Monday, February 2, 2009

spreadin the music

in every way possible. here's a tutorial for "I Just Want You"

i got bored last night (super bowl sunday) cuz i wasnt watching the super bowl so there's the end result. oh and i also made a chord sheet for Showstopper cuz Alyssa Bernal (hchsknights08) requested it among many others.

click here to download the .doc file

anyway, if you're wondering if i made Singer's Showcase or not.. i didn't =/ but its all good.. i did my best and i guess that's not what they wanted this year. i sang "Moving Too Fast" from the Last Five Years, a musical by Jason Robert Brown. performing on that stage of the Berklee Performance Center was like a dream come true. although it was only callbacks, i performed like it was the real thing. so i'm not gonna complain about not makin it, cuz i know i did what i could and i performed well =)

now tonight is Singer's Night callbacks... i NEED to make this show.. gahhh =[ i'm trying out with "Little Piece of Home"... i'll let you all know what happens.

this weekend was cool, i hung out with my homies Sid, Mik, Alex, and Jordan and i fell asleep at the dorms. dorm life is pretty cool, but i can see how someone can get tired of it. saturday i saw Notorious and it was SO DOPE! haha im not even kidding. very inspiring and i felt very informed at the end of the movie. so many things i didnt know about Biggie's life its crazy. hung out with my friend Angel from Northeastern, (FallenxAngel i think from blogtv!) haha she's super dope and so chill. church on Sunday all day, and today i got class at 4. callbacks proceed immediately after class. haha catch ya'll laterr...

i apologize for being almost absent for a week on this blogspot. blogtv was fun last night!



DJ said...
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sophianerarie said...

good luck with singers night!!
I'm sure you'll make it!
nice vid! can I just do the same on the guitar? srry I know i'm stupid.. but I don't have a ukulele...
You are a good teacher!! even though you say it's not your thing^^
I hope to see more of these teaching vids! also for the piano maybe??? please?? aww I missed your blog tv show! :(
I love YOU!!!! (and your classics series :P)please sing penny lane by the beatles! I love that song :D

Trandrew said...

One day you should make a complete version of I Just Want You on the piano as a ballad. <3 I love playing the song on piano! ... but I don't want to put it up on YouTube 'cause you're way too beast and I'm waiting for when you do!

HeatBlank22 said...

Best of luck on singers night!!
I really hope you make it.
I'm really happy that I got to catch the show last night.
You giving me a shoutout was pretty amazing.
It made me in such a better mood for today so thank you so much!!
my screen name was HeatBlank (real name is Heather)

Hope I can catch the next time your on blogtv

Thanks again for the shoutout and good luck tonight!!


Nophalia said...

wanderin do you even read those comments:D. heh. anywayszz you voice is fantastic. and btw. how you add youtube videos. i just don't get that:D. i tried like.. in every way but it doesn't work.. may be it's me:D. hah. dunno

asianboywithrice said...

Rofl Aj. I don't think you need cable. All you need is access to any NBC channel, but I guess it's too late for that :3

Good tutorial by the way. :D

Loris Saprid. said...

you're gonna be bombbb at your callback! good luck! (:

blogtv with you is pretty fun (: [btv; heyitsloris] it's freaking hard to talk to you though ahhaha danggg. so i guess this is the closest i can get. lolsss yeee blogspot ftw. (:

<3, loris

Amy said...

hey aj! i never commented your blog before.. but no times like the present! :)

anyway, i'm really upset i missed your show! :(. they are always so much fun ! :)

SO i really hope you make it for Singers Night! you're amazing so you'll probably make it :)

good luck with everything!

PS. your tutorial was awesome!!

cheryl said...

best of luck AJ! Thanks for the tutorial :D

I missed the blogtv show last night because I'm currently sick, and am trying to recover. but I can't get my hands off the computer hahahha But I'm super-upset I missed your show!

I know you'll do great in callbacks tonight!
Love, Cheryl(0424)

Anonymous said...

hey aj!

congrats on making it to callbacks for singer's showcase. i'm proud of you-- that you gave it your all and don't regret doing so. [: trust me when i say, THEY'RE the ones who are missing out. do your best on singer's night, and i'm sure you'll make it. if not, you still have millions of people that love you and your music.

you should have a btv broadcast every thursday afternoon/night... just sayin' hahaha. :p

lots of love & support all the way from SD!

angel said...

wow, you really do say superr. haha im so slow. but i loved the end of my weekend; it was worth the time not studying ! =D

& i bet you did awesome nonetheless<33

ahkeka said...

:) im probably not one of the bigest fans compared to all the others, but i enjoy listening to your music :)

I like good music, hahas :D but im not a very musical person

Goodluck with everything AJ :)

vahneszah said...

heeeey(: I'm glad you still have high spirits after not making it & its thier loss anyways LOL

oh man i was in your shoutout song haha(: that was so cute(: thanks(:

stephanieee said...

heeey! so i found out about your music/this page from hearing alyssa bernal do a cover of your song! you're mega talented and just wanted to let you know, although i'm sure you're told it a ton.

but anyway, i go to BU, a neighbor to berklee! i read part of a blog you posted about the guy riding the unicycle, HAHA! i've definitely seen him before- i'm glad he's making his rounds. be on the look out for the comm ave (commonwealth ave) runner- he's famooous, haha, google him- you may've seen him already!

hope to hear about some upcoming shows, perhaps, in bostoniaaaaaa :D


stephanieee said...
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kuoool said...

I'm happy that you still are so optimistic even though you didn't make that Singer's Showcase thing :) Just know that there are still PLENTY of people who love and adore you and your music, including me. If you look at my iTunes, out of the hundreds of artists I have on there, you're my most played :D Haha yay I was at your blogTV that night! I don't think I made it into your shoutout song though, cause there were so many people typing up there name in there! You're surely going to go blind from all the colors ahaha.

I would absolutely love it if you did an Earth, Wind, & Fire song in your Classics series. Preferably "After the Love Has Gone" or "September" :]

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