Tuesday, January 27, 2009

good things...

are comin'. =D i feel it.

but theres a storm happening tonight and early tomorrow.. a big snow storm.. we're supposed to get like 6-12 inches. crazy!!!

anyway, i joined a stage performance class today... and it was awesome. its taught by Livingston Taylor... and he's James Taylor's brother. crazy right?! he sings almost just like him, and he's the most interesting character i've met here at Berklee. it's ridiculous. his teaching method is awesome. he tells awesome stories, and just interacts with us in a unique way its so dope. im very excited. that was from 2-4.

4-6 is my bob marley ensemble. and i got lots of work to do. hahah. i mean i listen to bob marley a lot but always just in a playlist and only the choruses stick in my head. so the melody of the verses are hard to absorb. especially bobs crazy melody lines. he's freakin genius... so im gonna need to step up my game. the life of Bob Marley is so interesting and inspiring... Matt Jenson, our teacher, spoke about his beginnings and his family and everything like that... Bob Marley was the man... he still is the man. cant wait to learn more from that class.

but foreals what im excited about is the band i put together to start playing shows with me. we already got a gig in new york on march 7th, and hopefully we'll have some more in Boston. shiori, noah, and bobby, and andrew rhim even tho he couldnt make it today, are all awesome. we jammed to showstopper, i just want you, starlit nights, and midKnight. i wish ya'll could hear how everythings turning out. im really excited. we just jammed out, the music spoke for itself, and we all were on the same page which is a very good thing. shiori, the drummer girl =], was super nice and HELLA good at feelin' the vibe i was just puttin out with my hands on the piano... noah, ive played with him before in a classic rock ensemble and he's just an exciting person to play with.. and bobby is one of my best friends out here in Boston... he's just the clown of the band who happens to play really good guitar. hahah.

watch out for good things from us!

oh! and i got a callback for Singer's Showcase.. again... so hopefully this time i actually make the show. that's on thursday, and also on thursday is Singer's Night (there is a difference) auditions.. and then after that is my first acoustic show out here in Boston! at Bill's Bar!!! busy day... but all about the MUSIC..

always about the MUSIC.
much love ya'll...


Klaudine Nicole. said...

hah, again and again, congratulations on the big things that are coming to youu!

i can't wait to see your band :), and the drummer girl;)

anyway, your thursday's pretty packed. i hope everything works out. and you get to all the auditions and your show be a bombom.

have you thought of the band's name yet?

angel said...

music never diesss =]

hah i cant wait to hear this band. all the good things in your life are making mine so petty. but i still love it. & im happy to hear all of it

i'm hoping some morning classes are canceled; i wanna sleep in =x

Anonymous said...

So you're taking your band to Featured Acoustic Playlist in San Diego on July 25th, yeah? [:

I'm excited for all the good things that has happened to you already, are occurring right now, and are in store for you in the future.

Hahahah why do I feel like that was an answer a political person would answer when being interviewed? Or something to be found in a Hallmark card?

Whatever, I mean it so it's definitely legit. [:

Rachel Jean said...

aj, when i grow up i wanna be just like you :] haha well only about the music part. i don't plan on being part of a band but it sure sounds fun when you talk about college and all you're doing is music music and more music!

that's what i'm going to do...
before i wasn't sure if i wanted to major in music because i was considering nursing. but now i know i want to do this partly because of you


PureLove10 said...

I am so glad that you know what you are interested in life and that you are pursuing it XD

Best wishes,

Mayrilene Jay said...

Fasten your seat belts AJ. This is one ride that you're gonna enjoy big time! haha im happy for you for getting the callbacks :D

Just take every moment slowly :)

Have another great great great days ahead!

[ thebluegirl ] said...

"always about the music..."

i cant wait until im old enough to branch out more & do what i want to do with my music. just like you are doing now, aj.

i wish i lived in boston or new york so i could see your shows !!! but noo...haha oh darn.

Nophalia said...

You have an account in orkut.com or brazilians are foolin again?

And big snow is coolcoolcool. We only got that.. wet snow or smth in Europe.. actually Baltic countries. It kindof sucks..

Buutt! Good luckk..n' everythin

sophianerarie said...

It's so cool all those good things are happening to you! I'm kinda proud of you really... stupid..
but wathever! I hope you enjoy every minute of all those good days to come and I hope to something of your band on youtube or something in the near future!
love you!!

Team ENES said...

Hey AJ!
I'm new to your blog..but a long time fan of your music! =)

It's nice to see that although you seem to be famous throughout youtube and myspace, you are still a stressed out and busy college student like the rest of us! =)

Good luck on your call backs! You'll do amazing!

Oh, and enjoy the snow! We just got snow here yesterday (I got to the University of Maryland) and early classes got canceled this morning! It's great =D

Anyways, enjoy all your blessings this week!

I'll be back to keep up on your busy but amazing life!

Much love from Maryland!

cheryl said...

woo hoo callbacks :D
can't wait to hear more with your band, bob marley covers, and absolutely everything else! super-duper excited for you! I see Boston's treating you well :]
Much Love,

paulacruz said...

-.- The weather was really bad today.. But it ended up giving me a snow day! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww that's good to hear! Can't wait for all the new stuff u have. and thanks for keeping us updated ur amazing! Much love <3

Trace To said...

Hey AJ, love reading your blog aha. glad you're always being inspired and that you inspire others too x)

anyway, music IS awesome eh? love your talent and hard work, and I DO hope that this term/semester/whatever is 10x better for you.

very cold, here in Can., and record snow levels, I hear, but stay strong, even on ice patches (must have sucked x.x)