Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 more days...

till i go back to California for the "Feel The Beat" concert in Anaheim. here's a flyer =]

this show will be fun. i also have a show in RANCHO CUCAMONGA, well its just a little thing at Starbucks and im gonna go just to chill and jam a little bit for the people at my friends school. Starbucks on Day Creek on saturday from 6-9PM.

lately, i've been pretty busy, so i'm really sorry i haven't written here in a while. from last tuesday til today a lot has happened but not TOO much. i had an audition for "Storyteller's Night" which is a show here that features mostly original songs. i got another callback. the only problem is that i'm gonna be in CA the night of the callbacks. this thursday night. haha. oh well, everything is what it is for a reason.

ok so i saw CORALINE yeterday... WOW... so creepy. hahah so freakin' creepy. i was thinkin' the whole time "how are these little kids not crying right now?" hahaha. i wish all of you have seen it so i can just talk about parts and you guys can go "OMG i KNOW that was RIDICULOUS" hahahah

Valentine's day was fun, went out to eat at the Prudential mall and then played Open Mic at Cafe 939, people really liked my song! i played "I Just Want You". and my friend Chris was joking around like "the only thing that was missing from your performance that i've seen in many performances on YouTube were the hundreds of girls singing along" hahah i was like bro that's in Cali. we're in Boston now... "where no one knows my naaaame, no one knows my name..."

i am currently listening to "In The Heights" which just won a grammy and late last year won so many tony's including Musical of the Year. it's an awesome soundtrack so i suggest all you musical theatre geeks out there to go out and buy this soundtrack. my friend Alex Lacamoire was the musical director, producer, arranger, & more for this show.

hope you guys have been loving my "Classics" series. if not, its alright, i'm going back to normal videos soon. just one more video for this series! it was a very fun series and i'll do another series soon. Disney Video Series MAYBE?!?! hahaha

i love ya'll. thanks so much for all the plays and support. i couldn't believe it i was #63 MySpace artist out of the whole world last night. 45,000 plays for the day yesterday?! WTH! ridiculous. i can't thank you all enough.. maybe soon someone will hear me and take me into their label. LOL. one can dream?

here's my valentines gift to yall. MY FUNNY VALENTINE. its a beautiful song. oh and i've been checking the insight to my videos, and it tells me what the average attention span is for each video. and lately for this series, people usually watch the first 45 seconds and then close the video out. please try and watch the whole video and listen to the whole song, i promise you won't be dissapointed! much love.



sophianerarie said...

jaay :D first comment=] hihi
I really missed your blogs! it makes me very happy to read them =]
I hope you get in to story tellers night! that would be great :D
congrats on the myspace thing! you deserve it! BTW I loooove my funny valentine! I put it up on my hyve the day you posted it =]=] I can listen all day long to you!!!
have fun with the shows!
I love you!!!!~sophie

Anonymous said...


i really want to go to feel the beat this friday! but as of now, i don't have a way to get there. no car of my own to drive and no ride i can use. i say you drive to san diego, and pick me up hahaha.

i love the series. i like the fact that you do them because it makes everything so cohesive. disney series would be bomb. [:

love from sd! <3

Anonymous said...

hey Aj,
just wanted to say congrats with all the myspace happenings, and have fun at Feel the Beat and at home of course.

oh, and who says no one knows your name in Boston? I know who you are and I'm from Boston =)

Amy said...

ahh how i wish i lived in CA. :( BUT! i'm happy to hear about your success on MySpace! and just you wait, you'll definitely get signed. :)

oh, and i LOVE the video series! i can't believe people only watch the first 45 seconds? what the heck. i'm always thinking "it's over already??"

anyway, hopefully i'll be able to go to your show in Brooklyn! i'm very excited for that :)

keep singing!

angel said...

whoaaa. this was posted 7:53am?! crazy ...

but since you handled coraline .. it's time to watch friday the 13th =D but i wish i could go on friday to see everyone =[ fail.
i'm happy for you & you're rising successes (:

can't wait for the next series =P

angel said...

OH .. i lied.. it's PST that's why ...

epic fail. -____-

Erika-Rafaela said...

i want to go to Feel The Beat!!
All my favourite youtube artist!!!
too bad i live out here in Australia :(

Rachel Jean said...

do a disney series!! :DDD
i would watch them over and over again if you do

happy belated single awareness day!
happy S.A.D. as i would always say:]

nina_socali said...


see you at feel the beat! Andd, haha
it's crazzyyy,i live in the area, so I might see ya at starbucks on saturday too! ahhh. im excited hah. see ya(:

Anonymous said...

Woah man, how do you know alex lacamoire? In the Heights is my favorite show!

Anonymous said...

