Sunday, January 25, 2009

singers showcase..

remember when i first started writing these blogs? i talked about an audition i had for 'singers showcase' one of the biggest most hyped up show at berklee?! and i was all bummed cuz i made the callbacks but never made the show.. well im trying out again.. and i hope this time i make it. its tomorrow around 630 if i dont, no sweat, i just know then for sure that they are not looking for someone like me and i can accept it easier. hahaha. i'll let yall know how it goes. =] thanks for all the support guys foreals tho...

ok random story. i walked my friend amanda home last nite, well not really just across the scary ass park directly across my apartment... and it was 230 am and the most random thing happened.. a guy on a unicycle rode past us rubbing his hands together cuz it was cold. we both looked at each other and 5 seconds later we busted out laughing. i told her "that was the most random thing i have ever seen in my entire life".

so weird.

hahahah a freakin unicycle! i didnt even know those existed really outside of the circus. thats talent right there i guess..

i have my first show in boston this thursday. unfortunately it wont be with the band, but it'll be acoustic and its gonna be dope! i hope. lets climb a rope. i want a cantaloupe.

wowww ok anyway heres the info. Bill's Bar. thursday the 29th. doors open at 9 and its 5 bucks before 10. come watch if ur in boston! thanks to Tim Luckow for gettin me this show. i play around 930-45.

woooo! anyway heres the newest video for the series.



zatey said...

Good luck AJJJJ!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could invite the pope to maybe elope. Say WHAAAT?! Hahaha, just kidding.

Whoa, unicycle? I think I would be scared (considering it was 2:30a.m.) and intrigued at the same time. You should have taken a picture with the guy.

Good luck on the auditions! And Congrats on the acoustic show! [: Hope I could make it out to Boston, but way too far.

Sending love and support all the way from San Diego! <3

Anonymous said...

good luck!
btw i love these classic videos that your doing, i love oldies and hearing you sing them makes them even better!

Anonymous said...

Man, AJ you look really pale in the video. You alright? :(

Mayrilene Jay said...

all the best for the singers showcase AJ!

God is with ya. And if they are not looking for someone like you, well, WE are looking at you. (you know what I mean) hahahaha. anyways, you're still dope to us. No worries <3

and kill the show this thursday! well, not kill kill. LOL :D


angel said...

was this scary park the Fenz?
i haven't heard the best stories from there .. hah

goood lucckk on the auitions though (:

sophianerarie said...

good luck with the singers showcase!!!!
Huh?! unicycle?!?! thats weird..
have fun with the acoustic show! I would love to be there!!
love you!!! <3

Rachel Jean said...

eeeeee! i love this song

i long to be close to yoooouuuuu

oh yes i do aj haha

klaudinenicole said...

i already said congratulations. but i'll say it again.

i do hope you did well on your auditions. blog about it perhaps ! but best of luck for your show this thursday.

someday, i'd get to see you perform live, and meet you ! watch. it'll happen. HAHA, for now. youtube's there.

perhaps i come down to cali, or you come to toronto, because you're oh so famous : )

unicycle, pretty random indeed. maaaan that guy has some pretty good balance. and considering that its during the winter season, he's on a bike. uh pretty weird. wouldn't his tires, oh wait, tire. skid or some sort?

anyway, thursday's show will be bombom : ]

Anonymous said...

Wow ... That was really ... random ... o.O Haha on a unicycle at 2:30 in the morning ... That's totally normal.

Haha cantaloupe. :P

Good luck on the auditions and your show haha. I'd like to be there but I'm broke. :P haha

cheryl said...

unicycle? @2:30? how funny :D How was the show?
&& I'll get you a cantaloupe.
<3 Cheryl