Friday, January 23, 2009

first week of spring semester..

so things have been going well so far. havent had my monday class yet, but its only one class from 4-6. tuesday i had my bob marley performance studies ensemble class. it was awesome. wednesday i had my private lesson, an accompanying/singing class, and flo-ology which is so freakin awesome. thursday i had lyric writing and jazz/blues lab. my jazz/blues lab was amazing... its with this new teacher rhiannon, and she just made us improvise over a random musical language she made up. it was awesome. i will have to show you guys sometime her technique of teaching. it is awesome. and fridays i dont have any classes so far.

being back in boston is refreshing. i must say the snow hasn't bothered me too much, but enough for me to complain about it. first of all, most of the shortcuts are blocked from the snow so i must walk all the way around something i would have normally walked through. thats like an extra 4 minutes added to my total time of walking to school. ahaha. omg ok not too big of a deal. but damn there are so many puddles that look like that its powdered snow but end up soaking ur feet and getting ur socks wet. sucky.

i miss California weather right now, but not so much Cali i guess.. for NOW anyway... i know i'll be missing it dearly in about 2 weeks but for now im enjoying the vibe here in Boston. i'm liking it and thats rare so i'm trying not to screw it up. stepping in puddles still gets me kinda mad though.

OMG but WOW the other day i think it was wednesday.. i was walking thru a little thin passage that didnt have that much snow because it was where people walk through to get to the other side of the road... and i freakin SLIPPED and fell for a long time. like i couldnt get up. my hand kept slipping as i was trying to use it to get me up. and the whole time i was looking at the guy behind me who just turned and walked around the island. it was messed up. omg i laughed and made a scene for myself because nobody asked if i was okay. the people walking towards my direction started laughing out loud cuz they probably couldn't hold it in. how EMBARASSING. i am scarred for life. i step with dear care now, as if i might die if i step without thinking. i look at the ground with so much focus now its ridiculous. i hope this never happens to you.

heres the 2nd video of the series. my next one will be a beatles or carpenters one. i think. love yall
i know this is not that old but i would still consider it a classic.



Rheza Mae said...

OMG aww HAHA. That really sucks ... I would've cried LOL

It's kinda rainy over here in Cali .. o.O Does that make a difference ? LOL

It's glad to hear you're doing good in school ... Mine is a pain right now. :P

Rachel Jean said...

aaahhh i love that song!
you miss the cali weather?
it's raining! and i don't really like the rain... but i guess it's better than snow. i don't think i'll like it because it's way too cold for me

genesis gregorio said...


that sucks!!

oh and the cali weather started getting stupid.. (well for me, its raining, and i dont like rain :[)

jmc1104 said...

ehh. sorry you fell. trust me, it's happend to me multiple times. you'd think people with short legs wouldn't take "big" steps, that cause you to do the splits in slippery snow. haha. yeah...that sucked.

i'm glad you like your classes, mine are blah classes but oh well.

NoSugarNoMonkey said...

Aw man!!! I would've been embarrassed too xDD

It's only sprinkled here in Cali so far :P Today was like a sprinkle I guess :P But my friend almost slipped into a huge puddle xDD She got her whole shoe wet, haha xDDDD

klaudinenicole said...

that fall mustve reaaally sucked.
since snow sucks big time.

but yeeeah, i don't have winter shoes and i hate wearing boots, so i wear my chucks during the winter. and the puddles do get in my shoes, and sucks. icky.

anyway, i'm excited for the rest of your video classics!

you did a very good job on your get here video

and i'm glad you're enjoying school.

..::ernie::.. said...

oh my goodness what terrible people to just laugh.. that makes me feel so bad haha but good story i must admit. its like a i never thought it would happen to me kinda feelings right? haha

well im so jealous of all you get to do at berklee.. just sounds like amazing things you get to learn!

i cannot stop listening to your latest 10 songs your parents might know.. haha awesome title by the way. soo amazing!

goshNICOLE said...

Hahaha! I ain't gon' lie, but I would've laughed as well WHILE helping you out. Jacked up people for just plain out laughing and not helping you to get up, though. Should've socked them in the face! :p

So it's raining here in Cali and it's snowing in Boston... it reminds me of your song "Little Piece of Home."

Left on a jet plane not too long ago
Said our goodbyes by a taxi in the snow
Ok maybe it was rain but I like to think there wasnt so much pain
Cuz snow is pure and thats what I thought we were

Can you tell I've been listening to your songs 24/7? Yeah, pretty much.

I'm glad you're enjoying it up in Boston so far and I hope you continue to. Your classes sound really awesome. [:

mav said...

Aww I Feel Your Pain! I Can't Believe No1 Helped Yu That Must Have Sucked Alot I Wud Have Helped Yuu =P Nywayz LOVING The New Vids Keep It Up! And its good your enjoying school atleast some people are! <3

sophianerarie said...

aww sorry you fell..! really no one helped you?!?! that's weird.
It's nice to hear your having fun at berklee, I'm yelous!!!
for your classics, please play
strawberry fields~beatles... please?!?!
love you!

cheryl said...

It WAS raining in Cali, but it's been getting warmer and sunnier lately. Typical Cali weather :]

Oh and, I've fallen in the icy snow. But the worst part was, I wasn't in snow gear! So it was freezing cold with just a sweater & jeans. I would've at least helped you up though. They're just messed up.

angel said...

lol ! i think i've been looking at the ground my whole life especially when you're accustomed to this kind of weather.

happy to hear that the vibe here in boston is good ! =]

& i see that you're performing for "kiss me" event for northeastern?! hah i'm totally goinggggg