Haha I'm with Nicole ^^ I wanna go too ... But then ... I got school, it's too far, and my parents obviously won't let me go alone due to my age. Blaahhh ... But I'm sure that if you come here to pick me up my parents will let me ;] hehe

The series are awesome, and if you happen to do a Disney ... I will die. LOL

Haha @ "we're in Boston now, where nobody knows my name." That made me smile ... xD Don't worry there won't be a time where you don't hear girls singing the words to your songs when you're here in Cali <3

Haha miss you ... Ttyl :]

jaaayna said...

congrats on your myspace popularity! you deserve it. =]

and OMG, disney series would be AWESOME!

true to your heart. thats my request. lol, you've sang like all the mulan songs except that.. which plays in the ending credits. HEHE.


funsized! said...

congratz on your MySpace successes! :D

wish i could it make it to anaheim on the 20th :( but it's too far from where i live. Dx

oh, and i would loooove you ever mooore if you made a Disney series. :D you'd get lots of hits fasho!

keep up the great work!! <3

ponoono said...

Wonderful! A focus on voice.. what a difference mic placement makes :) Star power !

Seph said...

OMG...........CORALINE..........duuuuuuuuuude. lol um talk about sketchy. I was creeped out but maybe kids dont notice the creepy factor. idk, my lil sis thought it was great but then again this is the child that saw SAW2 when she was 7 and laughed....yeah weird i know. Anyway did u like the soundtrack? i kept noticing the music and i really loved it....dont wanna spoil the movie for other ppl....so i shall silence myself. anyway tootles!

EmJai said...

Can't wait til this FRIDAY =]
I'm gonna try and make it to the show. til then safe trip back

cheryl said...

I think Feel the Beat will be epic, which sucks cuz I can't be there :[ I have some school stuff I have to take care of that night. FAIL.
There's gonna be one less fangirl to sing along to every song.

Yes. Disney Series. That'd be EPIC WIN.
<3 Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Pleeeease please please please do a Disney series!! I grew up watching Disney movies so I'm a huge Disney freak. You are one of my favorite artists and for you to do a Disney serious would just... complete my world. hahaha ... but seriously.

Anonymous said...

hey aj.
so, i first heard about you from my friend james golfo. you might remember him.. he met you through errol romulo. but anyway, i think i first heard of you from james around two years ago maybe? i heard your song 'my soldier' and absolutely fell in love. i started playing guitar after that and i'm still playing.
i didn't really keep up with you for a while - i read your blog once a couple months ago, but that was it. hoooowever, i just looked at your myspace and listened to your new songs - showstopper, midknight, she was mine, i just want you? and i just thought i'd let you know that i genuinely think you're on your way to becoming a great artist. you just keep getting better and better. keep writing, inspiring, and being inspired!

sorry.. this comment got a bit lengthy :p but i felt compelled to write something. i go to the school that's hosting lowercase's acoustic night this saturday and i just heard that you're going to be there, so.. i will most likely see you there! goodbye :)

SIENACHOY. said...

i wish i could see you perform live!
that would be a real treat :)

when you have time, i think you should come to vancouver/burnaby in british columbia canada and perform :)

you have an awesome voice!
keep it up :D

Annie said...

yayyy im coming to watch your starbucks show since i can't go to feel the beat (which sucks!) anyway. i'm excited to see/hear you!! can't wait :]

Potlood said...
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Jesse1989pp said...

Hey, its a bummer always read about those shows and not being able to come! :( But once i will come to you or you will come to the netherlands haha

Good to see how your song showstopper is exploding on youtube right now, probably it over 200k views as i write this :) Also took a stab at the song with i cover! Hope you like it!! Will drop by more often on your blog, it's very cool to read about your life. Altough it makes my life near miserable haha nah just jokin'! Looking forward to more blogs and vids!!!!


Anonymous said...

AJ! That's great you had 45,000 plays! Congrats on everything. and I love the new video it's greatt! keep up the good work. Much Love <3

CarlWEARSPrada said...

AJ my man I just want you to know that if you did a Disney series that would make me so happy

and actually its really funny cause I showed my friends your video of I'll Make A Man Out Of You and they were like "OMG do all filipinos love disney!?" hahaha acuse I love it
plus you look a lot like my best friend so that was funny

ummm one more thing, it's just a coincidence that you included lyrics from Boston by Augustana cause I was watching that video and I just spent the last 2 hours learning it by watching you play it

last thing - you're the reason I started doing youtube vids and stuff and I'm about to do a cover of I Just Want You with my friend Ryan.

keep making vids man, you're bound to get noticed sooner or later

Rona said...

omgomgomg aj

you were awesome at feel the beat!

keep up the good work,

Ohdangitsgsok said...

Hey dude i live in mass lol and i soooooo KNOW YOUR NAME!
Ahaha you should play a show or something here, get yourself recognized,ill be sure to sing along to all of your songs.
But you should totally try the dim sum in Boston, its bomb and the johnny cupcake's clothing store. =]
P.s your videos rocks. Enjoy Cali-forn-I.A

Anonymous said...

Hey AJ,

I've been following you for a couple of months now and I think you're great. I am visiting a friend who goes to school in Cambridge in the second week of March and was wondering if you were going to play any shows because I would love to attend! Lemme know!