


Anonymous said...

[: I quite enjoyed the music video. It's the beginning of many more awesome ones to come. Congrats on the first!

San Diego and California all around will miss having you here. Lucky Boston... Hope to see you back here again soon, haha.

Love you!

Bobby said...

You are so cool!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ILY! AMAZING video! Seriously that was great. thank you for making '08 such a great year for music! good luck for '09 =]

JillyBaby said...

Yay ! My cousin Carissa ! :D
Haha I loved the music video :]
Me and my church friends sing it :D